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Michael O’Rourke Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder for Unisex, 0.88 Ounce

Bombshell Big Hair Powder 0.9 -Use on the roots and explode lifeless hair into sexy big volume.

Key features

  • Creates bombshell volume
  • Adds texture and shine

Honest reviews


What a rip off! This is a tiny bottle of meh! Get something else

I love pure abundance by aveda, but its procey and Avedas gone down hill ever since it made Oprahs best of crap she can afford to buy and we cant. I hce weird wavy hair. Its thick and does not seem adverse to that wild look. It is opposed ti being tamed though, and I don’t really have gime to sraighten, curl and blowdry. I wash and fly. I can sprinkle this stuff in as I hit the freeway. Only thing is, it makes my hair greasy. It puffs. A littlte but fall heavy withnthisnstuff. I am sending it back.

Jody Arriba, CO

I would never buy again

Bottle is tiny. The rhinestones were missing off of mine and the package was open. Total rip off. Mine was not sold as advertised. Product doesn’t work.

Claudette Soda Springs, ID

Sticky, dull.

This made my baby-fine, glass-shiny, stick straight hair sticky, dull, and clumped together. I was really disappointed with how this ended up working on my hair. It came highly recommended for my hair type, and it just did not work. It sits in my cabinet, unused. Poor wee bottle!

Eleanor Manning, SC

hey this stuff works!!!

I was shocked this actually worked but honestly it doesn’t last long enough but maybe I am not using it right…I will continue to work on that.

Katelyn Clam Lake, WI

a little goes a LONGGG way

i used a good chunk of this thinking its just powder and would be feathery light, boy was i wrong! it made my hair a gunky mess. The next time i used it, i only used a teeny bit on my crown and it worked pretty well.

Judy Evans, WV

super volume

i love this stuff. it works great as a dry shampoo/ and also you can put a little in when your hair is clean to give it extra body for teasing. its crazy though, you really dont need to tease very much with this stuff. my hairdresser used the really expensive one on my hair at the salon and ever since i was in search of it. (turned out i found this one because it was less spendy- but it feels the same in my hair as the other one. ) also i like it better than the spray dry shampoos cuz it always seems you can only get like 10 sprays out of them and thats such a waste.. this little guy i have had for about 6 months and its still going strong- although i dont use every day/ maybe 2x a week. i would also recommend using a clarifying shampoo after use so you get any residue out of your hair.

Stefanie Hills, IA

It’s ok

I’ve used other powder products that have been much better.. I just don’t feel like this product gives me the big hair that I look for when I do clients hair.

Kristie Sargeant, MN


If you have fine, limp hair I have two words for you – GET THIS! I was so amazed the first time I used it at what a difference it makes. Believe me I have tried everything and this is one of the only things that really does what it promises to do. I love all of the RYH products and hope the line is never discontinued.

Cornelia Carson, CA


I wasn’t sure after reading some of the reviews but I am SO glad I ordered it. This powder gives my roots that lift that I’ve always wanted. It also helps to keep oil at bay so I can go a day without shampooing.

Saundra East Olympia, WA

Greasy hair

I tried this powder on my hair the day after washing to freshen up my style and add more volume. It didn’t add any volume and it made my hair look like I hadn’t washed it in days! I couldn’t believe how greasy it looked. Don’t waste your money!

Delores Violet Hill, AR