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Metropolis Crane Hair Clips, 6 pack

Hold any amount of hair with just one clip! It works with any hair type and is ideal for long and medium lengths. The stainless steel pins and springs will not rust or corrode from contact with water or hair dye.

Key features

  • Unique Double-Spring System
  • Auto-Adjust Grip
  • Ultra-Secure Hold
  • Stainless Steel Pins

Honest reviews


Love Friday sales!

They are exactly as depicted in the photo. I found it easier to open the bottom of the package so that I can reuse it for storage. The clips are plastic and have stainless steel pins so they should not rust. That said they are made in China (oddly a lot of their stainless DOES rust) for a company based in CA. When I compared the quality, quantity, and price, this was the best deal I found. I’m very pleased thus far.

Keri Wrights, IL

One clip can hold any amount of hair.

These are also know as alligator or T-Rex (looks like dinosaur teeth) clips. I am Latina, so I have thick naturally curly hair and the basic claw clip does not hold my hair in place. I am able to pile my hair on top of my head with one clip and it will not slip or budge until I remove it. They are perfect to use when sectioning your hair to color or flat iron. Easy to use and will not pull your hair out. Since they have such a powerful hold, I would bet they would work great with thin hair as well.

Tania Mitchell, GA

The last hair clips you’ll ever need

I was looking for something to make blow drying and curling my hair in sections easier, and these clips are a godsend. I’m Hispanic with tons and tons of curly hair and nothing has worked like these clips. They will hold your hair no matter what. I had a hard time with other clips sort of sliding out of my hair during styling, but these really GRIP. Even I kind of lazily bunch up my hair and then throw this clip in it, it stays in until I remove it. What a fantastic design, should be mandatory for all hairstylists. 😛

Jeri Pirtleville, AZ

Hold thick hair very well

I use this in the shower to hold my hair up while conditioning. I also use it to braid parts of my hair in sections. Overall very sturdy clip. Highly recommend, and I have long very thick hair.

Luisa Millington, IL

These work great for thick hair

I have short hair, but it’s pretty thick, and these work great to clip it into place while I’m blowdrying and flatironing my hair.I already had some long, flat metal clips that I had bought at my local beauty supply, but I thought I’d try these out when I got my new Metropolis flat iron since the blue and white matches the flat iron (dorky, I know, but I like things to match). They are probably overkill for shorter hair since my other clips worked fine, but I do like these two features:* I love how these are plastic — so they don’t heat up and singe your hair or fingers when blowdrying* I also like the shorter length — so they don’t get in the way when using a few of themThey work great!

Kayla Hamden, CT


good job with this one. I own about a dozen hairclips, all claiming to be super hold, strong grip etc, but when i got these, i think, this is all i’ll ever, ever need. I like the color too, pops out. I have medium length thick hair and one clips holds it all together.

Molly Tallassee, AL


Love these! The girls in my salon love these, no other clips hold the hair as well!

Erma Saint Francis, MN

excellent product!

I really like these clips. They hold my thick hair in place. The perfect amount of grip. I recently purchased another manufacturer’s product and the grip on them in not sufficient for my hair. These clips are very sturdy; they have lasted for years. Definitely would purchase again.

Gretchen Dale, IN