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MicrodermMD by Trophy Skin – Microdermabrasion Machine for Personal Use. Spa Grade Diamond Dermabrasion System with Pore Vacuum Extraction for Facial Renewal, Exfoliation, Acne, Scars & Wrinkles.

What Your Dermatologist Doesn’t Want YOU To Know Have you been to a spa or dermatologist office for a microdermabrasion treatment? If so, you probably loved how each and every dead skin cell was removed, and you no doubt noticed softer skin, fewer fine lines and even a reduction in acne. What if you learned that you can get all of those same benefits of a pricey spa or dermatologist micro-dermabrasion treatment for way less money at home? Now you can! MicrodermMD gently and powerfully exfoliates the top layer of skin cells utilizing a diamond-tip, just like you would experience in a professional spa or salon. Over time, using this device will result in healthy even textured glowing skin with a reduced appearance of brown spots, and wrinkles. It will even help clear up acne and reduce wrinkles WITHOUT causing any redness or irritation. This device works on all skin types, from aging to sensitive to acne-prone. In addition, you will notice that your skin care products will work better than ever as this tool gently removes the top layer of skin allowing the products to soak in the skin more effectively. Reviewers call this diamond-tip personal use microdermabrasion device their “new SECRET beauty weapon.” So if you want the same skin smoothing results as the spa, but can’t afford to pay those exorbitant prices anymore, try this machine! You can have unlimited microdermabrasion treatments in the privacy of your own home for years. We are confident you will love our machines. But if not, our products are backed by our 30-day money back no questions asked GUARANTEE – and our machine units are warranted for THREE YEARS!

Key features

  • Trophy Skin’s MicrodermMD is a FAST and EFFECTIVE treatment to reduce age spots, reduce and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, eliminate acne scars, remove skin debris and so much more.
  • EASY TO USE AUTO MODE with LED screen displays step by step illustrations on how, where and how long to use the device on your face, neck & chest. Save Hundreds Per Month compared to the Spa or Dermatologist!
  • This medical grade ANTI-AGING beauty device is a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that GENTLY removes imperfections, blemishes, and unwanted pigmentation. Use of this machine combined with skin care products will help to RESTORE cell activity, replenish nutrients and promote skin health.Note:As a safety measure, this machine requires you to press the power button before pressing the start button, to start up the device.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE MicrodermMD has been carefully tested and designed with your skin safety in mind.
  • The DUAL ACTION EXFOLIATION method utilizes a diamond tip for abrasion and a vacuum motor to suction out sebum, dead skin cells, dirt, blackheads and whiteheads from your pores. The result will be healthy, beautiful, glowing new skin.

Honest reviews


Excellent customer service! and it works!

12-22-2012 The unit is noisy, but appears to exfoliate well – or at least there were a lot of white skin particles on the filter. Scratched my face on lowest setting, meaning it left red thin scratches all over my my face that weren’t obvious until about an hour later. They healed in a couple of days and no scars, but that was scary! It will take some experimentation to use properly without damaging my skin. The unit seems cheaply made for the price I paid. I waited too long to send back or I would have done so.12-22-2012 The seller offered to send me a less abrasive head to try – we’ll see if they make good on that offer. If they don’t send a gentler head, it looks like I may have just another piece of overpriced junk in the closet. I will update.01-25-2013 Received gentler head from Trophy Skin about 2 weeks ago. I have used the device with the gentler head three times now, over the past 10 days. It is exfoliating very well, no scratching of my skin. Of course it is too early to tell what the optimal result will be, and this is a tool for gradual exfoliation process, not a magic wand; but as I continue to use the machine I will continue to note results. Trophy Skin has given me excellent customer service! They have followed up on my experience with their product via email and have been courteous and supportive. They give every indication of being sincerely concerned that their product is performing well and meeting expectations. They get an A-plus for that alone in my book.I will continue to use the machine at least 3 times weekly and update my review after a month of treatments are complete, as I can’t honestly post a result I haven’t yet seen. I am very hopeful, and I would like nothing more than to upgrade my rating to 5 stars.Update – March 2013: I have to be honest and say that while this does exfoliate the skin, I get much better results with chemical exfoliation. However, if you are a person who does not want to do chemical peels and/or can’t afford to maintain your face with a prescription-type exfoliating skin care regimen (like Obagi kits, which is what I use) then this little machine would be a perfect one time investment that would work well for you, provided you use it 2 or 3 times a week, ongoing and indefinitely. One thing I am using it for right now is to remove dry skin from my legs! It has rid my legs of that winter “crepe paper” look that lotions don’t really cure. The cost of this machine is comparable to one Obagi kit – which lasts about 6 months – and I assume this machine will last much longer than that, so it would be a good alternative to chemical exfoliation provided you use it frequently and continuously.Update – October 2013: After almost one year, continuing to use this device for exfoliation of my legs, and am quite happy with that. Otherwise, it works very well for exfoliation and stimulation of my neck and decollete area (which should not be chemically peeled) and I now use it on my husband’s face as he refuses to adhere to any sort of skin care regimen lol. It has made his skin plumper and much less tired looking. This product works quite nicely, with consistent (at least twice weekly) use, and I have thus upgraded it to 5 stars. Yay!

Anne Mountain City, GA

This little machine really sucks!

No, seriously, this machine has some serious suction. I am at that age where my skin is showing it’s highway miles, dry, haggard, large pores and hyper-pigmentation. I will try any cream or treatment at nearly any price in hopes of finding “the cure,” but so far I haven’t found it in a jar. I realize that good skin needs to be regenerated and constantly sloughed-off to reveal the fresher, less environmentally-impacted skin. So, since getting regular spa treatments is not a possibility for me at this time, I’ve decided to invest in a microdermabrasion machine. I’ve been using the Clairsonic Mia hand held thing-a-ma-bob to do some basic daily cleansing/exfoliation and stimulation and noticed very favorable results from that. My skin was finally able to accept hydration and other pricey skin care products, and the feeling of hydration was far more lasting than without it. I really needed something extra though, to go that extra layer, and so after careful research and review-pondering, I chose this one.The machine is sleek and clean and very easy to understand, mechanically. I wondered if my face was supposed to be wet or dry for this procedure, it doesn’t specify anything other than “clean” in the instructions, but I opted for clean and dry. I used the programmed automatic function, which determines intensity based on the face area being treated. It worked quite well! I felt pretty exfoliated and fresh, if a bit dry. I waited a week before the second treatment and I really noticed the quality of my skin improving. My skin is more plumped, my pores seem much cleaner, and even a wee bit smaller. I have small scars on my face and even those are a bit plumped up, so less noticeable. I don’t see how this procedure can reduce hyper-pigmentation, it needs retin A and skin bleaching for that, but my skin is definitely receiving and holding on to moisture much better than before. I also used the blackhead tip, out of morbid curiosity, and by golly it really gets in there! I used it on the creases of my nostrils where I can always see some oil or sebum settled in way too deep to exfoliate out. I set it a bit high, too high since I created suction redness on my nose, but it sucked out all that gunk! That is a first! I could see the negative space in my pores where some oil blob had resided comfortably for some time up until last night. I only hope the hole minimizes quickly! I was pleasantly surprised at the effects.I plan on using this thing about every week for exfoliation. The diamond tip is very different from the sand-blowing microdermabrasion machines in spas I’ve visited, but it seems quite powerful and effective. I only hope it lasts a good long time. I recommend this for middle-aged or aging people, it will remove the first layer or two of skin and allow the healing, rejuvenation of those expensive products that seem to work wonders for everyone else! It’s like putting gesso on the canvas before creating colorful art. There is no sense in investing good money on expensive creams if they only languish on the surface of dry skin!So far, so good and I’m hoping for some glowing plump skin in a few months!

Chrystal Lake Milton, OH

Stop touching me, Mom!!! edited 4-5-14

I bought this 3 months ago on a Woot special and have been using it 2x per week until I developed severe chapping and soreness in my T-zone a few weeks ago. It wasn’t getting better despite not using the machine, so I contacted their customer service. Each of the four emails I sent were responded to promptly and professionally, and they answered my questions instead of just blaming operator error. Which, by the way, it was. Using the microdermabrasion machine and my strong cleanser was too much for my skin. My skin is much better after switching to mild soap and using Vaseline on the sore spots instead of moisturizer. I also stopped using the extractor tip and my Regenerist cream because I was developing huge, strange pimples I never had before. They lurked just under the skin– large, red, and angry but never angry enough to come to a head. They would last much longer than normal pimples, too. I started to just use a damp washcloth over my face in hopes of soaking up the moisture and avoiding the pimples, but the customer service rep explained that I was probably just drying out my skin even more and please, for the love of everything, use a light moisturizer as instructed in the directions. (She didn’t say it that way) I expect to start using the machine again within a week.Speaking of directions, there are a lot of them. It is kind of refreshing because a lot of the beauty tools I have purchased either came with none or very little and I had to figure things out by trial and error. The directions are pretty common sense and easy to figure out. There are so many precautions that I wasn’t sure I should use this at first. You can’t use this if you have: lesions, warts, or recent herpes outbreak, sunburn or sun sores, active rosacea, auto-immune disorders, skin cancer, vascular lesions, any open wounds, sore or cuts, taking oral blood thinners, or if you are pregnant unless you contact your doctor or skincare professional.I haven’t had any professional treatments, so I really can’t compare the two. I think that the worse your skin is, the sooner you will notice results. If you are using this just to delay getting wrinkles, you probably will not notice much. This is a microdermabrasion wand and not a magic wand, after all. It takes time to get good results. So far I haven’t noticed any improvement in my fine lines and light scars on my face and hands. They do feel a lot smoother and softer to the touch, but nothing noticeable. I have noticed a dramatic improvement on my elbows, though. They were rough, bumpy, ugly, and almost calloused from constant rubbing on my desk and general lack of care. With just 3 uses, my elbows are now as smooth as any other part of my arms. That is pretty darn smooth because I moisturize like I’m getting paid to do it. I brought the unit with me while visiting my parents for the weekend and my mother was thinking about trying it. I showed her my elbows and she became obsessed with caressing them. Then she had to get my father to feel them, and then my sister. Despite being so smooth, I felt very uncomfortable. She tried the machine, liked her results after one treatment, and is now considering getting one of her own. She has been asking how my elbows are for the past month as if they are a new grandchild. Still smooth! Thanks for asking!Having said that, this is not a low-maintenance machine. You will need to clean the diamond tip with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. Soap, water, and a scrub brush will not get this clean enough and it will start to feel like the tip is worn down. The tip also has to be replaced once a year, according to directions, at a cost of $50. Mine might have to be replaced sooner because I use it on more than just my face. There are also filters to buy. Yes, $25 for 100 filters might be considered cheap for some of us but not me. I wind up using 2 on each treatment. If you use this just on your face, I’m sure one per treatment will be enough but my face gets very flaky during the winter, and I use this on my chest, neck, elbows, and on several scars. You need to buy more O-rings if yours break or get lost. You also need a light moisturizer. You can also buy several other accessories such neutralizers and serums. I haven’t tried any of those yet. The machine is pretty large and I have a lot of trouble fitting it on my sink. I have to put it there to use my own mirror because the mirror in the machine is too small for me. You might not have a problem if you don’t need to balance it on a sink.I asked about their return policy because I found it a little confusing. It said it must be in new condition, so how could you use it and then return it, because used is not “new condition”. To clarify, it must have all accessories, original paperwork , and packaging. So be sure to save everything for 30 days just in case. They also have a 3 year warranty from defects, which I think is pretty good for beauty products. They warn about cracking the wand, and that doesn’t seem to be covered. Don’t drop it!To be very honest, I think $300 is a bit overpriced for what it is, especially when there is the unfortunately named “Peelife” unit that looks to be a twin of this but costs a lot less. I paid $200 for this on Woot, and I think that is about in line with what I would expect to pay with the included accessories. But I have been called cheap before.EditI waited over a month to find out if there is nickel in the tips and they still have not told me. After taking a closer look at the tip, it was worn down to bare metal in several spots after 2 1/2 to 3 months when it should have lasted a year. Since the rash started after the diamonds wore away, I have to assume that I am allergic to whatever metal the tip is made of and nickel is a likely culprit. The first time I asked them, I was told to sell the machine to someone else because they won’t take it back. Since that didn’t answer my question “Is there nickel in the diamond tips?”, I asked again as was told they will get back to me when they find out. That was a month ago. I thought “medical grade” meant it would be made of surgical steel, but maybe not. I removed a star due to lack of communication and the tip not lasting anywhere near the one year it should have. I think it is overpriced at $200 considering how high maintenance this machine is versus results. Considering what I paid for the machine, extra filters, moisturizer, an ultrasonic cleaner, the price of 3 or 4 tips to last a year, plus what I paid for 2 visits to the dermatologist, parking and prescriptions for the rash, I could have easily had a year’s worth of microdermabrasion from a professional and skipped the rash.Even if there was some extraordinary set of circumstances that caused a rash to show up on my face every time I used this after the tips started to wear away and it was somehow not related to the device, I would still give 3 stars. They should know what their products are made of, and I do not believe this is “medical grade”. A $50 tip should last more than 2 1/2 to 3 months when they advise it will last a year. Considering what I paid for everything, I should have more to show for it other than smooth elbows. And it was not operator error as previously thought!

Cleo Loretto, KY

Very good product

Very good product. I have done 6 treatments. So far so good. I hope it doesn’t break down and will last a long time. It’s better than going to a dermatologist’s office or a spa and spent a lot of $ for something you can do it yourself for less.

Rose Bluff Dale, TX

Gets my vote

I purchased the Microderm MD machine through the Woot special and it arrived yesterday. I have used it twice and am very happy with the quality. Works super for a home microdermabrasion system. I have very oily skin and large pores and keeping my skin clear is a challenge. I loaded up on my own special lactic and salicylic peels from Perfect Image and this is the perfect way to start off my home based facial. Especially after a shower when my skin is soft it really does a good job. I would definitely recommend it to anyone! Does an excellent job also on my hands too! I give it 5 stars.

Susana Brownfield, TX

Fantastic but too Pricey

This product was very expensive and my guilty conscious made me return it because of the cost.I kind of regret it because my skin looked amazing immediately after using it. It really works.I’m trying to get the same effect less expensively by needling and using an inexpensive (Olay) deep facial cleaner.So far so good, but probably not as good as if I was using the microdermabrasion machine along with every thing else!!

Eugenia Holbrook, PA

Smooth, glowing skin!

I am a big fan of microdermabrasion. Some time ago I had a series of salon treatments and my skin felt baby soft and I received a number of compliments. However, salon treatments are pricey so I looked into buying an at home microdermabrasion machine. I purchased one that used crystals and initially I really liked it. But recently I became concerned about the safety of the crystals. In addition, though the machine was cheaper than a trip to the salon the cost of replacement crystals added up to quite a bit. And disposing of the plastic crystal containers is not very eco-friendly (plus it is messy) so I decided to look for another machine.I did a lot of research. I wanted a machine that was user friendly, gentle to the skin and very effective. When I did my research I was surprised to find such huge differences in the machines. One machine seemed to work at first but died out fast. Another small handheld machine seemed very convenient but I read numerous complaints from users where they actually scratched their skin with it. My goal was to look better -not like I had been in a cat fight. So that made me stay away from that one.I decided to try the MicrodermMD. Happily I found I really love the machine and so does my skin! The machine is in a compact white unit with a mirror. It has attached tubing with a diamond tip that you run over your face to exfoliate. There is also an attachment you can use without the diamond tip. This attachment may be used for blackheads but you can also run it over the skin and stimulate circulation. One of the beauties of a microdermabrasion machine is not only getting rid of dead skin cells revealing the fresh skin beneath, but also to stimulate circulation and this tip does that perfectly! So you can use the product in between exfoliations if desired.A tiny felt pad collects the dead skin as you run the unit over your face. And it is easily removed and disposed of. This keeps the unit hygenic.One of the coolest things about the machine is the LCD display. This feature actually flashes a demonstration on how to use the unit correctly so you will get the best results. You can watch it as you exfoliate. The demonstration has a face on it so you will know where to move the crystal tip – very simple. Everything, the tips, pads, tube etc. fit into the compact cast for easy storage. I also really like that the unit is easy to use, no messy scrubs or crystals.I think you have to be reasonable about expectations with microdermabrasion. It is not going to eliminate deep scarring. It will however, get rid of that top layer of skin, help minimize pores and fine lines and give the skin a fresher look. After my first treatment my skin had a lovely, pinkish glow.Price wise the machine is not inexpensive but it is comparable to other at home microdermabrasion machines and when you consider the price for salon visits it is a true value. The unit comes with 100 replacement filters. I did check on the price of replacement filters and they currently run $25 for 100 (use one new filter per treatment) with free shipping. I think they could be less expensive, but when you think of all the lotions and potions you buy that don’t work, paying $25 for 100 skin treatments is a bargain.After just a few treatments, my skin feels softer, smoother and fresher. It is a subtle thing but really makes a big difference in how my overall facial appearance. I love it!Really nice product. Highly recommend!

Hilda Sunbright, TN