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Milk Shake Leave in Conditioner 11.8 fl ounces

leave in product

Key features

  • Milk Shake leave in Conditioner
  • Leave in conditioner
  • 11.8 fl ounces

Honest reviews


What’s the hype?

Sometimes I think reviews are contagious…this one is proof. I was very excited to get this leave in because so many people absolutely raved about it..I am growing out my hair and am looking for a really good leave in. First of all it smells wonderful!! I will give it that…of all the hair products I have used this one is the winner in terms of smell…it is amazing. The con…it’s like spraying water in your hair…I used about 15 sprays and it didn’t feel like there was anything in my hair…felt like my hair with nothing in it. My hair was poofy and frizzy…I just don’t get all the rave reviews.

Emilie Palisade, CO

My best friend

This stuff smells so good. It makes your hair smell like cupcakes or cookies. MYhusband loved this stuff. He couldnt stop smelling my hair. I know it is expensive onhere but it is a good product. I think walmart has it for cheaper. If you are looking forit to be cheaper.

Amanda San Ygnacio, TX

Love…but I need a clothespin over my nose to apply

I’m not with the masses who tout that this product smells like the totes (hence the 4 stars). It smells like an overly sweet cupcake scratch ‘n’ sniff sticker. That said, my locks are lusciously lovely with this. If you can quickly don a face mask, then I say get this. Pronto.

Lacey Canonsburg, PA


This is the most heavenly scented leave in conditioner ever- and it works well too! Great for kids. Smells good & works great.

Carmen Madison Mills, VA

Best leave in I’ve ever tried! Multitude of uses

FIrst of all the smell on this is amazing! But it doesn’t stick, so don’t worry if you don’t like your hair smelling like vanilla ice cream. It won’t last.I use this spray straight out of the shower EVERY MORNING. Whether I’m blowdrying, air drying, or flatironing my hair, THIS is the start of my day. I flatiron a lot, and my stylist can’t believe that I don’t have split ends or damage. I owe the great condition of my hair to Milkshake leave in conditioner, and their serum. These two products always go into my hair for flatironing or heat styling. I have thick, coarse, fuzzy, frizzy, uncontrollable hair that needs a lot to make it look great; these products are always what I start with.My stylist recommended, when I wanted to grow my hair, that I heat dry as little as possible. As many nights a week as I can, I just go to bed with wet hair from the shower and have the Milk Shake conditioning spray on it. In the morning I can put on some serum and use the flatiron as if I had spent all morning burning it with the hot hair dryer! I also like to just spray on the conditioner out of the shower on days I’m staying home, and it dries naturally with soft, bouncy, shiny curls.I couldn’t be without this product! I hope they never stop making it! There are a thousand leave-in conditioner products (especially at the drugstore). I have tried what must be every stinking danged one of them!!!!!!! NONE of them are as good as this!!!! This makes Infusium feel like you are just spraying grody chemicals on your hair.

Jacqueline New Milford, CT


I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and have not noticed a difference yet. My hair usually feels softer initially after using conditioner but I didn’t experience it with this product. I am tempted to return. It has a very sweet, candy like smell to it which can be good or bad depending on your preference.As an add on to another reviewer on here who said that the popularity of this product may be due to the crowd effect of it’s reviews, I think I know why…I have received 2 emails from the seller asking me to review. So I think that may have contributed to the large number of reviews.

Brandy De Leon, TX


I absolutely love this product, it leaves your hair soft and easy to manage. Makes blow drying a breeze and it smells divine.

Dianne Blanding, UT

Works great… Smells even better!

Used this product a few times and so far so good. I use to use It’s a 10 and wanted to try something new. This product delivers equal, if not better results and smells a hell of a lot better as well. It detangles my hair nicely and makes it soft and manageable. A lot of reviews state it smells like cake or cupcakes but I have to agree with one user on here who stated it smelled more like caramel popcorn. That’s a better way to describe the smell. It’s pretty awesome and I want to eat it everytime I use it.

Nelda Pleasant Mills, IN

Smells good but that’s about it

I’m not sure what the rave is all about. This did nothing for my hair. The smell is good, but not all that exciting. Plus the product itself is just blah. Waste of my money.

Lynda Mannsville, KY

I will purchase over and over again

I love this stuff. Sadly mine fell off the counter and broke it half. It wouldn’t have been so bad but it was a brand new bottle. So be careful with it.

Iva Edneyville, NC


I do love the smell of this product, and if you need a lightweight moisturizer, it’s perfect. I would buy again for sure.

Deirdre Brohard, WV

Works great – smells amazing

I don’t know how they did it but, this beats out my past leave in conditioner. It smells wonderful and helps me comb out my tangles in no time. Love this and will repurchase.

Cecelia Mica, WA

I would normally give this 5 stars

The last few times I have bought this product the smell seems to be a lot less strong that normal. I buy this product because it is a great detangler but also because I love the smell. But lately I have been a little disappointed.

Felecia Marshalls Creek, PA

smells like vanilla milk shake

My son loves the smell and he can be very particular about how his hair products smell. Great leave in conditioner and refreshens his curls perfectly

Sharron Fort Loramie, OH

Pretty good product

I bought this product based on the rave reviews. It is definitely a good product that does what it claims, and smells like its name.

Juliana Bostwick, GA