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Michel Mercier Detangler – Detangling Hair Brush

Easy and gentle way to detangle your hair. This brush works great on wet and dry hair. Its 428 perfectly placed, varying-length bristles glide through your hair to detangle in fewer strokes without pulling. This brush is available in three color-coded models to suit the needs of fine, normal and thick hair. NOTE: Not for use with hairdryers, keep away from heat sources. For best results replace brush every 8-12 months.

Key features

  • Each hairbrush type has 428 contact points (varying bristle height) to maximize results.
  • Bristle structure reduces hair loss and breakage; detangles in seconds.
  • Perfectly placed bristles reduce resistance and allows for smooth, pain-free detangling.
  • Brush Size: 8.5 inches long x 4 inches wide x 4.8 ounces weight
  • Brush and color type : Pink for Fine Hair

Honest reviews


Nice Brush

The handle on the brush is fine. I saw some reviews stating the handle is short. I guess you can say it’s a bit short, but at least it has a handle versus Tangle Teezer so you can’t complain there. I don’t use brushes while my hair is wet. That’s a one way ticket to hair loss (at least for me). If you’re going to use a tool on your hair wet, use a shower comb or a wide tooth comb that’s soft. Sometimes you get those wide tooth combs that are cheap, plastic and it’s garbage. So a wide tooth comb like a Conair one for example (I have a Conair purple one I bought from Walmart I think a while back) would be good to use. Wide tooth combs will keep your hair from breaking off. Deep conditioners are good for your hair too, something that works for you. I use this brush on my dry hair. I have short, dry, thick and coarse hair. I’ve never used this wet. Use shampoo, cheap if you want, and hot water to clean it well. I really like this brush and I use it everyday.

Dianna Delphos, KS


it do just what the commercial say, only problem my sister have is when she rinse it of water do get in the bush and she got to shake it out.

Marie Whaleyville, MD

Cheaply made, but does what it says.

This brush does seem brush my hair with less pulling than other brushes I have used. However, the plastic handle and head of the brush seems to be made from a super cheap plastic. Also, it may do its job a little too well, because when I try to brush my hair back in a ponytail, my hair slips out of the brush and so I have to switch to one of my other brushes after I run this one through my hair to detangle it. I will continue to use this brush and I like it, but I don’t think it was worth the price that I paid for it.

Paige Gardnerville, NV

Best product out there, but it is not perfect. But, still worth it.

My daughter has tried so many different types of brushes. She has dark think black hair that gets tangled all the time. Out of all the ones she tried this is the only one she tolerates. It’s not going to be completely smooth or painfree but the results are better than the other stuff out there. Do not hesitate to buy, but do know it’s not perfect in the sense your kid will be free from snags. Once she gets use to the lessen pain level then she wont complain it is a good buy. It was far better than the crying she did before so I am happy.

Alissa Skyland, NC

Very Disappointing…

I have fine hair that is a tangled mess- it’s always been tangly and knotted since I was a child- to the point that I use to run and hide when it came time to brush my hair. I saw one of these at my local store (different color but same brand and brush type – for fine hair) hoping to finally have something that would help tame my tangles and I gladly paid for it. Anything to help!I am sorry that I spent the money on it. The brush quality itself feels extremely cheap yet the prince is nothing but cheap. Still- I held out hope that I had a cure to my tangled problem. Alas though this brush did NOTHING to quell my tangled mane. I definitely do NOT recommend.

Nan Dunn Loring, VA

Works surprisingly well

I manage to get my hair into astonishing tangles with some of my messy up-dos and super curly hairstyles. I’m practically an expert at removing tangles (always brush when dry, from the bottom, small sections, etc) but having a brush accomplish what can take a lot of time appealed to me so I bought one. I have thick fine hair and was full of gorgeous knots when I tried this out and WOW! It completely worked! It got out 99% of the tangles (a few stubborn ones kept re-tangling after brushing) but overall it was a win. It was also virtually pain free which I loved. I didn’t brush my hair very differently, it worked well both starting near the bottom and working up AND brushing regularly from the top. It doesn’t leave your hair silky smooth like brushing with a "normal" brush or this would have been a 5 star. Also, it has strict limitations about not using when wet or to dry your hair so a brush for only one purpose kind of sucks but at least it rocks the one thing it does.

Marci Neenah, WI

Not the best brush.

Detangles my hair somewhat but I don’t notice it being any different than a regular brush. Not impressed with it at all. Wouldn’t recommend getting.

Morgan Valdez, AK

Not for thick hair

I have straight hair, and honestly, while it’s thick, it’s also very manageable (asian/hispanic hair so it’s slick and straight). This brush has bristles so short it doesn’t even BRUSH through the hair, let alone detangle it. Sure, it glides through, but that’s because it’s not even penetrating my thick mane. Wasted my money on this. My hair barely even tangles and the bristles are too soft to get through even a rudimentary snag – let alone a true knot. I feel like it only detangles the very top layer if anything and then I have to use a different brush to get to the other layers of my hair.

Rosalie Willows, CA

??? I dont think its a great brush as said by so many

it really isnt any different than any other brush .. I have very long hair & it rips it out ,, would not buy again

Alexandra Cascilla, MS


This brush is nice. It seems to really detangle your hair. At any rate, it does tear out much less hair than the typical brush.

Kellie Lindenwood, IL


Worst brush ever. I bought this for my daughter, she has super thick hair and cries every morning when i attempt to brush her hair, not only is this brush horrific, she cried more. it is VERY cheaply made and not worth 1.00.$$ Save your money, really this brush is horrible. Does not work at all. Rips hair out also, more so than any other brush on the market. Beware.

Camilla Dayton, NY