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Microring Links Bead Loader, Looper and Threader

This threader tool is can be used with micro links, rings and shrink to install feather and I tip hair extensions. Load links on to the threader, and pull natural hair into the loader. Slide product on to natural hair, insert hair or feather extension hair and clamp with pliers

Key features

  • Wooden Handle
  • Looper Tool
  • Metal Wire
  • Durable

Honest reviews


You Get What You See!

There really isn’t much to say, just, that you get what you’re buying, period. Great shipping time, and the packaging in which it came was well taken care of and protected the looper, very well from bending. It’s exactly as in the picture, and for the price it’s great! Works like a charm, and it truly is my soul mate when it comes to applying my hair feathers. Great quality product, not cheap at all. I would say I’ll get more, but mine is lasting very well, but when the time comes to get a new one, I’ll make sure it’s the exact same one again. Highly recommend this great hair tool!!!!

Nadine Benezett, PA


It sort of looks like a good tool but it looks very weak and cheaply made. Better than nothing but probably won’t last long. The cap already fell off of one in the packaging.

Celeste Readfield, WI


I love this it make it so easier to put beads on my daughter hair love it so much I would but this again

Kris Valley View, TX


This is my favorite threader. I was so happy to find a new one since I lost my old one. I had to do the bending myself but that shouldn’t stop others from getting this item themselves.

Jillian Purchase, NY

Great item.

You have to have one of these if you are going to put beads or feathers in your hair and this does the job for a good price.

Grace Albany, GA