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Migi Nails Nail Art Polish Beautifully Bold – 4 Pens With 8 Bold Traditional Colors

Easy to do! Design and Create your own nail look with these patented nail art pens! Perfect when wearing summer sandals. A unique pen/brush allows you to brush on the base color and then create amazing works of art with the revolutionary pen tip. Each color has its own nail brush to brush on the base color as well as the unique pen that allows you to create designs over a base coat of nail color or just a clear base coat. Each cap is a 2 way cap; twist off the complete black cap to use the nail brush to brush on a base coat or just pull off the top half of the black cap to use the pen to create your nail design. When creating designs with the nail art pen, the pens work best if you gently squeeze the plastic bottle instead of pressing the actual pen tip on the nail. Decorate your hand and toe nails with a design you create or use one of our sample designs that vary from very simple to very intricate in the instruction guide. Each nail color 0.16Fl.oz. (4.8 ml). Using these Nail Art pens, you will be able to create exciting designs that express your individual style and personal character. Beautifully Traditional Bold 4 pens – 8 bold colors. Black, Orange, Fire Red, Green, White, Yellow, Hot Pink and Royal Blue.

Key features

  • Easy To Do! So Start Creating!
  • Great for any special occasion!
  • Perfect activity for sleepovers!
  • Instruction guide included!
  • The perfect gift! (Note: Colors may vary)

Honest reviews


nail makers awesome must have

awesome use them all the time, a nail arists favorite tool, if you do nails you should get a set

Jody Bronx, NY


They came very well packaged and are great for learning new design ideas on your nails, I am very new at nail art and these pens are very forgiving, it takes some getting used to and working with your non dominant hand can be frustrating at first but practice, practice, practice. I really like these. great for beginners.

Laura Eden, AZ


I ordered these nail pens for my 14yo daughter who is very artistic with her nails. we were very surprised at the very fine tip to draw with! Just a few things to keep in mind..drawing with your non dominant hand is a bit daughter did get frustrated with that. Also,the brushes to use as regular nail polish were difficult to use as the bristles were fanned out and facing every which way. Other than that the colors are AWESOME and so far, the paint on my toe nails show no sign of rubbing off or chipping and look like they were just done (it has been a week). the absolutely best part is free refills for life(just pay s&h)

Christi Beemer, NE

Nice even flow, easy maintenance

These are great, the colors have a good opaqueness, the bottles don’t leak, the formula is not too runny and not to thick. I have used several of the pens now and none have clogged up, but just in case they did, they came with these great little pins that can be inserted into the ends to clean out the stuck polish in the tip. I really like this product, it was worth the $20. And I even plan one buying two more sets, one for my younger sister and one for my niece.

Earlene Cedaredge, CO

At least they came fast

One of the tips is completely missing.Another tip only blurts out polish, or no polish comes out at all, it doesn’t flow nicely like it’s supposed to. I tried using the tiny "tool" they provide to clear the tip out, but it didn’t work.I contacted customer service, but they only answer emails in their business hours, which is ridiculous. I got an email from someone the next morning thanking me for contacting them, but they can’t answer unless I email during business hours? It’s an email, read it later and respond during business hours…I’d like to send these back and buy nail pens somewhere else.

Monique Salem, NE

good if you know how to use them

It took me a while to figure out that if you pull off the black cap, there is a small metal point that you can squeeze small amounts of polish through to get a good nail design.

Joanne Red House, WV

They are ok..

Its fun to play with but I have a hard time doing nice nail art with them. squeeze to hard and it comes out to fast and you’ll mess it all up. Its not easy to squeeze as your drawing. Specially when I’m doing my dominant hand. But, their just its ok.

Lauren Dry Ridge, KY