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Mimi’s Diva Dryer by Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel, Pink

Diva Dryer is made of Aquitex. Aquitex is a super-absorbent microfiber material that dries a girl’s hair quicker than an ordinary hair towel. Dry your hair in half the time!

Key features

  • Dry hair quicker (you’ve got better things to do!)
  • Real microfiber (a fancy word for super-absorbent)
  • Less blow drying (no more nasty split ends!)
  • Packaged in a plastic tube

Honest reviews


Wrong shape for flopping, can’t tie your hair in it

This towel is pretty much useless for the purpose it claims: it will not hold your hair in a towel turban, and it can’t be used for flopping whatsoever! I would have asked for a refund if I hadn’t thrown away the package.

Kathy Rye, NH

Good towel

Works well with my curly hair after shower. Dries quickly. Washes and dries very nicely. Not faded and kept shape.

Kari Hanlontown, IA

Great towel!

I bought this towel because I wanted to try something new for my curly hair.This is perfect!It dries my hair more quickly than a normal towel and it doesn’t pull on my hair.I love it and recommend it for everyone!

Bernice Norwalk, WI

I see no difference . . .

I have fine frizzy/curly hair. I’ve used this at least a dozen times by now, and have not seen any difference in my hair than when I use a normal towel.

Dorothy Enfield, NC

Really dries hair

This works really good to dry your hair when coming out of the shower or just when you don’t feel like styling it.

Maureen Garden City, UT

Not as good as a T-shirt 🙁

The fibers of this towel don’t agree with my skin or my hair. When I use it on my hair, it is more frizzy etc. I made my own “towel” out of t-shirt material, and it works a lot better than this. If you have straight hair, I think this towel would work well, but curly hair is a different story 🙂

Pauline Alpine, TX

Lightweight, super-absorbent, soft & fluffy

The Fabric:
• Microfibre “Terry” — the softest and fluffiest of the three versions Aquis offers (Lisse Crepe, Waffle, “Terry”)
• Texture: very short pile, no visible loops. Soft and fluffy.
• Slightly clingy, when drying yourself.
• Static in the dryer (Attracts lots of lint)
• Very absorbent and lightweight.
• Dries fast
• Comes in many colours and sizes (also available in a wrap version and a robe version).Unlike other membrane/spongy camping/outdoor towels:
• You CAN throw this is in the dryer.
• Feels closest to a real towel.
• Will not stiffen-up when dry.Sizes and uses:
• Size XL is standard bath towel sized and is good as a hair towel for those with long, thick hair.
• Size L [shown here] was the original hair/gym towel size — longer and narrower. Good for average amount of hair and mid-length & shorter. Good as a bath towel for a small child.
• Size M is good as a Hand Towel for when you have people over. It gets damp but not soggy and will still do its job of drying hands.
• Size S is washcloth sized.Aquis’ microfibre terry towels tend to attract lint and although the towel itself is in good condition after several years and many many uses, it starts to look worn and “dirty” because of various bits of lint that embeds itself into the weave of the fabric (especially if you have fine-haired dogs like Poodles and Goldens). The light colours do not hide stains well. The original Lisse Crepe and the Waffle Weave do not attract as much lint or fine hair and therefore do not look as worn as the terry weave.Overall an excellent towel despite the drawbacks, and is the softest fluffiest microfibre super-absorbent towel on the market. The entire Diva Collection is made from Aquis’ “Terry” weave.

Lynette Hamletsburg, IL

Great towel, super absorbent!

I got this for my Mom and she loves it, it helps hair to dry quickly, it is soft and easy to use. After hearing her praise I think I will get one for myself as well!

Rosemary Paradise, CA

Sucks out water from hair while I do my make up

So it’s a time saver and a hairdrying-damage-reducer. I had a plain terry wrap before, purchased from Marshall’s, that had a button on a corner so it would stay in place – this company should add that to this microfiber wrap and it would be perfect. Even so, I just wrap my hair and tuck the corner under (those with thicker hair could use a clip). The fabric here is made of high quality tiny suckers. Durable, so I know it will last awhile too. Great purchase. Highly recommend.

Katy Fenton, MO

Best hair towel I’ve tried

What sets this one apart is the thickness. Most other microfiber hair towels I’ve tried are really thin and soak through. It’s also HUGE. Blows away a regular towel!

Katheryn Wood River, NE

Better than my old t-shirt

Not sure what the previous reviewers meant by the so-called “bad smell”, but my towel smelled like, well, a towel! It absorbs way more than my old t-shirt that I was using and although these towels aren’t large perse, it does do the job of at least absorbing a lot of water. Being a curly girl, this towel is just what I needed. So okay, yeah you can get a “sham-wow” towel for about the same price at your local Wal-Mart or CVS, but why? Why use something that’s not meant for your hair? I’m just a bit biased. I like the towel and for me it has reduced my diffuser time down. I say, try for yourslf and see!

Sheri Galeton, PA

Fun Pattern

I having been using these type of hair towels for over 10 years. Couldn’t stop from buying the cute patterns now available. The patterns have stood up through many washings. I am very please with the quality of these towels.

Elaine Salter Path, NC

Good Product

I can’t say I’ve had a lot of experience with this kind of product. I have 3A/B curly hair. It’s winter, and my hair has been dry. Have been using this instead of a regular towel and it’s seemed to make a big difference in how my hair turns out. The towel leaves a lot of the moisture in your hair so the products you use work better. Again, I haven’t had experience with other towels of this type, but I imagine that they are all similar. I did have a good experience with this product, and would recommend to others.

Sheree Tyaskin, MD

Really works to lessen blow-drying time!

I have an old microfiber hair towel that I bought about five years ago at the Body Shop that never seemed to work really well. After reading about this brand of hair towel in a magazine, and I decided to order it — and it definitely works! I have shorter hair that is really thick, and I hate blowing it dry. I used this towel for the first time today, and it really did shave time off of my blow-drying by about five minutes.It’s also a nice length, and I was easily able to wrap it turban-style around my head. If you have longer hair, you should be able to do the same thing, but may need to pat the ends of your hair a bit if it’s really long.Great purchase!

Kayla Smiths, AL


Stop using regular towels on your hair immediately if you have any issues with frizz! STOP NOW AND BUY THIS!I have wavy/slightly curly hair that isn’t horribly frizzy normally but can get a little bad. This has immediately improved my hair. The fibers are just so much better for it. This size is fairly small but should be big enough as long as you don’t have really long hair. I don’t do the regular wrapping that I did with bigger towels but if you gather your hair on top of your head, wrap this towel around it and clip or tie it to secure it (I use a hair tie), the size is perfect.

Rosanne Hiawassee, GA

Works well for drying

This towel is a bit much for my thin and fine hair. If I try to plop with it, it pulls on the front of my hair, causing breakage. I ended up using a microfiber Turbie Twist instead, it’s much lighter and doesn’t pull like that.That said, it does a fine job of drying my hair. It doesn’t work as well as t-shirt fabric does, but it works just fine.

Cleo Patrick Springs, VA

great towel!

This towel is great – perfect size and highly absorbent. I would recommend this towel to anyone who wants to lessen their ‘get ready’ time in the morning.

Deann Pointe A La Hache, LA


Helped dry my long curly hair faster then a regular towel. It’s a good size for just drying your hair. I wouldn’t use to it dry my whole body as I prefer a bigger towel for that.

Eileen Roosevelt Roads, PR

Works well but……

I wish it was a little bigger. My hair is very thick so I can’t use this after a wash. But if I am just wetting my hair for the day, it works great!!!!!

Lawanda Spreckels, CA

Love it!

This is a great towel for all you curly girls! I used to use just a T shirt to dry my hair, but so glad I switched over to this towel. It absorbs sooooo much water! And it does NOT frizz my hair! I love the pink color! I wish they made one big enough for the body. This is a great buy!

Lakisha Saint Ansgar, IA

hair wrap

This is a very large hair towel and it works very well to absorb water after hair washing. Remember to wash without using fabric softener.

Claudette El Macero, CA


I bleach and dye my hair a lot so my hair is really badly damaged. Using a normal towel turns my hair into a lion’s mane. My hair is totally kempt now! (:

Sheree Bastrop, TX

Big size

I bought this to use on my curly hair to avoid frizz. It is a nice big size. THe weave is rougher than the Deva Curl microfiber towel I bought.

Susanne Delano, TN

Not for my curly hair

I bought this as a recommendation to help keep my curly hair’s frizz down. It does it’s job…it’s super-absorbent, so it sucks all the water out of my hair, but any product I put in my hair thereafter dries stiffly as a result. It works great for drying my dog off and soaking up messes, but I don’t use it on my hair anymore.

Lorene Gallup, NM

Decent hair towel

I like this hair towel. It’s made of a soft, microfiber fabric. I have thick hair and it is pretty absorbent. You can wrap it turban-style or just towel dry your hair in the towel to reduce total blow drying time. I would recommend it.

Malinda Oden, AR

Super soft and absorbent!

Purchased this micro-fiber towel based on a recommendation from a Yahoo group that I belong to. I have baby locks and needed a towel that is not only absorbent, but wouldn’t leave lint in my locks. I’ve found the towel!!! I simply wrap this towel around my wet locks…and within 15 – 20 minutes all water is absorbed. I love the towel…and the best thing about (it’s PINK)!!!

Tamika Mancos, CO