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Mineral Fusion Brush-On Sun Defense, SPF 30, .14 Ounce

Transparent, mineral sunscreen powder brushes on with ease to help protect skin from sunburn. Fragrance free. Gluten free.

Key features

  • Protecting & Soothing: Transparent, mineral sunscreen powder brushes on with ease to help protect skin from sunburn. Works well on all skin tones. Plus, sea kelp and white tea for antioxidant protection.
  • Make Up Ready: Our brush-on works harmoniously with our pressed powder foundations and cheek color for added SPF protection.
  • Formula Purity: Gluten Free :: 100% Vegan :: Paraben Free :: Cruelty Free :: Artificial Color Free :: Phthalate Free :: Hypo-allergenic
  • A unique way to get your SPF protection
  • May be used alone, over moisturizer or on top of makeup
  • Compassion please join us in our support of the national coalition against domestic violence

Honest reviews


On The Fence

After paying way too much for the Tickle Time product which claimed to have more grams of mineral sunblock than this, the Mineral Fusion lasted WAY longer with less product and was cheaper – though still kinda pricey for what you get. I digress, I just wanted something to enhance my incidental commute sun exposure; something to brush on in the morning before leaving the house. I would not trust these types of mineral blocks for full on all day exposure as I am very very fair and thus very very sun-sensitive. That is what zinc and titanium dioxide is for – but to each his/her own. I just wanted something quick and easy to coat my face, neck, and ears (a place most people forget to protect and one of the most common sites for skin cancer) after applying makeup or for running an errand and not wanting to smear on a ton of liquid spf in order to do so.The brush hairs seemed to tolerate the repeated use against the skin. For example – the all natural Tickle Time brush became so gummy and nasty I finally had to throw it out – though thankfully I’d used up what little product was left before I had to. This brush has yet to get gummy. It’s small enough to fit in my makeup bag in my purse and tolerates the abuse of a daily carry – no cracks or damage to the body of the item yet. I do wish it came in a better array of colors as I am so pale the light just isn’t quite light enough. But it’ll do for my needs.Essentially, I think these mineral marketed sunscreens are a little overhyped. I mean, most makeup brands carry something similar with the same ingredients for way less for more product and provide the added benefit of more colors and coverage. Though, most dermatologists warn against the spf stability in most makeup sunscreens – there are many that carry a similar mineral line with micronized sunscreen included that shouldn’t be completely snubbed. Still, the tried and true topically application of zinc/titanium dioxide (physical blockers) seems to be the primary way to go and I appreciate that they use it. But I’ll likely shop around for a more affordable version of this.

Tamera Sheyenne, ND


Very pleased with this product. Didn’t even know it existed until recently. I have 2 kids and this beats trying to slather them with greasy lotion. I love that it is a physical sunblock as I have always been a little concerned about chemical sunblocks. And since it is a physical block, you don’t have to wait 30 minutes to go outside. I have had this for about 2 months now and I’m not quite half out yet and that it with daily use on 4 people (mainly just on faces, arms, and neck, though). The brush is quite stiff and doesn’t feel great – but no one else in my family seems to mind. I have spent all day gardening with this and not reapplied (I know, I know) and still didn’t get a sunburn. With the fairly small brush head, it seems like it is harder to get full coverage on big areas, arms, legs, back, etc., so I have still been using a cream sunblock, but this is absolutely fantastic for face, hands, neck. Very thrilled with this discovery.

Shirley Burnsville, NC


I know we women are supposedly superior at multi-tasking, but there’s so much to do in the mornings and I’m just at a point in my life where I don’t want to have to fuss too much over anything.Compact powders require a separate brush and are fine but getting the coverage even is a pain – and they don’t have sunscreen.Loose powders – ick. Never have I been able to use them without making a mess.I have a few that may be *may* be better quality powders, but the difference is negligible and none of them have the convenience factor or the portability this item has.Yes, it’s hard to see if the powder is definitely coming out, but I’ve found that if I shake it and then just start brushing across my skin, it is indeed being dispensed properly. I haven’t noticed the issue some other reviewers have mentioned about the brush bristles coming out.My morning routine is so easy now! A bit of BB cream, some illuminator for those pesky under-eye circles, a quick swipe of all-day gel blush, my minimal eye makeup and this! Plus, if I want to carry it in my purse, it doesn’t make a mess and I don’t have to carry a second brush. I really couldn’t be any happier with it.

Maggie Hallsville, MO

Nice alternative to greasy sunblocks

I like it because it is quick and easy to apply, non greasy like regular sunblock, esp on my face. If your skin is already on the dry side, not sure you will like it though…my friend who has very dry skin, used it and it looked chalky on her. Maybe some lotion first would do the trick. It won’t last long if you use it all over your body though. I just use it on my face, hairline, and ears.

Janell Toccoa, GA

Great for specific times

I really like this product, I use it when I walk my dog during the day and just want to get some coverage for my neck, chest, and arms (I use other stuff on my face). That being said, it definitely does not replace my liquid sunscreen for longer periods in the sun (e.g., going to the beach). This is largely due to the fact that it can be difficult to tell exactly where you’ve dusted, and also the thought of applying this on a sweaty body just doesn’t sound like a good idea. But for a short walk in the sun, it’s great. You don’t have to deal with getting all greasy when you only need sun protection for a small window of time.This is the only powder sunscreen I’ve ever used, so I can’t provide any comparisons to more expensive brands, but I can say that I’ll definitely being buying it again.

Janice Mound, MN

Great sunscreen if you can get enough coverage

I got the package rather quickly from the seller. This sunscreen works well after you figure out how to get the actual powder to come out in a consistent manner (which it never will but you can try!). It worked great to protect the part on my head from my hair being in pony tails;)

Jayne Sidon, MS


The color, though advertised as transparent, is kind of a bronze color on my fair skin. It makes me look a bit tan, so it can be utilized, as the color is not too dark. However, I was most amazed at the fact that the powder stayed on my face without streaking after I biked and was sweating. It was still looking nice, so it is protecting well.

Lily Avon, CT


I like colorscience better. You can always just order the refill and put it in any of the powder sunscreen containers.

Lauren Whiskeytown, CA

Three Stars

Good for the price

Annabelle Rockford, WA