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Milani Baked Blush – Rose D’ Oro

Get a radiant finish with this luxurious powder baked on Italian terracotta tiles. Multiple infusion of colors blends perfectly to shape, contour and highlight your cheeks.

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five star~

Milani products are great the blush is such a beutifull shade, as other reviews say and It brings out the best in your complextion. 🙂 Milani is a great make up brand very profesional and lots of great and glamours shades to choose from.I wish i could get them all~

Dianna Arlington, OH

Severely underrated blush products!

I am placing this review under every Milani blush I have tried, as it doesn’t seem as though these products are getting the love they deserve. Or at least no one on Amazon is saying so! With the Milani blush, don’t look at a color and say, “I can’t wear that because of my coloring”. YES YOU CAN. These blushes are amazing. EVERY SINGLE COLOR has worked with my coloring, whether it is pink, peach, purple, red…anyone can wear these.This is for the color Rose d’Oro. I am very pale, and this color was perfect for me. It is a gold-veined rose pink with a slight peach twinge.I love Nars blush, at $28 a pan that is a crack habit I can’t support very often. I picked up these Milani blushes in every color. I dare you to compare this blush to any high end blush product….ANY. They have amazing long wear and great color payoff.
• The brush included with it is worthless. Unless you
• your blush to look like stripes of war paint! I use the Real Techniques brushes and my Smashbox contour brush, depending on how much color and where I want it.
• The packaging is kind of dicey and cheap. That is no indication however, of the quality of the product inside!
• Don’t drop it, whatever you do! It will shatter even from a short fall. But you can collect the broken contents, mix with enough 99% alcohol to make a paste, and re-press this into another container if you need to. Note though that the color will become one solid color mix and not the delicately veined color that it was before it smashed to bits. However it will still look the same on your face.

Blanca Tavernier, FL

so love this shade

first time to the Milani line and this blush to super cute on my cheeks. I just use a bit, as I do not like the blushing so hard you can hardly stand it look.

Rebecca Poplar Grove, IL

beautiful color

I love the color of this blush. I wish it was a little more pigmented though. It takes a couple layers for it to show up on my skin even though I’m a fair complexion. It has a beautiful sheen to it though and adds a little bit of highlight to the face as well.

Estella Salter Path, NC

SOOoo Glad to find these blushes on Amazon!!

I have loved the Milani blushes for years but my stupid local Walgreens has decided to cease carrying the brand.Like another reviewer has already said – these are a great find! Low $$, high quality, and virtually ANY color will work with your coloring. I’ve no idea how Milani has pulled off this bit of makeup magic…but it is true. Pick a color that sounds good to you. I use them all!

Pearlie Unionville, VA

Milani Baked Blush- MLMMBL02 ROSE D’ORO

wow!… wow! wow! wow! This blush is very beautiful, you can get lost in the depth of its color… it goes on very nicely, shimmers and sparkles…. it’s truly a very beautiful color. i recommend this for sure to all the pretty people outthere who put make-up on!=)

Yesenia Seffner, FL