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Millenium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion, 100x, 13.5-Ounce

100X Ultra Advanced Silicone Bronzer Auto-Darkening Tan Technology. Luxury meets Technology in Solid BlackTM. This advanced dark tanning lotion will surpass all others! Blended with extreme bronzers and ultra moisturizers to drive your tan into darkness immediately. There is no other competition…

Key features

  • Ultra Advanced 100X Silicone Bronzer ;
  • Auto-Darkening Tan Technology ;
  • Product Action: Tan Enhancer, Silicone Bronzer ;
  • Fragrance: Orchid Blush ;
  • Size: 13.5 oz. fl. (400mL) Bottle ;

Honest reviews




Jasmine Ocoee, FL


I am sorry I have to write like this but I need to clarify and give another view point because I too was swayed by all the positive reviews, but if you are used to using a tanning lotion that actually works, like swedish beauty , you will not be happy with this one. I am inclined to wonder if these positive reviews are fake because I cannot understand how anyone would think this works, there is no tingle and it doesn’t help you tan. Don’t waste your time and money just get some swedish beauty which is what I will be going back to, and this bottle just sits in my closet and is about to be garbage soon.

Myra Bayard, NE

Consistently Great Results

I always get the darkest most even tan from this product. I have tried many others but this is the best.

Emily Alexander, NC


This is my second bottle of this tanning bed lotion and I am still really impressed with the results! I had been spending around $65 a bottle for tanning lotion, but was recommended this product by a friend and it works just as well (if not better) than the one I was using before that cost SO much more. The smell isn’t too over powering and the color is a nice bronze color, not orange and not too muddy brown.

Marian Saint Just Contract, PR

The best for the price range

Solid Black is very, very good – the only reason I couldn’t give it five stars was because it still lacks the truly profound bronzing necessary to see results after only a few sessions, however for the price I would argue it is unbeatable. If you don’t want to spend the big bucks on the fancier products with tingle factors and all that other garbage, this is absolutely your best bet. Been through multiple bottles now, and the one thing I wanted to include in my review is THAT I WAS ABLE TO SEE AN OBVIOUS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS 100X BRONZER AND THE LESSER (around 60X) BRONZERS, so I was very pleased overall with these purchases over the last few months).

Mallory Richmond, VA

Bronze not orange

I really like the feel and texture of this lotion once you rub it into your skin. The bronzers leave a nice brown color, not orangey at all! It smells really nice unlike the Paint it black lotion but the smell goes away once you get out of the bed. It gave me a really nice color after only one use!

Ruby Switzer, WV


I have a strong preference for lotions that have good bronzers in them. This lotion has become a favorite of mine. The darker the tan the better. Will continue to reorder.

Marsha Atlanta, GA

Very excited

I have only had the opportunity to use this once but I couldn’t believe the difference it made, I’m still a little (slightly) burned today, the product is thick and creamy and will last a long time and, I don’t want to exaggerate but, this product at the salon is like crazy expensive, I’m just sorry I never thought of getting it here a long time ago!

Sheryl Park Rapids, MN

Really good stuff!

I have been an on/off tanning salon user for the last 10 years. This lotion by far is my favorite! So glad I tried it.

Georgina Rocklin, CA


This product helps me tan to a darker color, but it reeks. You’re supposed to leave tanning bronzers on your 3-4 hours after tanning to ensure the darkest color possible. After just 30 minutes of this on my skin, the smell gives me headaches and nausea.

Dianna Estill, SC


Nice product for tanning. I definitely noticed a darker bronzer tan with this lotion than I do with others. Very happy and would recommend.

Francesca Burns, KS

Love this tanner!

I love this tanner, bronzes quickly and I’m fairly white. Love the smell and the price is unbeatable. Have purchased this twice and will purchase again when bottle is empty. Don’t pay salon prices get this!!! <3

Leann Weston, NE

Good texture great smell

It was good nice and thin and smells pleasant. overall a good product. I would purchase again. Not four stars because I don’t feel it gave me as good as color as some of the more expensive lotions – but for the price it’s great.

Cecile Halifax, MA

The best indoor tanning lotion Ive used

Deep dark results in only 3 tanning sessions. Non-greasy feel and fresh smelling. I generally tan rather easily and this gave me a great boost with an immediate hint of color. Nice golden brown, not that fake orangey color. My new favorite!

Aimee Eufaula, OK

Nice lotion

This was a tiny step down from the 50x. The 50 gives better color, smells way better, and doesn’t make you want to immediately shower. This lotion does give a slightly deeper color but not much different. Its fine, but the 50 is better.

Meredith Central City, NE


Love Solid Black 100x tanning lotion. I’ve used it for indoor tanning as well as outdoor and it works wonders. I’ve always gotten blotchy and had to wear sunscreen or lotion of some sort- which in turns prevents me from tanning. However, this lotion has solved that problem. It keeps my skin moisturized, allows me to tan beautifully, and gives me a little boost of color with the bronzer! Great product!

Millicent Elkhorn, WI


The product works, no doubt about that. I cant stand the smell of it, and it stays on me for days. I wont buy this again

Maritza Tunbridge, VT

Will purchase again

I had a wonderful experience as a regular tanner for about 4 months … used other products with only oneother product that I was satisfied with. The other had a tingling additive, which can lead to pain.This product delivers practically everything I was looking for to have to only go tan for once a week. I have a great base tan.and when no sun, with about 10% american native in my traits(this is for reference for considered buyer.I am not really tan without the uv(sun or bed), really pale, but have good tanning qualities.This product has ultimately given me a chance to STAY OUT of the CANCER CAUSING rays. I love it, Im going to stickwith it. no splotchiness AT ALL. When first exiting the bed. I saw 3 shades darker. As a couple of days went by, I would say 10 shades darker. I stay at this tone for one week and then the tan begins to fade SLOWLY.Love this product and have already recommended to family members.

Latisha Redwood Estates, CA

Not sure what’s so special about it

I have used this lotion a couple of times and haven’t noticed a huge difference in my tan. I have used two bottles of Paint It Black and Black Storm. Out of the three I think I would recommend Paint it Black. I just hate the smell. Solid Black smells okay, after tanning smell is not as bad as Paint It black. I would prefer not to have to shower after tanning so I tried a packet of lotion called Fiesta Sun Trix Vendome Level 2. Here is the product link: smells good before and after tanning and gives me a beautiful brown glow. Check it out!

Aurelia Covington, TX

Best tanning lotion out there for the $$

This stuff really works, and makes you brown – not orange. I highly recommend it and think it’s an excellent addition for any tanning experience.

Elinor Marne, MI

Okay for general use

The shipping was quick and was received on time. I’ve used this lotion for a little over a month with frequently indoor tanning sessions and receive a little extra color from this product. Also you still have that nasty burnt skin scent after tanning even when wearing this product though the sent of the lotion before tanning is very good!

Lucille Jemez Pueblo, NM

worked great

i liked this lotion and iv tried a lot. worked well. smelled decent. its a good lotion for the price

Dianne Moran, TX

If you want that sexy dark tan

My god i have HORRIBLE resisting skin that hates everything that i put on it! But this stuff is the *&#@! Haha, i loved it! One time in the tanning bed for 7 minutes and i have a very nice shimmering, glowy, beautiful tone. About 5 uses after, dramatic! If you want an awesomely beautiful tan…buy this product!

Rebekah Franklinville, NJ

Solid Black 100X

I like this product. Left my skin feeling soft, tanned and hydrated for the most part. Not a heavy smell, but a little. I ordered another lotion as well, to see which one I like. I am partial to this one. Will buy again.

Ann Olcott, NY

great product

I’m pretty tan and I have been using it a month now. I love it and works great only down fall is it leaves your skin after tanning smelling like fake tan smell but that washes off and its not as over powering as real fake tanners. But if you don’t wash it off your hands after they do slightly get a Cheeto stain lol but its very very light I don’t wash my hands after usually and if you look close they have a funny yellowish tinge to them but its not noticeable. I also use it on my face and I haven’t had any problems yet I get a pimple or two every once and awhile but I don’t think its the tanning lotion. Overall I love this product and would buy again I just think I want to try some others they have first just to mix it up

Vicky Paden, OK

Love it!

I love this product. It didn’t leave my hands orange and slimy and it did really help to make me a bit tanner faster.

Clara Dallas, NC

Great lotion

Love this lotion. Its smooth and smells good before and after tanning. I read all the same great reviews before I ordered and they’re true. I peaked with my old lotion and it smelled gross. I needed something new and something that smelled better. I noticed a difference in how dark I got immediately, even other people have made comments on how dark I was getting.

Dora Dresden, TN

Love this lotion.

The smell isn’t the greatest but price is ok. This lotion helps me keep my tan the longest w/ a great color.

Barbara Somerdale, NJ

good stuff

This is good lotion, it gives me a great color, recommend it to anyone, especially just to switch up lotions

Loraine Beeler, KS

Not sure

Looks legit, the packaging and everything. But the lotion doesn’t smell like anything and I’m just not getting g the results I’ve gotten before with this product when I bought it at the salon. In fact, I’m getting NO RESULTS. I THINK IVE BEEN DUPED. SUCH A BUMMER.

Marissa Elkton, MI