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Miracle Leave In Product 2 oz.

Repairs dry, damaged hair while adding shine. Detangles and controls frizz Seals and protects hair color. Prevents split ends and stops hair breakage. Creates silkiness while enhancing natural body Flat iron spray and thermal protector.

Key features

  • Health and Beauty Product
  • Professional Brand
  • High Quality
  • It’s a 10
  • It’s a Ten Hair Products are a very unique Hair product that does 10 things at once

Honest reviews


I try alot of diff products

I’ve tried alot of diff products on my hair,some are considered pricey others cheap,still most range (to me) about average& really what would YOU be willing ti pay for a product that does what its supposed to? That true to life “Miracle” product? What I received came in a reasonable amount of time, product was not sealed in any way but its not sealed in any way when you buy it at the store. I thought it was a rather thick product to be in a pump spray bottle but, overall this product does all that it claims. I found it to be a little bit heavy but I prefer product that weighs my hair a bit as it’s fine so it tends to be flyaway,so by weighing it down I get rid of majority of that problem. You’ll prob see me on reviews of other products. My hair is brunette, there’s alot of it but the hair itself is medium-fine & long(mid to lower back length). I am also a firm believer of your location/environment affecting how your hair “behaves” see ya!

Kerri Spencertown, NY


I’ve only used this a couple times now & I like it but it didn’t totally blow my mind, worked just the same as other leave in conditioners I’ve used but nothing bad to say though! 🙂

Willa Springdale, PA

i love this stuff.

i needed something for my hair because it was stringy and dry. this stuff is a miracle. it made my hair smooth and detangled it. don’t use to much though because it will make your hair greasy.

Louise Keystone, SD

Really helps save my hair!

This product is great. It really helps save my hair from the blow dryer and straightener damage. I did find that spraying it as the directions say left my bathroom floor slick. It helped to spray the product in the palm of my hand and massage in the ends working up. This way I also know it’s all going in my hair and not on the floor!

Beverley Gumberry, NC


Just spray and comb through your wet hair without snags. Leaves hair silky smooth. It has a nice light scent and a portable size.

Stella Keota, OK

My favorite hair product EVER

I’ve been using this product for some time now. My hair dresser has always used it on my hair and i love the scent and how it makes my boring, color treated hair feel! It doesn’t take too much and makes your hair incredibly manageable. I ordered from Amazon this time because it was a little cheaper than where i usually get it. This one is only 2 oz which is not very large but it only takes me about 3-4 sprays in my hand, massaged into my ends to work. I have shoulder length hair right before blow drying–it detangles and leaves it super soft.

Joy Roll, AZ

Good product, better than anything else I’ve tried to tame my hair

My hairstylist put this on my hair after she cut and colored it the last time and it worked a lot better than any other product I’ve tried. My hair is wiry, frizzy, and color-treated, and I have to flat-iron it to get it under control. I purchased the product in the 4oz bottle from her, but bought this 2oz bottle for traveling. If you’ve had trouble with wiry and frizzy hair, give this a try. I probably use more than most people in a single application (due to my rambunctious hair), so if your hair is more manageable, try less rather than more at first because it may become too conditioned. That said, I use less of this product than others, and get better results.

Angelia Mattawa, WA

mmm I wouldn’t call it a miracle… but it’s ok

… The product leaves your hair soft, but some what greasy. It smells really nice like a Paris Hitlon perfume.

Carmela Sinton, TX