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MiniPRO by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

For salon results on the go, the Infiniti Mighty Mini Styler by Conair is the perfect solution. With 1200 watts of power, 2 heat and s speed settings, it dries quickly, yet gently. Tourmaline Ceramic technology leaves hair shiny and silky while the diffuser and concentrator attachments create customized looks. A travel pouch is included and the dual voltage is perfect for worldwide travel.

Key features

  • Tourmaline Ceramic technology
  • 1200 Watts
  • 2 Heat/Speed settings
  • Dual voltage
  • Deluxe travel pouch

Honest reviews



The Infiniti by Conair Mighty Mini Tourmaline Ceramic Styler has traveled to many countries with me thanks to the ability to change voltage and is my favorite travel hair dryer. I’m amazed at how powerful the hair dryer is for such a small product. It’s very light weight, small, and the carrying case easily slips into a carry on or packed luggage. The attachments (though I never use them) are a nice addition as well. I do have to say that in some hotels and countries, I cannot use the high setting, I have to use the low setting otherwise the hairdryer will over heat. I haven’t had this problem in the US as much as I have in Europe. It’s really not that big of a deal because the low setting is still EXTREMELY powerful and drys my hair in a matter of minutes. I have had several other mini dryers (both by Connair and by Revlon) but this is by far my favorite. I’ve had it for four years and I hope to be able to use it for many more years to come! I always recommend it to my students on study abroad programs and to friends who do a lot of traveling!

Brandie Copake, NY

great for a young lady

I purchased this item for my 9 year-old for Christmas. She had previously been starting to want to try drying her own hair with my larger hair dryer, but it was too big/heavy for her to handle.This dryer is a great size for her to use. She has thick, curly hair, and she’s been able to dry it in a reasonable amount of time– no longer than it takes with my larger dryer.I was pleased with the price. I looked at several of similar sizes in stores that were twice as much.We received the bright pink dryer with the zebra case, as pictured. (Other reviews and the product description note that you may receive a different color combination.) Having the bag with it is great for keeping the attachments and storing it, and the fun colors make it perfect for a girl her age.

Adrienne Soldier, KS

Tiny and toy-like and emits a burning odor on high

I purchased this at my local Walgreen’s last year. I chose this one because I have chronic tendonitis and heavy hair dryers give me a bad flare-up.The good:It’s very lightweight and cute.The bad:The low setting is so low that it takes me twice as long to dry my hair which is a source of pain for those of us with tendonitis or arthritis.The high setting is too high in that it gives off a burning smell even though there is no dust inside.It’s structurally cheaply made and often feels like it’s going to fall apart while I’m using it which makes me nervous given that it’s an electrical device.I have since purchased the Revlon Compact Styler which is a bit heavier but not too heavy for me and has cut my drying time in half.

Deanna Lynn, AL

Very small but powerful

I bought this hairdryer thinking it would be a ‘smaller’ size than normal but was pretty shocked to see it was TINY! Literally fits in your hand almost. It is great for traveling though and even comes with a cute travel sized pouch. Very powerful too! Just don’t buy this thinking it’s going to replace your regular hairdryer because it won’t.

Tamra Piney Flats, TN

I am fussy!!

I always take my full size blow dryer even to nice hotels where I know they will have a blow dryer. I decided to try this dryer and it really works. It is so lightweight and I can’t believe it can even dry my hair. I only take it with me now.

Viola Ionia, NY

Tiny but powerful

Really small, but does a good job of drying. I just wish there was a diffuser -my other Conair one kinda fits so I use it, but it falls on the floor sometimes.

Marla Kemblesville, PA

Great little guy!

I bought this for an upcoming trip. It is super lightweight and easy to use. It doesn’t have a cold shot but I don’t need one. It also doesn’t have a folding handle, but it is still super small. My 2 year old can handle it as it is lighter than her toy one. It is also perfect for her hair on low. I do recommend this to anyone especially those with mobility and dexterity issues. It is super lightweight, super small, about the size of a female’s hand spread out, dries almost/ as fast as my Babyliss Toniro full sized dryer. It is also cheap and comes with a little bag to put it in, though my baby has took it as her own along with the dryer!Edited: It does include a concentrator and a diffuser, though that diffuser is so small. I don’t have curly hair, so I don’t’ use it.

Angelita Morven, GA

Cute Hair Dryer

Its small but perfect for my little girl who is 9 and starting to do her own hair. It is powerful and the accessories and cute bag are a good way for me to teach her how to organize her beauty regime.

Aileen Woodland, AL

if not better, than a dryer that blows you through a …

I’ve been using a John Freida 1875 watt dryer, which is heavy and tiring to use, because of my physical limitations. I ran across this hair dryer, which I stored after buying the Freida. The only reason I replaced it is because I was looking for a dryer with a cold shot.I used the dryer last night and it dries faster than the Freida 1825 watt dryer! Since it’s only 1200 watts, the dryer doesn’t blow as hard. It goes to reason that, since the air is not moving as fast, it will heat as well, if not better, than a dryer that blows you through a wall. Since I have a lot of very fine, straight hair, which is shoulder blade length, it doesn’t take much blowing air to tangle my hair. Because of the decreased speed of the dryer, I had no problems with tangles, yet the time it took to blow my hair dry decreased by 1/3.My hair looked shiner last night than after using the Freida, which I attribute to the decreased wattage of the dryer. Also, the dryer is quieter than the Freida dryer.

Esmeralda Laurens, SC

Tiny but powerful!

I brought this hairdryer on a trip to Spain and it worked great. It’s absolutely tiny but it worked great! I set the 250v setting with a screwdriver before I left so I didn’t have to worry about it. I’ll be packing this for trips whenever I can’t count on there being a hairdryer!

Maryanne Linwood, NC

This is better than my full-size!

I love this little thing! For being so small, it delivers! It dries my hair faster than my full-size hair dryer, and with just as much heat. I took this to Bolivia with me for 3 months, and was able to use it 90% of the time. In a few places, even with the voltage adjustment, it would overheat and shut off. (Once I thought I killed it! But it revived…) However, the majority of the time there were no problems. (Eventually I taped the little switch to the voltage I wanted so that it wouldn’t slip over to the other, which it did a few times.) I only wish it came in a different color. This will be my go-to hair dryer from now on – travel or not!

Rosemarie Pomona, NY

It’s Okay

I received this little blow dryer for Christmas. My hair is long, thick and layered, and it has to be mostly dry for this to work. The attachments don’t have any purpose than to clutter up the little, useless bag. When I was blow-drying my two sisters hair, it over heated and stopped working. It also gives off a burning smell when used on high.

Lynnette Dorchester, NE

Great for small bathrooms and travelling.

I purchased this mini hairdryer because I travel a lot, and because I have a small bathroom and I don’t like taking up a lot of precious counter space. Plus, is it just me, or have regular-sized hair dryers doubled in size over the past few years? They’re huge and over-sized, in my opinion. I saw that this came with a travel bag (zebra-striped) as well as a diffuser and concentrator attachment. For the price (around $15), I thought this was a great deal. I was expecting to be let down by this little hair dryer, but I was pleasantly surprised with it! It works great, and I haven’t had any problems with it. The only thing that would make this better would be if they could include a ‘cool’ setting, but for the price I paid, I’m not complaining.If you travel a lot or if you just don’t want a huge hairdryer, this is a great hairdryer.

Rene Sumas, WA

small but works great

i really like this hair dryer it is small but really dries nicely i hate the big ones the are so bulky but this one is just right love it !!!!

Mara Frostproof, FL

So far so good

So far so good. I am going back to Conair for a travel dryer .. as my last was a Revlon one that overheated and blew out after 2 minutes on 220V. I had a Conair one before that I lost but it worked really well internationally, this brand seems to be good at dual voltage. I tried this dryer out at home. It is nice, the ceramic really leaves hair soft and shiny, less frizzy. It is only 1200 so works more slowly and runs a little hotter than the full size 1875 watt dryer I use at home, but adequate and my hair looks better than I’d expect with a travel dryer, and it’s certainly a massive improvement over anything you’d find in a hotel room. Will have to report back on performance on 220V.

Guadalupe Riegelwood, NC

Tiny tiny and perfect for travel.

It is soooo small and perfect for travel. It has pretty good power and the travel case was a nice touch.

Shanna Linden, CA


I couldn’t wait to get back from a 2 week European trip to review this outstanding mini styler! I use a big, pricey T3 at home, bought at cost thru my stylist. Previously I’d been hauling it several times a year overseas because hotel dryers are so bad that even my thick, straight hair comes out frizzy. This amazing little dryer delivers close to the power I’m used to with the T3, and my shoulder length hair is as smooth as ever – in almost the same amount of time. I’m so glad I tried this product that will take up much less space and weight on future travels. The price – you will feel like you stole it. It’s that good.

Rosalyn Newton, WI

Great Hairdryer

This is a great hairdryer. It is small and travels well. I love the color. It is quite powerful and I highly recommend it.

Jade Cornish, UT


Small. cheap and works well for what it is. Don’t expect the power from a full size dryer but this works great as a mini dryer for traveling.

Karin Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA


Went to Belarus for 2 weeks with this product (country by Poland and Ukraine) and it worked excellent. Just make sure you switch the little adjuster to the correct voltage. All you need is an adapter for the plug and you’re good to go! Dries hair fairly quickly for a mini dryer. Came with a cute little travel case too!

Katina Ashton, MD


This is VERY small – but for me, it was perfect, because I wanted "small but powerful" for my gym bag. It does look almost like a toy – but it’s also very lightweight which is nice too. It goes on some business trips with me too because while most hotels include hair dryers, they tend to have some of the worst ones – low wattage, full of lint, etc. The attachments are itty bitty and I really don’t use them, but for a travel kit, this is ideal. At home, I use my full-size.

Alba Lampe, MO

Small but Mighty!

Love this little guy! Be sure to check out the size before you order. If the size is alright with you- get it! It has a low and high speed. The high speed is plenty strong enough to quickly dry my shoulder length hair. Bought it to take on vacation in a travel trailer, but when my large dryer died I started to use this one daily. It has held up very well. If it were to die I’d get another one.

Frieda Malden, MO

Tiny and portable, good, effective

Surprisingly light and effective for drying my hair. It came with extra attachments in a cute zebra-striped bag. I wouldn’t use it on the highest setting or for long periods of time. It is super small and easy to take around.

Alyce Beldenville, WI

Excellent little blow dryer! My 6 year old LOVES it!!!

This blow dryer is not only the perfect size for travel, or little people (just learning how to use one), it’s SUPER stylish too! My 6 year old loves the color!!! The zebra carrying case just adds to the fun. : ) It also has great power for a small machine. Good quality, I would highly recommend!

Aileen Whick, KY

Perfect for the price.

I wanted a lightweight, easy to use blow dryer with a diffuser at a decent price and this is it! Works very well on my short curly hair.

Jaclyn Warner, NH