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Michael Todd True Organics Knu Anti-Aging Face Lift

The regenerative abilities of the skin decrease with age with superficial wrinkles being the first signs of skin aging. These are combined with today’s most powerful age prevention ingredients possessing significant skin regenerating properties clinically shown to accelerate healing and increase the rate of skin renewal to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of premature skin aging. Knu offers a unique and powerful combination of anti-aging ingredients and is endorsed by Eric Braverman, M.D., a leading authority on anti-aging medicine, who uses Knu as well as recommending it to his patients. Science, Meet Nature. Nature, Meet Science. Because we believe in the balance of science and nature, our formulas blend potent actives with a precise concentration of 100% organic ingredients to deliver high performing, efficacious products and powerful, clinically validated results. We Love What’s In It. Instead we use “nature’s first aid kit” -100% Certified Organic Aloe Vera-as a base which hydrates, softens, soothes and nourishes the skin with more than 75 nutrients including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins. …You Will Love What’s Not In It. Our formulas are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and artificial dyes. Many skincare lines use water as their first ingredient and although water is great to drink it simply dilutes and doesn’t add any value to ingredients. Other brands may use alcohol or mineral oils as a base to their products, and just like water-these only serve as fillers and can dry or suffocate the skin. We Never Test On Animals (They’re Just Too Darn Cute) We do not test on animals. In fact, before any of our products are approved to be a part of the Michael Todd assortment, each and every product is tested on the Michael Todd team to ensure they perform at the highest levels of efficacy and deliver a supreme brand experience.

Key features

  • BEST FOR YOUR SKIN TYPE? Suitable for dry, sensitive, pigmented or wrinkled skin complexions

Honest reviews


Does not work for me

I bought 2 jars from groupon. It has a light scent but doesn’t smell bad. Its consistency is sort of like a creamy gel glue, and it works like a glue to temporarily tighten my skin, but at the same time it also makes my skin dry and dehydrated. I have to layer my regular moisturizer on top of it. Because of its high retail price I really wanted this cream to work, but in fact I am disappointed. It does nothing to my skin except for the initial tightness and then the dehydration. I have used up almost a jar (lasted more than 2 months) and see no improvement on fine lines, acne scars, pores, etc. As a moisturizer it’s not even moisturizing. Can’t believe they set the retail price at $150. Also I found this company pretty shady. They won’t approve reviews of 3 stars or less (my review never showed up on their site). I also saw comments posted by the company on some blog sites that argue with bloggers who posted negative reviews of the product. I mean that’s a pretty aggressive move for a company, and it shows they lack confidence in their own products. How can I trust them when I see this as a consumer?

Sylvia Prescott, KS


I have to address some things about this product, since the reviews on it are all very extreme.* yes, it has an odd smell. It disappeared within minutes thought, and wasn’t so offensive that it made me dislike the product. A bit of a glue type scent, but it’s not awful.* yes, it is "tacky" when first applied. It took about 5 minutes to absorb into my skin, after which my face felt incredibly soft!* you don’t need to apply a ton of this product. A small amount goes a long way.Having problem skin, I find this product to be excellent & have no issues with it at all.The jar actually appears a bit smaller in the picture than it is when you receive it: nice surprise!

Patrice Arab, AL

I think it is AWESOME!

I am about to purchase my second jar of Michael Todd’s Knu – – I also got it in a Living Social Deal.I am not sure why people don’t like it either. I am not sure how it works, or what exactly it is doing to my face but it definitely smooths out my skin, truly leaving a silky healthy look to it. It seems to smooth out the skin, yet it isn’t a moisturizer. I use moisturizer on top of it (I also have dry skin and no, I don’t get the flakes that people talk about.)The smell is not offensive. It kind of, yeah, glue-ish, but I don’t smell it anymore once I close up the jar. It isn’t over powering anyway. Let me put my review this way: I am about to buy another jar. I am glad I can buy it here on Amazon and not spend $150, but IF I had to spend $150 I would. No joke. I really like how it leaves my skin looking – – it also seems to get better and better as I use it.

Rowena Mc Dade, TX

Snail juice on my face

Yeah, it’s incredibly weird to put snail juice on your face, but this stuff really works great. I’m in my 20s, have never smoked, don’t drink, and wear sunscreen, so my face isn’t that bad off, but I started trying out different anti-aging creams a couple of years ago, and none have ever made the least bit of difference, except to my bank account.I heard good things about the Knu anti-aging snail juice and decided to try it out since I already use other Michael Todd products and like them. It was $150 on the Michael Todd website, but I got it for $35 (shipping included) from Living Social (I think that was the name of the site).It says to use it twice a day, but I only use it at night. I expected it to not live up to its promises like all the other creams and lotions I’d tried, so I did not get my hopes up. But, after using it for a few weeks, I realized it actually works! Does it “tighten instantly” and work like a miracle? No. But it has really improved my skin. My skin looks brighter and fresher and the small lines I have in some places look improved.I’m also still on my first bottle, and I ordered it months ago. It lasts a long time. I read that the snail juice was “humanely harvested.” I have no idea how you harvest snail slime, but if the snails aren’t harmed or killed, then as a vegetarian, I am okay with that.Some people complained about the smell, but it isn’t that bad. It definitely doesn’t smell good, but it’s subtle. It looks, feels, and smells kind of like glue. The consistency is thick and dries fast on your face. It might make some look chalky, but I’m so pale that I can’t tell. I know the texture and smell might be off-putting to some, but come on, you are putting snail juice on your face. Did you really expect it to smell like flowers and glide on your face like a regular lotion? I just care about results, and I got great results with this.UPDATE (Jan. 2, 2014): I changed my rating from a five-star to a three-star. I live in a hot, humid climate, and for the last couple of years, there really hasn’t been much of a winter. This year, however, has been really cold, so my skin is a lot more dried out. This cream just doesn’t cut it in the winter months, and if you have dry skin (unlike me), this probably won’t do much for you no matter what the month. I’m disappointed. It seemed to be working, but couldn’t stand up to a little cold weather. I just started usingSimple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer Ounceinstead. So far, it is doing a better job of moisturizing my skin and improving its appearance, but it isn’t anti-aging. It seems like most of these anti-aging creams, serums, etc. aren’t that great, and just moisturizing your skin, exercising, wearing sunscreen, getting enough sleep, and eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables will do a lot more for your skin than these gimmicky creams.

Willie Vernon Center, MN

Not worth it

This “moisturizer” is similar to a watered down lotion with a splash of slime. It is oily and just sits on the skin. When you rub it in it leaves streaks and you really have to apply pressure to avoid leaving visual residue on your face. It smells like original Elmer’s glue and leaves my face greasy, oily, and shiny. I have noticed a “tightening” effect but I deduced that is from the tackiness of this concotion, not the actual lifting. This product was not worth the $36 I spent here on Amazon and I feel sorry for whoever actually bought it from the website for $150. Do not waste your money

Genevieve Beaver, WA

It works just takes time

I too was skeptical of its effectiveness, but the problem was not using it regularly. After 2-3 weeks of using it daily then twice daily, my fine lines are fading!

Janna Pickstown, SD

Love it

I toyed around with the idea of ordering this stuff for nearly a month before I just bit the bullet and did it. At first I was weirded out by it because the texture is unlike any other face cream I have ever used. And even though I thought I was using it sparingly at first, I wasn’t. This stuff is THICK and a little goes a long way. I have been using it every night for 3 months now and I LOVE it. My skin tone has improved, my acne marks are fading (slowly but surely) and it’s almost like my cheek fat is diminishing…my face feels and appears more slender by my cheek bones. That could just be the improvement in skin tone though that makes it appear that way. Either way, I am so happy with this little wonder cream and I will keep reordering as long as the price is right.

Karen Clinton, MI