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Mimi’s Diva Dryer by Aquis Microfiber Hair Turban, Patented Design, White

Diva Dryer is made of Aquitex. Aquitex is a super-absorbent microfiber material that dries a girl’s hair quicker than an ordinary hair towel. Dry your hair in half the time!

Key features

  • Stays on your head (with 1 brilliant little button!)
  • Real microfiber (a fancy word for super-absorbent)
  • Dries hair fast (less blow drying!)
  • Packaged in a vinyl bag

Honest reviews


Nothing special

I bought this towel with the intention of using it turban style to “plop” my curly hair and dry it faster. The turban style is hard to accomplish (it took me several tries to figure out how to make the little rubber band go around the button to make a turban) and not good for plopping. I use it sideways so I can plop and encourage curl formation. So for curly heads, if you want a microfiber towel, stick with the regular ones. The turbans smush your hair and won’t really work for plopping unless you use them just as you would a regular t-shirt or microfiber towel.The Diva Dryer does not dry my hair faster, as advertised. I don’t notice any difference when using the Diva Dryer compared to using a plain old men’s t-shirt. Both will absorb excess water (the t-shirt will feel wetter) and my hair will not be discernably drier after using the Diva Dryer. Thus, I don’t think this costly towel is worth the money.

Gale Lebanon, MO

nice idea that doesnt work

This is a nice idea that doesnt work at all. I bought this to have a small,light, neat way to keep my hair out of the way while using facial masks, bubble baths etc… but the thing wont stay on your head, it rides up so your hair is exposed, it pulls uncomfortably at the front of your hairline– it’s pretty useless.Stick to using a towel and save your money.

Tamika Alexandria, NE

Very happy! Just wish it came with more then one turban.

Maybe it’s just me but I feel $12 is a bit much for one hair towel (I’d like to see 3 in a pack but who wouldn’t?) Anyways, price point aside, I think this is a great find. One of my girlfriends was wearing this turban at the spa on the last cruise we went on and I really liked it – especially the button to hold it in place! I usually use a regular bath towel in the morning but it is really heavy and I think the pulling from all that weight is probably not so great for my hair either. This is very light, absorbs well (though no better then a bath towel, it’s still impressive for being just a fraction of the size) and it is sorta cute :). I bought mine in pink and now that I know I like it, I’ll probably buy at least 2 more. I do wish they had different colors or prints to choose from instead of just the white/pink.TIP: I read a few reviews where people struggled with getting the loop to reach the button. I too had the same problem but found that there is a trick to getting this turban to work (even with my big noggin). Before you start twisting the fabric, draw the length of the turban so that the elastic is somewhat ‘taut’. Once fully extended, then twist and you should now find that you have just enough fabric length to attach the loop to the button in the back. I found that if you start twisting first (prior to lengthening the elasticized fabric) you simply won’t have enough length or ‘give’ to reach that button in the back. Hope this helps!

Audra Jena, LA

Lightweight & super absorbent. For small heads & small hair.

The entire Mimi Diva line is made from Aquis’ “Terry” weave which is the softest and fluffiest of their weaves.This is an excellent product for young girls at home and especially at camp & at sleepovers since the product is so light and absorbent. The button helps keep everything in place.The downside to the Aquis’ “Terry” weave is that it attracts a lot of fluff and lint and gets very static-y out of the dryer. Ohterwise an excellent product.The Mimi Diva line is aimed at teens and younger girls (hence the cutesy packing and pink/white colors) and the sizing is Junior sizing, smaller than their other line of products. These turbans are sized to fit heads that measure 20″-21″ size small or 22″ size medium with thin hair. If you have a sized medium head or larger and/or have thick or long hair, their turbans in their regular lines would fit better.Turbans in their regular lines are only available in their other two weaves: the Original Lisse Crepe weave and the Waffle Weave. If you have exceptionally thick or long hair, even the adult sized turbans won’t fit, and the bath towels (size XL) would be better. The size L towels (also marketed as their hair towels) are only a touch larger than their adult turbans.

Cathleen Isle Of Wight, VA

Lightweight and comfortable

I bought this turban because I don’t like to blow dry my hair right after I step out of the shower. Regular towels would give me painful neck cramps and I had to constantly take them off and twist them back into turbans again. I usually wait half an hour or so before I dry my hair so that I don’t damage my hair. I have wavy, frizzy, sometimes out-of-control hair. Sometimes I straighten it, sometimes I just air dry my hair. This turban is effective for both.I’ve only used it once, so perhaps I should write another review after I’ve tried it a few times. Anyway, it was so comfortable and lightweight that I kept it on for over half an hour! After I took it off, my hair had defined curls. And that was before I even put any hair care product in my hair. I could’ve kept it curly, but I decided to straighten my hair and see how smooth it would be. Well it was great! My hair was so smooth and it was so easy to comb through it. It didn’t take as long to blow dry and straighten. I’ve kept regular towels on my head for the same amount of the time, and it’s taken longer to dry my hair. I can somewhat tell that there’s less blow drying time after I used the turban. Next time I’ll keep it on for a shorter time to see if I can still cut down my drying time.I didn’t have any trouble putting on the turban. I had no problem attaching the front of the turban to the button in the back. It stayed on my head even though I lied down for a bit to watch some TV. It feels a bit tight around the front of my head, but I got used to it. I have hair that falls 2 or 3 inches past my shoulders and it all fit inside the turban. I do recommend this turban! It won’t give you any neck cramps and it’ll stay put!

Callie Baxley, GA

Best solution to the towel that never stays put

With having long thick hair for most all my life, I have always wrapped it up in a towel after my shower. The purpose was to help the drying process and keep it out of my face while doing my morning routine. (Putting on make-up, brushing my teeth, etc.) The problem with most towels is that they don’t stay put, which is why I wanted to tryMimi’s Diva Dryer by Aquis Microfiber Hair Turban, Patented Design, White. So far I love it! Easy to put on, it stays in place and I have noticed that it helps dry my hair much faster. I only have one right now, but I plan on purchasing at least one more so that I can rotate them when one needs to be washed.

Ramona Pasadena, TX

never could get it to work right

I wanted the microfiber towel but the beauty shop I was in didn’t have it, just this head wrap. I tried for a few weeks but couldn’t get it to work satisfactorily, so I took it back in. The clerk showed me how to use it, though, and I tried again but it still had the problems of it being unwieldy and too tight that others have reported.Trying to make it a towel, I then attempted to remove the elastic, but it’s sewn in, so I just chopped the blasted thing apart and use it as a strange, star-shaped towel.

Jami Albany, OH

Pink Hair turban wrap

I own 2 of these already in “White” and they’re great. I thought the pink was cute and I liked the packaging so I’ve given these to 2 of my friends as gifts. Both of them love them. So much better than using a towel on your head, which falls off. These hair turbans are the best way to go! I recommend having 2 of them. One for back up while the other is in the wash.

Beth Polk City, FL

Pretty In Pink.

Had a white one for years and decided to upgrade to the pink. Keeps hair in place and away from your face.

Maura Wyano, PA

I don’t have a big head (literally), but

This wrap does dry your hair fast. The fabric is nice and looks like a regular towel. However, the instructions say to twist, twist, twist! your hair in the wrap then fasten the loop over the button closure behind your head. Impossible! The wrap would not nearly cover my head if I did this. Also, when twisting, the button goes all askew and I have to recenter it in order to fasten it. To fasten I can barley turn it just 1/4th a turn (just enough to hold my hair). This wouldn’t exactly dry my hair if I didn’t use it to remove excess moisture from my hair first, and it is too short to cover the front of my crown, no matter what I do.I do have long hair, maybe thats why.Another thing, the button started to come off in 2 days.If you have short hair, and are not a button abuser, this would probably be a solid product for you.I just didn’t know such a simple thing could make life more complicated.

Monica Lansing, IA

I Love This!

I have used this for months and love it. I have long, thick hair and it takes a long time to dry my hair. The Diva Darling has been a great time saver. I can put my hair up in the CD while I put on my make-up. My hair is almost dry when I am ready to finish it. It is efficient and cute. I love the retro look and won’t be without one.

Betty Essex, MT

A great time saver!

Incredible time saver, it’s great. Wrap around the back of your neck so that the button is on the back of your head/top of your neck, twist twist twist and loop the small loop over the button. Beware – don’t use a dryer sheet if you dry this in the dryer! If you do, microfiber will slowly lose its ultra-drying power. I prefer to hang this dry next to my delicates so I never mess it up. I think I’ll buy one of these for my mom and boyfriend’s little sisters too.

Haley Imlaystown, NJ

Not microfiber

This is simply a regular old towel, there’s nothing microfiber about it. It’s big, bulky, and takes a long time to dry vs. real microfiber which is thinner, softer, has some stretch to it, and dries quickly. It also has a strange design, other hair turbans are far easier to use and secure than this, the tab and button don’t work properly. If you want microfiber make sure the material actually feels like microfiber. If you don’t know what microfiber feels like go to a store and feel the difference.

Robbie Tybee Island, GA

A little difficult to attach and is a tight fit, but dries hair well.

UPDATE: After posting a question on a forum […], I was told how to attach it. The fit was still rather tight, which is odd because my hair is not that long. The towel, which I also bought, fits better.The material wicks away moisture while perserving curls.I just tried it for the first time and couldn’t hook the button after three or four tries. The towel dries well, but all the struggling to find the button and loop only roughed up my hair, which is exactly what a curly-haired person wants to avoid because it creates frizz. I hope I don’t have to wet my hair all over again.I’ll try a few more times. If things get better, I’ll update my review. If they don’t, back it goes.

Luz Upper Marlboro, MD

Compared to others it is dreadful, will never buy again

The fabric and size of this hair towel is the worst I have ever used. I have at least one of every hair towel on the market from over the years because my hair takes forever to dry so I need to wrap and then blowe dry after awhile of soaking the water out.The size is ridiculous – it squeezes my head so hard it gives me headache in 5 minutes or less-granted my head is sensitive but has never been sensitive to a hair wrap. It’s agony to wear this. The fabric has an awful static quality to it – it sticks to everything, zaps your head or hand with static, collects everything from the dryer, lint, strings, anything it can suck off of other fabrics, it does. But the worst part is that it is rough on your hands. The inside is soft but the outside snags and catches on your hands, or a blankets/pillow case if you lay down, it’s just the worst quality and most expensive hair towel I have found.

Eula San Augustine, TX