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Method Gel Hand Wash, Sweet Water, 12 Ounce

Method Hand Wash, Sweet Water Liquid, 12oz Bottle. 6/Carton Avoid hand washes that contain harsh chemicals by using this hand wash soap made from naturally derived ingredients. Vitamin E and aloe make it easy on your hands. Created to keep you healthy at work and home. Triclosan free and no animal testing. Biodegrades in less than 28 days. Soap Type: Liquid; Application: Hand; Capacity (Volume): 12 oz; Scent: Sweet Water. Created to keep you healthy at work and home. Method; METHOD PRODUCTS INC.; Personal Soaps; Personal Soaps-Gel; Hygiene; Sanitary; Personal-Care; Cleaning; Washing; Restrooms; Kitchens; Items Hand wash made from naturally derived ingredients with vitamin E and aloe. View Spec. Sheets

Key features

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  • naturally derived, biodegradable, triclosan-free
  • leaves hands soft + clean
  • 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • never tested on animals

Honest reviews


creepy scent, dries my skin

I first smelled this sweetwater soap in a store, and I *thought* that I liked it. Perhaps its scent was masked by the other soaps in the aisle, but whatever the case, I waited for months for this soap to be in stock at Amazon. When it was, I ordered a case, […]. I know other posters considered the scent light, but to me, it’s got a “lightly fragrant and flowery” scent that is pretty powerful in its staying power, and it’s kind of creepy. It reminds me of a typical movie character, a strange, old lady who lives in a very odd house with too many animals and things around. Ok, that sounds wacky, but the scent is just icky. My husband says it lingers with a scent much like bug spray, and his hands are always dry. I really wanted to like this, too.

Juana Fairdale, KY

As Long as You Like Grapefruit

“Method” is a San Francisco-based company specializing in “environmentally friendly” cleaning products, both for the home and for personal use. There’s no animal testing, and, with the exception of their tallow-containg dryer sheets, no animal products are used.Pink grapefruit hand soap is an effective and gentle product that cleans well with no sudsing action. It has a very noticeable grapefruit smell, it will seem fresh and energizing to some, but will (naturally) repulse those who don’t like the scent of grapefruit. While there are no articifial scents, and the grapefruit scent is not harsh or overpowering, it is definitely not fragrance-free.The soap contains “naturally-derived, biodegradable ingredients and contain vitamin E and aloe.” However, their website ( informs us also that “for intellectual property reasons we do not give out the specific names of the chemicals we use.” For various reasons, this is not an antibacterial soap (for example, method believe that antibacterial soap is not necessary given 20 seconds of washing with an non-antibacterial soap, that overuse of such ingredients might lead to increased bacteria resistance, and that these agents biodegrade more slowly than others–see website for more information). Bottom line: If grapefruit is OK with you, this is an excellent product that gets the job done with little or no environmental impact.

Melva Stanley, NC

Love this scent

Great liquid hand wash soap. My only wish would be for them to provide refill version. I use this in my power room. Smells sooooo good! Great price!

Diane Ransom, PA

Great scent

Wonderful fresh scent and this soap does not irritate my skin as so many of the “antibactierial” soaps do. Since soap kills germs by itself without any added chemicals needed, I always search for a hand soap that is just soap, not with harsh added chemicals. This one meets my requirements and has the bonus of smelling fabulous!

Corine Sloatsburg, NY

Great product

One of the best slightly scented hand soaps I have ever tried. I would recommend this brand and this particular scent anytime.

Addie Jermyn, TX

Great scent for bathroom

This scent is nice and light compared to my other seaside type fragrance, Williams Sonoma Fleur de Sel. It’s perfect for the main or guest bathrooms and I appreciate the gentle yet clean feeling after washing. I stock up when Target has their Method sales throughout the year.

Ora Bryant, AR

a wonderful hand wash….

I will start by saying that I haven’t tried a Method product I haven’t thoroughly been pleased with. Method Hand Soap in Pink Grapefruit does not diminish my faith in this brand either. It smells fantastic – like a fresh, squeezed grapefruit, the product successfully cleanses my hands, and leaves them feeling clean without stripping them, and I would most definitely recommend it as an alternative to slightly cheaper, chemical laden soaps that are plentifully found in the market today. What’s more, you can dilute this soap and stretch out its use.

Iris Cazadero, CA

Best Scent for Hand Soap

I love Method brand soaps but am not always crazy about the scent options. I love the mandarin scent because it isn’t cloying or too strong. It gives off a subtle mandarin orange scent.I highly recommend this brand of soap for its commitment to using nontoxic and environmentally friendly ingredients.

Fay Hico, WV

Wonderful Scent and Better for the Environment

After reading about how bad the antibacterial soaps can be, both for us and for the environment, I went back to bars of soap. Yet they tend to leave more of a mess, so I was pleased to find this product.Method Gel Hand Soaps still get your hands clean, yet aren’t toxic like so many other gel soaps. The difference between how many germs they get rid of and how many all of those antibacterials get rid of is tiny, tiny, but this product doesn’t contribute to the problem caused by antibacterial products being used way too much.This one, in particular, has a nice citrus scent, though I have yet to find one where I didn’t like the scent. The smell is not so overpowering, but light and refreshing.I have officially switched to buying my liquid hand soaps from Method from now on…and hope they will be releasing some scents in future that can go with the holidays.

Tamika Waltham, MN

Works Nice and Smells Good

Reasonably priced and effective hand soap. I like the fact that it lathers quickly, and you don’t need to use alot of it. It smells nice too. Highly recommended.

Estela Wayland, MO

good price for quantity

I couldn’t find the fragrance free kind in this same brand. But at least this has no dyes in it.

Barbara Okeana, OH

Love Method’s hand soap

I love Method’s products. Their hand soap is wonderful! I have the sweet water and mango. Both smell awesome. I have dry skin and it doesn’t dry out my skin. Method is a great green product line that doesn’t test on animals. It’s also very inexpensive. I am a huge animal lover and won’t support the companies that test on animals. Well, that leaves me to stop buying from so many companies (Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Clorox, etc). Thanks Method for getting it right! I’ll be a loyal customer for life.

Kenya Salt Lick, KY

Classic Fresh Scent

This soap has a classic fresh, slightly sea-like scent. It lathers nicely and rinses clean. My main issue with method hand soaps is that the pump dispenses an awkward amount- not quite enough to wash one’s hands, yet two pumps is too much. I’ve not had this problem with any other pump soap.

Lydia Bedford, PA

Smells great

This soap smells amazing and it’s priced reasonably. Doesn’t dry out my hands. I also like the look of the bottle and how it doesn’t have huge branding all over it. This is the kind of soap you can have in your bathroom or kitchen and it doesn’t deter from your decor. A+

Melissa Hawkinsville, GA

Wonderful Method Hand Wash, Dispenser Pump Not So Much

I enjoy various Method hand washes and have used them since 2005. They clean well, don’t dry out my skin and they look nice. I can catch them and refills on sale locally pretty easily. However it never fails that a dispenser pump will break or stop working. For replacements, I’ve called Method’s Customer Service at (866) 9-METHOD or (866) 963-8463. They’re available weekdays from 8:30am to 5:30pm PST … Method stands behind it’s products!

Brenda Mc David, FL

Great soap with great scent!

This handsoap not only works well but smells yummy! It does not dry my hands out…love it!

Bridgett Cumming, IA

The only hand soap I use

I occasionally get mild ezcema on my hands and this is the only hand soap that I’ve tried that actually calms the outbreaks. The soap doesn’t have an odor. There’s a mild fresh smell to my hands after using it, nothing overpowering at all. The design of the bottle is nice and modern.I highly recommend this hand soap for people with dry or irritated hands.

Earlene Taylorsville, IN

nice, natural smell, good for hands

It smells natural, and spot-on to me, this has become my method handsoap of choice,slightly above Mandarin-Mango one.I do have extremely dry hands, and run into trouble with about 30% of decent hand soap brands, didn’t happen with any Method product so far.

Michaela Balm, FL

pretty smell, nice packaging

we really like this brand, it has great packaging, pretty scent, works well without over drying your hands, and really lasts. we buy packs of 6 for the office and it doesn’t drip or leave a mess around the sink like other soaps. i also like that the brand stands for overall natural products and no harsh chemicals.

Lula Lewisville, AR

nice scent

I only buy products that are cruelty-free, and Method is one of those approved brands. This is a nice fruity scent, and you can’t beat the price for the number of items!

Helena Londonderry, OH

Method Hand Soap

This soap is well———soap. Nothing special. Foams well, cleans your hands and does not leave a lingering girly smell so my husband uses it without complaint.

Christie New Trenton, IN

nice scent but too many toxic chemicals

I tried some of this while visiting my brother. Thescent’s terrific but I would never buy it for myself.Filled with harsh sulfates and other toxins. I useorganic bar soap or Every Day Shea (Alaffia) to washmy hands now.

Linda Creole, LA