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Mineral Fusion Facial Moisturizer, Mineral SPF 40, 3.4 Ounce

Mineral Fusion’s spf 40 facial moisturizer shields your skin from uva and uvb rays while combating the signs of aging. Magnesium, copper and zinc combine to stimulate skin cells and combat premature aging while clinically tested peptide minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Shea butter and glycerin seal in moisture, for comfortable, all-day hydration. The item is a semi-solid product. If the product has been kept/stored in an area or facility that would put the product in higher than “typical room temperatures”, the product will start to transform into a liquid form. This is a typical trait of all semi-solid products, not just inclusive of this particular product. As the product would come to room temperature, it will again become solidified. This process, in becoming solidified may take a few hours, dependent upon the environment the product has been exposed to. The product has various uses – many in which the product can be utilized in liquid form and semi-solid. Thus depending upon what the consumer desires of the product, having the product in semi-solid form, creates this ability to transform to the needed use for the consumer. The “solids” at the bottom of the jar when stirred the product, would be particles that had not turned to liquid form. Again, the “watery” state indicates was due to the temperature the product had been exposed to.

Key features

  • Protecting: This ultimate anti-defying cream provides broad spectrum mineral SPF to help prevent pre-mature sign of aging. Instantly protects skin from sunburn. Easily layer underneath foundation and primers for a healthy dose of SPF protection.
  • Age Defying: Natural antioxidants and our wrinkle fighting, clinically tested, collagen boosting peptide help firm and restore skin for a more youthfull appearance.
  • Hydrating: Rich nourishing Shea Butter and nutrient replenishing mineral water deliver essential daily moisture for softer, glowing skin.
  • Makeup Ready: Start off your makeup routine with a healthy dose of SPF protection.
  • Formula Purity: Gluten Free :: 100% Vegan :: Paraben Free :: Cruelty Free :: Artificial Color Free :: Phthalate Free :: Hypo-allergenic
  • Mineral UVA/UVB sunscreen and moisturizer
  • Evenly smooth a small amount on clean skin
  • Compassion please join us in our support of the national coalition against domestic violence

Honest reviews


I like this facial lotion but…

There is a serious flaws with this: For one thing, the spf moisturiser has a tendency of going opaque on your skin even when thinned out with another facial lotion or facial oil. I find this to be a bit problematic, especially if you have medium to dark skin. But the coverage you get goes a long way and you need very little of the product to do a effective job. I would still buy this in the future though with this opaqueness of this facial moisturiser, it’s going to be a very long time.

Allyson Payette, ID

Ginko Biloba?

On my package it states it has Gingo Biloba in the product and on the website it doesn’t?? Huh?? I don’t even know if Gingko Biloba is safe to use in skin care products. Is it??

Latisha Harris, MN

Excellent Facial Moisturizer and Mineral Sunscreen!

I had a product I loved that was discontinued. I have mature-ish, sensitive skin with a history of melanoma. I was looking for a new daily moisturizer that would give me a high spf. I don’t wear makeup so the moisturizer I use needs to work very well with my skin.This one is great! It is the perfect amount of moisture – my skin doesn’t get oily but still feels soft all day. It is a little pale going on, in the way some mineral sunscreens can be, but once it’s rubbed in, I don’t see it any more. It has not caused breakouts or irritation or redness. It’s great! It also scored really well on Skin Deep (environmental working group’s product database).

Gwen Manchaca, TX

Great sunscreen

I love the texture of this sunscreen. It’s not too thin nor is it thick. It blends in smoothly and for some reason does not give me a white cast like others day, even though my skin color is caramel brown (or slightly lighter than that). Love the product, especially that it has no parabens in it. It is also very affordable compared to other zinc sunscreens that come in very small containers. The only reason I took off the star is because initially the product smells great and refreshing when applied, however after a few seconds a strong soapy "after" small occurs, which is a bit overpowering. All in all, I will be ordering this again for sure!

Rosanne Rockford, WA

One of the better ones

I didn’t give this one 4 stars because it is a bit difficult to rub in. It smells good but does go on white and thick at first. I have to rub it in for a minute before the whiteness starts to fade. I think it works well other than that. I would order it again but am planning on trying another brand first that may not be as thick. The great thing about this one is it has natural ingredients and is SPF 40, higher than what I usually see (SPF 30). I think with the natural ones, the whitish film and thickness are just a given and I am willing to live with that to stay away from bad chemicals.

Maritza Southampton, PA