MiniYOU by Conair 1/2″ Ceramic Straightener

The Mini YOU by Conair 1/2″ Ceramic Straightener is perfect for styling on the go! The ceramic technology allows the plates to glide across hair easily and evenly for silky smooth hair. The high temperature setting delivers salon results. This mini pro straightener delivers powerful performance and beatiful results.

Key features

  • Ceramic technology eliminates damaging hot spots and adds shine while reducing frizz
  • Plates glide across hair easily, distributing heat evenly for silky smooth hair
  • Perfect for on the go!
  • High heat delivers salon results
  • Power On indicator light

Honest reviews


Good for short hair & bangs touch ups, convenient size for purse/travel

I ordered this mini flat iron for upcoming travel. It’s very tiny, and lightweight. The ceramic iron is about 3 inches by 0.5 inches, and the tool is approx. 6-7 inches. I have a short haircut with bangs, and it worked to straighten my slightly wavy, thick hair. If I had a longer hair style, it definitely wouldn’t straighten it. The straightener only has one temperature setting, and a red light which turns off when it has heated up (rather quickly). It’s not very hot, and you have to work with small segments of hair. The size would be perfect to carry in a purse for a quick touch up, or for your suitcase. This isn’t the best tool to use as a primary flat iron. Also, the product did not come with a travel case.

Bonita Cass Lake, MN

Conair CS56R Red MiniPRO Ceramic Straightener, -inch

Conair CS56R Red MiniPRO Ceramic Straightener, -inchI have short hair with bangs that want to curl under. I use the flat iron to straighten bangs and also for a little lift at the roots on top.I love this little thing and used it every day. It heats quickly and I’m on my way.I might experiment and give myself a spikey do just for fun

Rosario Owings Mills, MD

Doesn’t work well…

I was looking for something portable (and I still am!). It doesn’t really straighten my hair. I can’t even return it since UPS screwed up on the return.

Jenna Greenbrier, TN

Cutest straightener ever!

I needed a tiny straightener for my short hair at the front that wouldn’t burn me or be too large to maneuver around my bangs. This does the trick! It’s perfect for what I needed. It is TINY. Plus it looks like your usual straightener went and had an adorable little baby straightener if you put them next to each other – it’s just adorable.

Maricela Jayton, TX

Works surprisingly well… in fact A LOT better than any other flat iron I have used

I have bought this iron on a whim, when it was available at the local grocery store in the ‘sale bin’… originally I had no other use or purpose for it, other than maybe taking it on some trips, so I do not have to pack my lot bigger (1″) flat iron.Turns out it became my regularly and exclusively used hair straightener. I still do not understand why it works so much better than all the other irons I have used. I have owned Revlon and Vidal Sassoon before and even went and bought another (bigger) Conair, thinking maybe each model of Conair brand is better…I should point out I never used Farouk CHI, so I cannot vouch for that one, however none of the other flat irons I have used has done as great job as this small Conair unit does in creating the natural look, while being easy, fast and simple to use.I have quite a short hair, and get it usually done under five minutes. The final look is natural, sleek, healthy and somewhat shiny looking and it lasts several days (I wash my hair about twice a week at the most).I had to return the bigger (1 inch) Conair, and quit using my Revlon iron, as both of them took A LOT more time to go through my hair, and each time the end result just look somewhat off… the straightened hair never looked quite right, it did not look smooth enough and did not last very long.Once again, I cannot quite explain exactly HOW or WHY does this iron do so much better job, that other irons – it just does.Currently priced at $15 – it’s an investment gloriously worth making and I will be buying another one as a back up!

Elinor Harlem, MT

A must have in my purse

I straighten my hair alot, and due to humidity it turns into a “horribly gone wrong perm.” It gets frizzy, curly, and just a big mess. This mini hair straightener is a must have in my purse. Its portable, small, and heats up quickly. What I love about the case, besides it being super cute, is the fact that its thermal protected. Which means you can do a touch up, place this back in the bag, and head off toy our destination. But when I place this back into the bag while its hot, I actually keep the chord out of the bag. Since I fear that the chord may melt. Anyways, its small and if you have short hair and looking for a small hair straightener, I would recommend this. You turn it on, heats up almost instantly, hold it by the gel pads, do your hair, and then your off.

Shawn Whitewood, VA