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Miracle II Miracle Moisturizing Soap

Miracle II Soap is the only body cleanser that will clean all the sweaty, waxy residue from the pores of the face, body and scalp. When this happens, the body works the way God made it to work, to detoxify itself.

Key features

  • clean all the sweaty, waxy residue from the pores of the face
  • Industrial strength, multi-purpose cleanser
  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Will clean, degrease and deodorize anything
  • Electrically engineered

Honest reviews


I’ve Been Using This For Years

This soap is a longtime favorite of mine. I love the versatility of it: that it can be used for bathing, showering, washing hands, washing hair, washing pets, and washing babies. It has a pleasant smell and a little goes a long way. I couldn’t give it 5 stars, because it’s very difficult to incorporate the moisturizing cream, which separates and rises to the top of the bottle. Shaking the bottle doesn’t get the job done. It wasn’t until the bottles were 1/4 used that I could finally incorporate the cream into the soap by shaking the bottle.

Colleen Llano, NM

Irritates my skin

Someone let me use their Miracle II soap that needed to be mixed before use – and it worked great, so I came online and bought what I thought was the same product, and this wasn’t it. It stripped my skin and made me break out. Also, I think that listing prayer as an ingredient is odd and frankly, manipulative.

Denice Flat Rock, AL

Not sure

I don’t use this product but I order it for a friend who doesn’t have the internet. He has been bathing with this snake oil religiously for years and I haven’t seen any improvement in his psoriasis at all. Personally I think someone scammed him into thinking this would cure it and actually believes it does. The poor man is disable and barely able to make ends meet so I think the Miracle II people should stop making such miraculous claims. Personally I think he would get better results bathing in Epsom salt.

Elisabeth Liberty, NY


I use this product to wash my face. Have had no problems. No breakouts from this soap. Feels clean & works well.

Alana Oolitic, IN

I’d buy it again

Very good sudsing action going on. Does not cause skin to become dry and itchy like most soaps. Never a nasty scum tub ring. The only thing I don’t like about it is the price.update: I would not buy again. It is too weak. I finished a bottle of this, and did not feel clean after all that usage. I was still sweaty with body odors. Dr. Bronner’s soap works better than this.

Vanessa Onamia, MN

Now I Am Hooked On This Stuff

I decided to try this after reading the reviews. I put one capful under running water for my bath and then use a little on a Body Puf for my body. It IS very soothing. I’ve washed my hair with it and didn’t need a conditioner (which I usually do to get out tangles). I’ve washed my face with it. I only use transparent loose powder, no foundation, but usually whatever other cleanser I use, I have to put some witch hazel on a pad to get all the residue. I tried that after washing my face with this, and the pad was already clean. After using this it will be difficult to go back to “regular” body washes, even though I never use any that have lauryl/laureth sulfates. I’ve tried it a couple of times since I bought this soap, and I can definitely tell a difference. With this soap, my skin just feels comfortable, not tight or itchy.I haven’t tried this soap on anything else. I don’t know how well it would clean since it contains olive oil, etc.

Katrina Norman, NE