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Miibox 100% Raw Unrefined Organic Shea Butter-African Grade A Ivory 1 Pound

Miibox 100% unrefined organic shea butter-African grade A ivory.

Key features

  • Skin Beauty Solutions Unrefined Shea Butter is…naturally rich in a number of vitamins. Vitamins A, E, F and K are the most popular.
  • Vitamin E balances and normalizes the skin. Helps keep it clear and healthy, particularly beneficial for dry or sun-exposed skin.
  • Vitamin A has soothing and hydrating properties which provides healthy skin collagen in order to prevent premature wrinkles, premature facial lines and premature slackened skin.
  • Vitamin F – Acts as a skin protector and revitalizer. It soothes rough, dry or chapped skin on contact and helps soften and revitalize dry or damaged hair. Vitamin F consists of linoleic, linolenic and arachidonic acids, the three essential fatty acids.

Honest reviews


True Ivory Shea: Here’s How to Make your Shea Butter

I thought I would make a video review, and maybe I’ll get to that later, but for now I’ll just review and tell you how to make your own Shea Butter.Like everyone else said, it comes double bagged so the packaging isn’t the best. However, mine was sealed well and not damaged and I was perfectly fine with it. It was true ivory Shea, which generally means pure. It wasn’t rancid or anything like that either. That smell is what it should smell like if not refined and without additives.Overall, the quality was very high and quite a bargain when you consider that most products that say they are Shea based contain only a spoon full or two per container in reality. This allows a much higher level of purity for anything you’d like to Shea up. Very pleased with it and I do plan to re-order. I’ll be making home made shea butter in custom scents for everyone for Christmas this year!That said, it can be a bit difficult to use and does leave a smell when you don’t doctor it up. So I do. Here is the easiest way to do it for you too.To Make Shea Butter:1) Very slowly melt your shea in a double boiler OR by floating a bowl containing the shea in a large pot. Use very low heat since it melts at body temperature. The more heat, the more vitamins you take out of it so less is better.2) Once mostly melted (you can leave some chunks), you can let it settle some to be sure there are no sediments (also normal for unrefined though mine had none) and then pour the liquid carefully into another bowl for mixing, leaving the sediments behind.3) Add about 5 ounces of various oils to one pound of Shea. I added 2 ounces of Sweet Almond Oil, 2 ounces of Hazelnut Oil and 1/2 ounce of Wheat Germ Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil each.4) Mix using a hand mixer (not your kitchen aid) on whip for a long time. To shorten the time, just mix it enough to fully incorporate the oils (maybe 2 minutes) and then put the bowl into the fridge for 10 minutes. It will form a white layer on top of cooled shea. Then you take it out and keep mixing. It will take so long that you’ll think you’re doing it wrong, but you’re not. Just keep going. Eventually, you’ll start forming something that looks like frosting that smells a lot better than plain Shea.5) Add your scent oils. I use pure essential oils and I made 2 batches. One Rosemary Mint and one Lavendar Orange. Both lovely. You’ll need to decide your own amounts on this but you don’t need a whole lot of it. Then mix it in and voila, you’re done. Spoon into whatever containers you’d like to use. I used pyrex bowls with the plastic lids.6) Makes about 5 pints. It will re-stiffen, but not as much as before, and will spread and melt more easily. Also soaks in a tad faster.

Abbie Deep River, IA

Don’t worry or be skeptical, you can believe the reviews. Your money will NOT be wasted!

My skin is well, kinda yucky. I suffer from combination skin and large pores on my face, dry scaly/bumpy skin on my body (super-prone to razor bumps and rashes-gross!)…and to top it off, hereditary stretch marks! Never had any children, but I have them anyway! I started getting them when I was 11 years old after a quick growth spurt on my arms, legs…pretty much everywhere. Needless to say I’ve led a covered up, self concsious existence. I hate declaring my flaws like this, but this is a public service, right? When I was in high-school, I discovered tanning which really helped me with smoothing out my skin and minimizing these issues (yay SUN!).Recently however, my Father has developed cancerous tissues since taking up golfing in his retirement (boo CANCER!), and it has freaked out my sister and I so we’ve BOTH stopped with the tanning…really, what a horrible thing to do anyway…but when you find something that works…you sometimes mindlessly just do it.So if somebody tells me this Shea Butter stuff causes cancer, I’m just going to become a hermit because I gotta tell you…IT WORKS! I mean, almost IMMEDIATELY, I started to notice it attacking the issues on my skin. When you rub it in, the first thing you notice is, it stinks. It smells like a health food store. So, plan on spritzing something else on over it! But don’t however buy the “Golden” shea butter, while it DOES moisturize…it’s not pure, so it doesn’t have the healing qualities. You’ll also notice it’s chunky and a little hard to work with, so you have to palm it, and work it a bit to get it to a point where it will apply to your skin.THEN you must rub….and rub, and then rub some more. Massage those troubled areas (for me, that’s everywhere)! Get the bloodflow moving, and get that stuff worked in as much as possible. You’ll never get it all the way DRY, that’s just how it is, it’s going to bead water–it’s butter. But it’s not an oily thing, it won’t stain your clothes. Then sit back and let it do it’s thing.Whatever that is, I don’t know the science! To me it’s just awesome! In a little under 1 week, I noticed the skin inside some of my stretch marks start to soften, and the backs of my arms get SMOOTH, shaving got easier too. (I still use the Vanish pfb because I’m paranoid, however)The craziest thing though was, I had a giant gash on my leg where I’d fallen off my bike…and in 2 days this stuff healed more of the tissue than over 1 month of Neosporin…and that is the God’s Honest Truth. I am NOT a health-nut-type, Noni-juice-drinking, copper-bracelet-type person at ALL…these are cold, hard factual observations by an EXTREMELY AVERAGE 33-YEAR-OLD GIRL from Detroit-ish Michigan. You can check my references. :)You’re going to start noticing too, just how MANY products out there have shea butter in them…and then go ahead and throw some petroleum-based fillers in them (which actually DRY-OUT your skin & lips), and how much money you’ve wasted over the years! So go do your duty and spread the word to your friends & family now that you KNOW the truth!!

Lula Moorhead, IA

Love it

Texture wise it’s a bit like very firm very dense solid coconut oil. It has a faint but penetrating nutty scent (which I don’t mind) but may bother some folks. A lovely light ivory color I didn’t notice any residue or staining when I used it but I did allow a fair bit of time for it to soak into my skin and dry before covering the areas it had been applied. I also don’t own much clothing that would show a stain from such a light colored substance. It can take some handling to soften enough to apply to skin but is well worth the effort.

Jenifer Big Stone Gap, VA

Touched by an Angel- With Some Work(recipe included, save time!)

The product came exactly as I expected it to; a large ivory block sealed in a plastic bag. Upon taking it out, the bag was very messy and my fingers were covered in thick butter. I tried to pack it into a plastic container to use as a body butter later, but I could tell that this was not a one-step process. I looked through a bunch of YouTube videos, and here’s what I came up with (so you don’t have to):Soft Whipped Body Butter:1. Cut the block into chunks and either stick it in the microwave for a few minutes, or seal the container and soak in hot water until it is melted. Do not let any water get in.2. Pour the raw melted butter into a large mixing bowl. Having a few chunks is normal, but they should be soft.3. Add any mixture of the following ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Carrot Oil, or any other natural ingredient. That’s just what was in my cabinet at the time. I didn’t measure, just add what seems about right. (warning: I added a spoonful of Victoria’s Secret body butter, and it grossly broke up and settled at the bottom. Do not use.)4. Use a mixer to whip the butter until all of the ingredients are mixed and there are no chunks.5. Pour into desired container. Leave the cap off, and let it solidify.6. Now you should have a soft body butter that melts on your skin. Don’t be alarmed if it feels grainy at first contact- this goes away immediately! Not sure why, but I don’t mind it. The texture is light and oil-like, and my skin soaks it up like no tomorrow(unlike heavy oils that sit on the skin).Be warned- it smells gross. But within an hour you can’t smell a thing. Add your favorite body mist, and you’ll look and feel baby-smooth for days. I know I do. Best moisturizer I’ve ever used, don’t hesitate! Four stars for being led to believe it was useable as-is.

Robin Lancaster, IL

Did absolutely nothing!

What a mess? What are these reviews about? This butter did nothing good with skin. It clogs the pores, it DRIES out skin, while reviews says it’s a moisturizing item. Waste of money!

Denise Lebanon, NH

Pure and Natural and simply EXCELLENT for skin!!

First off, I’m tired of seeing bad reviews based off packaging. I think a PRODUCT review should reflect the product itself and its quality. If you don’t like the packaging, thats where the SELLER Reviews come in! With that being said, I have no problem with the package which was in a sealed plastic bag. I simply transferred the block to a couple of pyrex containers. The product was one solid mass of great shea butter. Now, the butter is slightly grainy in texture but even the smallest grains will melt upon contact with skin. RAW shea butter will be grainy and ivory colored and smell slightly nutty. The smell goes away but I dont notice the smell anyway. It is working well for my troublesome skin. I havent been able to keep my eczema completely gone because my diet is so incredibly awful (sugar addiction, dont judge me lol) but I have been able to replace my itch relief lotion with this one. Not only does it keep away the itch from my flare-ups but my skin is much softer and seems to retain moisture better thus I don’t have to reapply as often as I did with regular lotion. Skin stays hydrated which has always been an issue for me. I typically have ashy knees 24/7. I use this on my face as well but it tends to be a little greasy but the trick is to apply to face, then take a warm wash cloth or papertowel and wipe down your face. It removes the excess but leaves just enough on your face to moisturize and benefit from the goodies in the shea butter.

Heidi Bobtown, PA

This is as raw as it gets

I was well prepared for the packaging, after reading the other reviews, but i am pleased with the quality of this Shea butter. In my opinion this is as raw as it gets.I have previously received some Shea butter from a friend of mine from Ivory Coast (and it is produced in the village), this Shea butter looks almost the same as the one my friend gave me.The only difference is that this one is not as soft.My solution is to let it sit in the sun for at most 10 minutes on a hot day, before i use it.I had to transfer some of the Shea butter into a container that is much more friendly to use.I use it for my 4a natural hair and my skin…does a good job.

Victoria Live Oak, CA

Amazing Product

Before buying this Shea Butter I read all the comments and knew what I was getting with the whole “not” packaged right. I must say tho that this Shea Butter is and was exactly what I was looking for. No foreign objects in it. Wasn’t grainy or sandy like. There was no harsh smell to it. Would I buy this again…. YES, I would. The only reason for the 4 stars is because of the packaging. It could be better.

Elisabeth Plainfield, IN

the real shea butter

This shea butter is pure. unrefined, organic and raw. There are many shea butters out there that claim that that they are real shea butter. So far, this product is the only real shea butter on the amazon website. If the she butter is a bright yellow, it’s not shea butter. Its been mixed with other products. Real African unrefined, pure shea butter is ivory colored straight from the nut.I tried this product mixed with cholesterol and coconut oil. It was the greatest mixed treatment ever. My hair was extremely moisturized, and more manageable. Everything I expected from pure, raw, unrefined, organic shea butter. Mixing this product with your favorite hair treatment will make it work on a higher level. The results will always come out fabulous. Its pure magic!!

Felecia Yorkville, IL


Because I’m still working on the 2 lbs unrefined I got from Ghana I haven’t actually started using this one yet I have it in the bottom of my fridge just in case, it’s certainly ivory tho not dirty creamish yellowish like the unrefined version but I’m totally pleased with that version dont expect less from this one and the packaging was PERFECT for both. Dont want to pay for a fancy designed printed label!

Heather New Hampton, MO

Love it

I love this product.. it makes my skin so soft.. I have really dry skin and this does the job right.. it has sort of a cocoa butter smell which I like.. it comes in a clear sealed bag but I have switched to a plastic container.. and a little goes a long way, so i’ll have this pound of shea for a very very long time.. great buy..

Janine Summerfield, NC

Its OK

It kinda too oily compared to “African Ivory Shea Butter from Ghana – 32 Oz FILTERED & CREAMY” by Hala.. but its Ivory shea nontheless and its ok.

Rowena Pauma Valley, CA

Greasy and Yellow

I bought this thinking it would come white like the picture. When it arrived I got a block of yellow shea butter (it is full of palm oil). Whenever I put on my hair it was greasy, and I tried to use up that big brick for almost 2 years before I just threw the rest out. I get sick of these Africans claiming they are selling shea butter without mentioning the palm oil. Palm oil fills my pores and gives my skin acne. At least put up a picture of the yellow goop so I know what it is and don’t waste my money. I gave it 2 stars because I did use it for a while before I gave up.

Mai Goodnews Bay, AK

I hate the smell

The smell of this product just completely turned me off. I can’t even use it. It is unrefined so obviously a scent is and will be present. It is pretty greasy feeling as well, but I’m hoping that I can let it sit for awhile and the smell will diminish a bit.

Pam Avon, IN


Using this product together with the African soap has helped me a lot….. not only does my skin look and feel better but I’m a lot happier Because I was unable to go out and wear really cute shirts and little by little I have been able to get rid of all my scars… Love these products… 🙂

Candace Oak Vale, MS

smells nutty

I got my product in a tall plastic container, it smelled just fine, not rancid and was in what appeared to be its raw form…and in chunks. I cant wait to use it in lotions, salves and creams. I am in the process of replacing all my household personal care items with natural alternatives and this is pretty essential along with coconut oil, castile soap and essential oils. I would recommend this product. I cant see or smell anything wrong with it. I think it smells better than cocoa butter which can smell good to some people and like garbage to others. If you can go with one or the other in a recipe, choose this.

Kathy Lavinia, TN

EXCELLENT melting properties, mild natural smell, no frills

Yep it’s a coupla hunks of no-frills shea butter much like shown in the picture, in a thick plastic bag, no frills. I melted it along with some cocoa butter and other ingredients to make body treatment bars and it melted BEAUTIFULLY. Personally, I don’t mind the natural scent of it, but I did use 1-1/2 ounces of mixed essential oils in my recipe that included 1/2 pound of shea butter and 1/2 pound of cocoa butter, and the result was amazing scent-wise. It took on the scent of the oils very well. It is deeply moisturizing. I came back to order more, but I decided to order from another vendor who sells 5-pound blocks, as 1 pound really wasn’t enough for my needs. That said, if THIS vendor would sell 5-pound blocks on Amazon Prime, I would definitely reorder from them – my order came OVERNIGHT (ordered on Friday and received on Saturday)…not sure how they did that, but it was amazing! I have an 8-bar silicone oval bar soap mold and with my recipe of 1/2 cocoa butter and 1/2 shea butter, I will be able to make about a total of 13 bars with this 1-pound package of shea butter (I made 8 and can probably squeak out 5 more bars).

Rosemary Calumet, OK

Superior Shea Butter

I LOVE this Shea Butter and would definitely order from this seller again. Other than the packaging I have no regrets ordering this product. Upon opening I could tell from the product’s color and the smell that this was the real deal!! This Shea Butter is smooth and creamy, no grainiess. It also melts right into your skin which is what authentic shea butters are suppose to do. I will be recommending this product to my loved ones. THANK YOU for being a company with integrity and sending a product that is true to its description.

Aisha Montrose, WV

The Real Stuff

I use this to make lotion bars. One pound goes a long way. True to its claim, its raw and unrefined, judging by the texture and tiny specks of the husk. Could be packaged better, but I won’t complain. The price was reasonable. If you are looking for a delicious tropical aroma, shea butter doesn’t have quite that pleasant of a scent. I wouldn’t say it’s unpleasant, but it depends on what kind of expectation you have. It smells nutty and organic. For me, it suits its purpose. I combine with other fatty butters, such as cocoa or mango and melt together with beeswax pellets. Add essential oils for aromatherapy bars. Good quality. Shea butter is an exceptional, all natural beauty product.

Vickie Morris, GA

I can’t believe I bought this Junk!!!

I am so so so disappointed in myself for not reading the reviews before I even bought this stuff. It is not Shea butter at all!!! I have been making my own body creams for quite some time now and after purchasing this Shea butter I have guessed that its about 2% Shea butter and the rest is unknown??? It did not melt like other Shea butter products I have used in the past but I still went on to try to make homemade body butter with it. My daughter used it on her body and was so disappointed and told me it did not melt on her skin, she said that she had to rub it over and over again and afterwards said her skin felt "clammy". I have not used it on my skin and will not try!!! I should have thrown it away immediately after I saw how it looked. Once again I blame myself because I figured it wasn’t the real thing, didn’t go with my gut and continued to use it anyway. This seller is very misleading and should not be able to sell on amazon anymore. Seller please be truthful and just tell people wants in it, so we can decide if we want to buy or not without feeling deceived.

Barbra Lacamp, LA


A LOT of product, but its amazing stuff! I use it on my face in the winter…and early spring because it’s so dry where I live lol

Ava Page, WV

Never have to buy lotion again!!!

As soon as im done with my lotion I wont ever buy lotion again. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now, applying this all over my body. My skin tone looks alot better, more even. It gives me an even glow and even helps calm my skin from an allergic reaction that im having. It smells like clay but the smell doesnt stay on the body only when you apply it. Mines came in a plastic bowl like Boston Market. I will continue to buy this Over and OVER AGAIN!

Lashonda Shidler, OK

Five Stars

Best Shea Butter I’ve ever purchased. Service was great.

Camilla Frenchburg, KY

Good value

Delivery was fast and packaged great. I feel that I got a lot for my money, and the product was fresh smelling, will be using for extra dry skin for the whole family.

Latasha Tuttle, OK

Quality Shea Butter, Horrible Packaging

Even though I had read the reviews about the plastic bag packaging, I still wasn’t prepared for what I received. I imagined it would be in bigger pieces, easy to remove. Instead, it was in a lot of little pieces, and much of it stayed stuck to the bag after dumping it in another container. I hate being wasteful, but there was seemingly no way to get the rest out. So even though the shea butter itself was high quality, I wouldn’t order this due to the packaging again.

Edwina Inwood, NY

… it’s what I ordered…

Exactly what I ordered. Can’t wait to use it for my projects. Very "Cocoa-ey"… and "butter-ey?" haha. Good product to buy.

Freida Marshfield, WI


Got what I wanted and will use to make lotion bars. It came packed in a black to go box but nicley taped up.

Doris Hector, MN

Very pleased with this purchase

I am very pleased with this product. I added some mango butter to it that I purchased from Amazon with it. I also added many other essential oils to the body lotion and hair product. I am very happy with the result. Sometimes I receive raw shea butter that has a scent I don’t like. This one does not have any type of odor that I don’t like. I purchased two of these packages and I am so glad I did.No offensive ordor…Great buy for me!

Morgan Towaoc, CO


I bought this because my usual stash of five pound Shea Butter had ran out after years of use. Needing some unrefined shea in a fix, I took a chance and ordered this shea butter. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It smelled like my usual shea butter minus any funny smells others may have reported. Yes, it did come in a plastic container that evidenced this had to be melted down into in order to fit so pristinely. I gave it 4 stars because of that but other than that, I had no issues. I have a thousand allergies, so anything funny would have sent me to the hospital and so far-a month in, I’m alive and no need for my Epi-Pen. I’d say its a good buy.

Barbara Key Colony Beach, FL


I can’t stand the smell of it. I can’t say its bad for I dont know how it is suppose to smell

Monika Morenci, MI