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Mia Secret Mood Nail Lacquer Color Changing Nail Polish Purple to Pink

Mia Secret Mood nail polish comes in a MisMMiais0.5 oz bottle with an applicator brush. Available in 6 Colors Made in USA NO DBP

Key features

  • Color Changing Nail Polish
  • Made in USA
  • Available In 6 Pretty colors
  • NO DBP
  • Color Changes as your body temperature changes

Honest reviews


Soo cute.

Love this nail polish. Its a nice purple color. When your body temperature heats up or when you put your hands under warm water, it turns pink. it’s pretty cool. Idk about anyone else but I liked it.

Mellisa Exeter, NE

This does change colors!

Bought this for my daughter and it really does change colors the only down fall is this does chip very easy so it would be best if you use a base coat first and finish with a top coat, a very fun interesting polish for any age.

Elena Rivesville, WV

great polish!

Works great.Purple and pink look like photo.Probably won’t change Color if you don’t have nail tips past your fingers or close.Why? Because there’s no such thing as mood polish. It’s hot and cold sensitive. Therefore, if you’re buying this hoping for the french look as the pics show, you won’t get it if you don’t actually have tips to look french with!!!But if you take shower or wash dishes etc (heated things) nails will turn pink. If run cold water over hands or stick in fridge for a minute etc (cold stuff) they turn purple.For those complaining about the matte color, that’s because you didn’t apply top coat!!! Sheesh. That’s a given!Many wonderful brands (eg China glaze) dry matte and require a top coat! Many. That is NOT indicative of quality!!! At. All.Proper polish application always includes base, color (2-3 coats), and top coat (1-2).I put this color on using base and top coats and it lasted 7 days with ZERO chips or anything. And it worked great every day (color changes)!!Definitely a great buy and fun. I will buy the full set if colors after trying this one and it being so awesome!!!The only negative (if any) is the pink is a bright pink. Not something I love. (But I’m anti pink so it’s not a fair judgement). Even though I don’t love the shade of pink…the polish was so great and does exactly as it was advertised to (and more than expected!!!) Definitely recommend. Try it. (But short nails…beware. You may not get the french look!!!)

Camille Blanco, OK

Fantastic Color Changing Nail Polish!

I bought this at random on Amazon, and was a bit skeptical about how well it would work or how good it would look. It turns out that this color is fantastic! Even with a basecoat and a topcoat, the color changed easily depending on whether my hands were warm or cool. Typically, most of the nail was pink and the tips were purple – a cool french manicure without the work! I could not stop staring at my nails, and actually later went and purchased every color they had!

Judith Sesser, IL

Very cool.

This is very cool. I just got this and put it on one nail to see how it looks. I have my own long nails and the bed is pink and my tips are purple. Got this for my daughter who has short nails so don’t know how it will look on her nails. But overall I am happy with this product.

Melanie Olamon, ME

Does exactly as the bottle says.

It changes color exactly like the bottle says it does. I love it. Not sure how they get the pink/purple to go diagnally but I am sure I will figure it out.

Haley Glorieta, NM

So amazing!!

I got this a couple of days ago I read the reviews so I took a risk and purshased it I put it on put on a top coat with stars in it and a plan top coat it was so amazing it really changes colors so I bought the other color the blue one can’t wait to try that one but the polish stays on just use a good top coat and your good!!

Jeanette Woodson, IL

mood nail polish

just received this today i put it on my toes and it did change from purple to pink. it was a fast delivery. thanks

Jody Alexander, KS