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Method Gel Hand Wash Refill, Green Tea and Aloe, 34 Ounce

glasses are better half-full. hand wash bottles, too. better yet, totally full. and for that, we offer this refill. it’s full of enough biodegradable, naturally derived gel hand wash to refill your bottle nearly 3x. because the only thing worse than dirty hands is employing jeans-wiping as an interim solution.

Key features

  • high five a rainbow with method
  • naturally derived, biodegradable, triclosan-free
  • leaves hands soft + clean
  • pouch is an 87% savings in plastic water + energy
  • never tested on animals

Honest reviews


Wish it was an anti-bacterial

I have tried Method Gel’s green tea, sea mineral, and cucumber soaps. Sweet water is better than green tea in terms of scent and texture. However I really do wish they can make these products with anti bacterial ingredient.

Shannon Saint Helena Island, SC

Cucumber – Strong Sweet Smell

No wonder these 34 ounce hand wash refills were on sale – whoa they smell strong. For occasional use, this might be OK. The soap works well; it cleans hands and forms a nice lather. The best part, it works perfectly in Simple Human soap dispensers (this Method soap is exactly the same thickness as Simple Human’s soap).The bad part, oh the smell. If it smelled like cucumbers, that would be OK. Instead it smells like super sweet cucumbers. Fortunately after washing my hands the odor doesn’t linger.You get what you pay for, darn.

Melinda Ashford, AL

One of my FAVORITES for Kitchen Soap Dispenser Use

Tried these via Amazon’s Subscribe & Save and I’m glad I did. This is a great soap for the kitchen dispenser–it helps cut grease WITHOUT over-drying your skin. I’m happy I tried it–the cucumber scent is a refreshing, clean, fresh scent and the bags are easier to handle than big, bulky bottles. I was surprised at how much easier these bags were to maneuver into place to refill an under-the-counter soap dispenser without spilling; what a great concept. This will stay on my Subscribe & Save list as long as it’s available; another winner!

Kristina Fayette City, PA

Best soap for fragrance allergies

I have severe fragrance allergies and this is the only soap that I will use. The soap dispensers are still working after numerous refills. This is the only soap that actually worked in my Soap Magic (which I don’t recommend). Don’t know why the company isn’t calling it ‘Go Naked’ anymore. I think it is an appropriate name.

Marguerite Castle Hayne, NC

Great buy, great product

I use this to refill my Williams Sonoma grapefruit-scented soap container. The supply will probably last about 12-18 months, with 2 people washing hands pretty often.

Louella Sunset Beach, CA

Awesome eco-friendly soap!

I love Method products, but they can be a bit pricey in the stores, and I find it frustrating that it is nearly impossible to find refills for any of their products where I live. That said, I started ordering the refills from Amazon. I wasn’t sure if I would like the smell of the cucumber soap, as some company’s cucumber and melon scented items smell a bit like something that is rotting in the compost heap, but this soap has a nice, clean fragrance.

Ella Defiance, PA

Easy Refill

Easy to pour, refill saves money, does not dry out my hands.Buy six and save even more! Easy to store and dispose of.

Herminia Topaz, CA

light smell, not overpowering

This soap has a light smell that is not overpowering. I like the refills. They don’t take up a lot of space in the cabinets, and they are easy to use.

Margaret Nashville, IN

Method 34 Ounce Hand Wash Refill – Cucumber – 2 Pack – Pleasant fragrance and does its job well

The nice looking (and excellent working) dispensers of these Methods hand soaps are what first attracted us to the product line. Sea Minerals, Juicy Pear, Waterfall, Hibiscus Flower, Blue Poppy and others like this Cucumber… the sleek bottle and the excellent product colors made it easy to match up with colors in places like our guest bathroom, kitchen and master bath.Right away we recognized that Method soaps not only looked nice but they smell nice, suds and cleans nicely, and rinse off well too. On top of all that, the price found here is very reasonable, especially with these big refill bag 2-for-1 offerings, and delivery has always been quick. We use this gel refill in our foaming dispensers too, mixing 1 part gel to 4 parts water — comes to about 2 ounces of gel refill added to 8 ounces of water to fill the 10 ounce foaming dispensers. Works just fine.From time-to-time we have purchased Method locally when a great sale appeared, but Method soap seems harder to find around here these days and those great deals are non-existent… so we are very glad to still be able easily get these great deals on Amazon.Can happily say that we’ve decided to stick with Method from now on too; we recently purchased a couple bottles of soft soap gel and, as compared to Method, that product fails. That soap plopped out of its dispenser in a big gel blob, had no sudsing ability to it at all, then would just slid off down the drain with the first hint of water. Yuck. Glad we found Method.If you are looking for a well presented hand soap of this type, we recommend Method. This stuff works, smells good and has a great dispenser.Go for it.

Celeste Tripoli, WI

Method Gel Hand Wash

This Refill is a wonderful way to save money on this hand washing gel. Have used the Sweet Water for quite awhile and LOVE the scent.

Jane Glennie, MI

Cleans and Smells Great

In addition to cleaning your hands it also leaves them soft and smooth with no residue. I’m a big fan of method and all their products and am very happy to see that I can now get them at a discounted price in Amazon’s subscribe and save store. If you are looking for products that are good for the environment, yet really work well, I would recommend that you try any of the great products in Method’s line. I’m very happy with this purchase.

Aimee Donahue, IA

Great product

We are going green as much as possible in our house. Love this soap and this is the best price I found anywhere.

Sonya Smock, PA

Unscented and no triclosan

It is sooo hard to find unscented soap these days. I use this soap in both pump and automatic dispensers and it’s great.

Mamie Vienna, MO

Method Gel Hand Wash Refill – Sweet Water – Awesome!

I love my Method hand gel. It is natural, chemical free and a very good quality product. You don’t need much of this to wash your hands. It is of a thick consistency. I will purchase again.

Jenna Rock Island, TX

cheap but nice

I love to wash my hand ,so cucumber is my farvite ,i using it all the time ,clear and nice

Lauren Honaunau, HI