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Method Pump Dish Soap,Lemon Mint, 18 Ounce

Method® Dish Soap Lemon Mint. Biodegradable. Tough on grease. Natural concentrated dish wash liquid.

Key features

  • give your nose a hug with method’s bright, nature-inspired fragrances
  • natural, biodegradable, concentrated formula
  • tackles tough grease + stubborn stuck-on food
  • 100% recycled plastic pump bottles
  • never tested on animals

Honest reviews



Nobody in the household likes this smell as a dish detergent. I felt it cleaned well enough, so I’m keeping for outdoor washing needs ( mats, patio pavers, etc).

Herminia Hetland, SD

Best dish soap

Best dish soap! Smells great and its great for sensitive skin. I like the pump and the design of the bottle looks great in my kitchen.

Sheila Holyoke, CO

Love Method Natural Pump Dish Soap! I use Subscribe & Save

Method has been my “go-to dish soap” since I found it on the shelf a few years ago. It gives you bubbles, it is soapy for cleaning, mild on your hands, dishes and sink. The price for Amazon Subscribe & Save is very good. You can’t wrong with this brand.I highly recommend.Jan Simpson

Karin Dagsboro, DE

Lovely lemons

Smells so fresh and delicious, it almost makes it enjoyable to wash the dishes. Almost. One pump yields quite a long-lasting amount of suds, which as a person without a dishwasher, I truly appreciate! Plus, my tiny kitchen smells lovely after I’m done. The best attribute, for me, is the pump design — I love that I don’t have to pick up the bottle and squeeze the soap out onto my sponge; I can simply push the top down with my hand when I need more. Sounds like a petty detail, but anyone who’s washed a sinkload of dishes will attest to the beauty of streamlining the process!

Krystal Rescue, CA

if you gotta do dishes, might as well have a little aromatherapy….

I must admit, unless it is cold and I want to warm up my hands, dishes are not my favorite thing, but hey, even with a dishwasher you got to do some pieces by hand. Enter Method lemon mint soap…..Once I opened this I was so glad I bought it. I usually use method because it is supposed to be non-toxic, better for the environment, etc. Who knows if all that is true, but it is also priced well and has a lot of scents to choose from, so I gave it a whirl and it has been my go-to for a few years now. Lemon mint is my favorite. I love the scent, sounds weird but it kind of smells fruity, like Trix cereal….I really can’t smell the mint, but it is a great scent and washes my dishes well. A little goes a long way so I am also not going through bottles quickly. Overall, great product and this scent rocks the house!

Marla Elnora, IN

Too flowery

I was not expecting a floral scent from a soap that was supposed to be Lemon Mint. It’s definitely floral, and that floral scent sticks to plastic food items. Not good. Avoid. Method’s pink grapefruit or clementine scent is a much better choice.

Abby Applegate, CA