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Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20 – 1.5 oz – Translucent

One Step to Transformed Skin The never-tiring Miracle Skin Transformer’s SPF 20 Face is formulated to simultaneously hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify and protect the skin. Upon application, skin tone immediately improves, along with luminosity and texture. This complexion enhancer swiftly minimizes the appearance of visible pores, fine lines and pigmentation imperfections. SPF 20 5-in-1 skin enhancer Improves skin tone, luminosity and te

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  • 1.5 oz

Honest reviews


It’s “just ok”

Bought at Costco $29.99 Returned after I tried for a few days. It’s simply a nice primer. Has a slight tint, is velvety smooth. It’s not a foundation – not even close. If all you want is a primer, go for it.I have mature skin (late 40’s) in very good condition. I find that the following looks much nicer, healthier and provides light coverage that I need (I don’t like a heavy makeup look – much prefer “fresh”):Moisturizer, then primer of your choice.THEN I mix a dollop of each on back of my hand – Almay Smart Shade Anti-Aging SPF 20 (light/med 200) + Revlon Age Defying w/DNA Advantage SPF 20 (I like the 30 Spice Beige – am fair complected and it gives a nice glow). Mix the 2 products on back of my hand and apply with the Signa Flat-Angle Kabuki F88 brush.Of all the foundations I’ve tried, I love the Revlon & Almay mixed together after any primer I have lying around. It’s a fresh look and provides some coverage and evens out skin tone, leaving nice glow (not greasy or oily tho).I don’t really have a preference on primer – Smashbox,(or cheaper) etc., they’re all fine…This Miracle Skin Transformer isn’t anything I’d spend $30 on again. There was just nothing spectacular or different about it. It’s a slight tinted primer. I tried the “Medium” and – didn’t wow me at all.

Evangelina Canyon, CA

Hands Down – THE BEST!

I can’t begin to tell you how great this product is, but I’ll try! I saw it advertised on Dr. Oz and figured what the heck, I’ll try it. I have rosacea that flares up during humidity and after I exercise. Plus I have sun damaged spots on my face. My face is very sensitive, so I could not use those harsh products to get rid of the brown spots. After one month of using MST, my rosacea has practically disappeared and my brown spots are fading as well.This product also leaves my face with a healthy glow. I’ve had several friends compliment my “new” healthy appearance! I only use MST now – no need for liquid makeup or concealer anymore!I love the way my face LOOKS and FEELS!

Ernestine Freedom, NY

good for my 40+ old face – great paired with MAC studio fix powder foundation (I wear NC15 or N4)

This is very lightly tinted (no real coverage) but does tend to even your skin out a bit. It feels like a light primer (silicone) and has the benefit of a little sunscreen (20SPF), not enough for me, but enough to make me feel ok about dashing into the office. I use it over Paula’s Choice salicylic acid moisturizer, so I don’t know how good of a moisturizer it is on it’s own.I’m finding myself skipping the separate/expensive eyelid primer altogether and just using a little of this, which seems to prevent creasing on my lids. I use MAC’s studio fix powder foundation over the top of it (face, eyes, neck) and it looks marvelous. It also really helps prevent under-eye cover-up makeup from settling into the fine lines/creases under my eyes (I use every kind of coverup/corrector from Kat Von D to Sonya Kashuk to MAC pro concealer in NW15).I use the “light” color in this primer with MAC studio fix powder foundation (I can wear it in NC15 or N4). The finish is just moist enough for the powder foundation to “grab” onto, which makes for a flawless (and most importantly, natural–not “all done up”) look that I love and that LASTS. Id buy it again. Hopefully they’ll have a higher SPF by the time I run out. A little goes a looooong way, so I can see this product lasting me a while…and I use it once a day, every day. I’ve been using it a few months now and I’m back for a second time (not because I ran out, but because I see it’s on sale!!!). 🙂

Dollie Colp, IL

Miracle.. lives up to its name!

The cream is great. Perfect consistency. It glides over your skin, masking imperfections and leaves a velvety feel. This is one of the best BB cream out there. My blotchiness is gone and pores just seem to disappear. I love the way it makes my skin feel so smooth. It does all this without feeling heavy or made up. It’s so light sometimes I forget I have it on!

Marylou Ranburne, AL

Keep Looking

My skin is combination with oil in the T-zone and I have sensitive skin. I use different products depending on the season. I used this product during the winter months. I am not completely sure this product solidifies on my face. It has a strange feel, like a layer or coating of grease on my face. Also, there was no way I could use a foundation with this product. All I could think about was how weird my skin felt. On the positive side it does provide some coverage if you don’t use a foundation. Maybe I would like this product better if I had really dry skin?

Vicki Ireton, IA

Wonderful in the Wintertime!

Love, Love, Love this product … = )Was looking for something with a hint of colorplus coverage for Winter-wear. Its perfect …Give it a try … You won’t be disappointed …Its a little on the pricey side, but you’re worth it!

Christa Creston, OH

Unbelievable. Everyone must try this

I switched from my tried and true Sephora makeup and primer that I’ve been using for years to try this. I have to say, I’m SHOCKED by how well it functions as a primer, foundation and moisturizer. It’s a miracle! I’m 38, so iI do need some coverage, and I was nervous that this would be a little skimpy on that front. However, it does it all. I’m excited to go through the summer with something that has a high SPF, and is not going to be cakey and thick. I’m a bit of a prima-donna fashion and makeup wise, so trust me, if I am endorsing this, it’s pretty damned good.

Serena Fishers Island, NY

Smooth Skin

I have a reddish skin tone, fair complected, pink patches, freckles, and few of those darned brown age spots. I like the way this feels on my skins making it seem smoother. So far, I’ve used it under foundation and on it’s own. I would buy this again. Buy the way, I bought the Medium color, and even though I’m fair skinned, I’m not China Doll fair – hope that helps all my fair-skinned girlfriends out there determine which shade to try.

Stacy Whittington, IL

Flawless finish!

It’s nice when the claims a product makes are truth. This Miracle Skin Transformer feels weightless, is invisible on my skin and totally covers or minimizes all my flaws. If I want some color I dust a bit of powder over it. It’s quick and easy, but let it dry before you add check color or powder on your nose. Lasts all day! I’m totally thrilled with this product.

Janie Laclede, MO

Love it. must try

I am in love with this. It is really a miracle. I use a tiny bit and it goes a long way. I also sometimes mix it with a higher spf. Small bottle but definitely better price than at Nordstrom’s. I bought this from a sample I received.

Janie Charm, OH


I use the clear formula as an SPF and primer for my face. Does a fantastic job as a primer. My skin is normal, so I cannot speak on the moisturizing benefits. It replaced my morning moisturizer and my skin loves it.

Francisca Whiteface, TX

Love it. Leaves skin soft and looking healthy, without the “heavy make-up” look

This is definitely a wonderful tinted moisturizer (skin transformer is a bit of a stretch and a "miracle" would mean it can turn back at least 10 yrs, which it doesn’t) and it has almost no smell to it, or at least not a intrusive, lasting smell. The texture is amazing once it’s applied to the face, since it becomes extremely soft and "silky", leaving the skin very very soft, with a nice and subtle glow. The colors are a bit lighter than depicted and I had to buy too different shades to find the one that fits. But now I use the lighter shade as an under eye concealer.

Julianne Carlisle, MA


The most amazing cosmetic product I have ever used. I won’t go a day without it. Light, smooth coverage. Oil control. Minimizes the look of pores and fine lines. I use it under mineral makeup. I am 50 and I get so many compliments on my skin and glow. I am so happy I found this product.

James Calpella, CA

I love it!

I have spent money on other BB creams but I keep coming back to this one. It works perfectly with my skin tone. I don’t look "made up", it just makes my skin look a lot healthier which I like.

Roslyn Titusville, NJ

2nd season.

This is my second season ordering this product. Although this color may be more appropriate later in the summer. Great product.

Aida Scio, OH

Really a Great Transformer

I gave this product 5 stars because I love everything about it. The product does a great job of covering like a foundation but with sunscreen in it. I use LaRoche Posay’s Mela D with Philosphy’s Booster C mixed together and applied under the Miracle Skin Transformer. At 73, I do not have one brown spot anywhere on my face(never been to the Derm to remove anything from my face). All are great products. You should try this regimen, it will make a huge difference for your facial skin. I get all three products from Amazon. The prices are great!!

Doretha Russells Point, OH

mixed feelings

I liked the feel of it, light yet still some coverage, but it tends to have a powdery residue/feel, and if you have any dry skin at all, it adhere’s to it and looks bad. It did help me realize that I needed more moisture! Once I got more moisturized, it helped, but in wearing this on half my face, and a different makeup on the other half, I’ve noticed I break out more where I use this makeup. I do have pretty sensitive skin though. It might work better for others than it did for me.

Renae Floriston, CA

Caused dryness and breakouts

I saw Miracle Skin Transformer in our local Costco store. Before purchasing it, I read reviews on Amazon and decided to give it a try based on so many positive experiences of others. I have a combination skin: my forehead tends to be normal to oily and cheeks and chin are normal to dry. I used Miracle Skin Transformer two times and both times it dried out my skin. In fact, if you looked closely, you could see tiny flakes on my cheeks, chin, and nose. I tried using a skin moisturizer first. I applied it to my face and waited about 15 minutes for it to absorb. Then I covered my face with Miracle Skin Transformer. Many people wrote that it goes on smoothly, and it does, only it feels like you are covering your face with a thin layer of plaster, the plaster that doesn’t really cover up any blemishes you might have.(Don’t believe the pictures that show a perfect one side of a face, which is supposedly covered with this product. It’s not! The product they use in these pictures performs miracles, and it’s called Photoshop!)My primer along with foundation does a much better job evening out my skin. Furthermore, this Miracle Skin Transformer caused my skin to break out. I stopped using it immediately, used natural oils on my face overnight, and the next day my skin felt wonderful again. I returned Miracle Skin Transformer back to Costco three days after purchasing it. (Thank you, Costco, for your amazing return policy!) If you still want to try this product after reading my review, I would recommend buying it at a local store, where you could return it in case it didn’t work for you. All in all, I was not satisfied with Miracle Skin Transformer. It didn’t perform any miracles on my skin, instead it caused breakouts. Also, now I find so many positive reviews of this product to be dubious.

Hannah Spring Hope, NC

Poor Coverage – Burned my eyes

I have oily skin, so bought this foundation due to the reviews that it improved the appearance of skin and provided good coverage. The consistency was silicone like, so settled into my pores accentuating them. After the first application, it didn’t even look like I had make up on, so I applied another layer, which didn’t make a bit of a difference. Also, the product must have gotten to near my eye because it burned, and made my eye blurry. It was so uncomfortable, I ended up taking the make up off… I’ll be returning it for something that does what I need.

Mariana Nelson, IL

Poor quality

Product was surprising poor – It’s drying, not hydrating, and the sunscreen odor is a bit hard to take. A waste of my money.

Doretha Boaz, KY

Not the same

It seems off from the sample I got, maybe not as concentrated…maybe the sample was off…idk, but I like it and will continue to use it.

Jessie South El Monte, CA