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Method Dish Soap Pump Refill, Clementine, 36 Ounce

When the plates pile up, there’s nothing better than having Method’s ultra grease-fighting, biodegradable dish soap on hand. For use with Method’s dish pump bottle, one pouch provides enough soap for nearly two refills and includes an easy dispensing handle. Just a pump or two of this non-toxic, naturally derived formula on a sponge or directly in the sink tackles tough stuck-on food and gets dishes clean.

Key features

  • give your nose a hug with method’s bright, nature-inspired fragrances
  • natural, biodegradable, concentrated formula
  • tackles tough grease + stubborn stuck-on food
  • pouch is a 78% savings in plastic, water + energy
  • never tested on animals

Honest reviews


Wonderful smell… almost makes dishwashing a pleasure

I love Method. So ecological, and I think that dish soap really should be non-toxic since we eat off of our dishes after all. Buying Method from here is even more ecological, as I can purchase the refills that my local retailers do not provide. Not to mention, these are a far more economical option than buying loads of the small bottles.

Lola Sale Creek, TN

Fresh Scented Soap Leaves Dishes Clean

I have used Method products before and have always liked the fact that they don’t contain harsh chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. This was, however, my first time purchasing the Clemintine dish soap. I purchased the refill packs so that I could fill my counter-top dish soap dispenser. Filling it was easy (some soap bottles don’t have enough soap come out with the nozzle on, yet the mouth of the bottle is too big to fill an under-sink dish soap dispenser without a mess) – the pouch has a built in plastic handle and the nozzle is small enough to fill any soap dispenser easily.Once I began using the product, I loved the fresh scent and the sudsy bubbles (many natural soaps don’t have a lot of foaming action, so I end up using more than needed simply because I can’t get a sense of how much I already have on the sponge). Needless to say, with this dish soap, a little goes a long way, and the dishes came out clean, without spots or streaks. I will definitely continue to purchase this as the Amazon price is great and I feel that the product works well.

Latonya Leon, WV

Safe, effective dish washing liquid

I wasn’t sure I would like the cucumber scent, but I do. It’s subtle, so you don’t feel like you’re breathing a salad while you use it. I’ll be buying this again.

Allene Brooks, ME

My favorite!

With the refill, less stress on landfills, more cost savings. The Subscribe and Save makes this a convenient cost savings deal!

Marci Pine Grove, WV

Great product, easy to pour container

I purchased this item to refill my dish soap. The scent smell great for washing dishes (clementine), and the pouch is easy to pour refills. I would highly recommend this product!

Gracie Niantic, CT

Great buy

I like products by Method. They have gentle smell and are not harsh for my skin. I will continue using them in my house.

Jacqueline Yulan, NY

Great – Lasts LONG LONG TIME

The refill are fantastic, they extend the lift of your Method bottles which saves $$$$ (and the environment). The spout has a resealable cap and the "nozzle" fits right into the bottle so there is no issue of spilling soap everywhere. We bought these refills several months ago and havn’t needed to replace – still going strong. Good Value!

Stacie Hanamaulu, HI

love method

I always use method brand soaps in my bathroom and kitchen pumps. Very gentle on my hands in comparison to regular soaps that dry out my hands like the sahara in just 1 use. I like the Clementine scent too. Fresh.

Debora Naco, AZ

Thought this company was out of business —

— but loved their cleaning products when I found them at the local Home Depot.I fell in love with the Clementine dish soap and subscribed to it every 2 months or so andwhen I saw the Cucumber being offered for the same deal I grabbed at this offer too.Now it isn’t bad washing dishes anymore!

Tori Waterville, ME

This is a great refill if you own the pump soap already.

This soap is excellent (I have already review the soap in pump), so if yo have used the soap in pump, you know it! The refill is easy to insert into the pump and is the exact same stuff. Enjoy.

Laurie Seaside, CA

hells yes.

I love everything method. This dish soap is really great and suds up quickly so you only need a little bit to get most of the dishes. It doesn’t dry out my hands or make them smell bad. One-two pumps cleans an entire sink of dishes, and my sink is LARGE. I like the refill pack because I can get all of the soap into the dispenser without wasting any. Being that it’s just me plus one, I don’t wash tooooo many dishes. One dispenser full of soap, plus one of these refill pouches has lasted me more than a year and I still have enough left to refill 1.5 more times. Considering the price of two refill pouches is only 12ish dollars, that is a DAMN good deal.

Leigh Tucson, AZ

Not great on cookware (perfume flavor), but otherwise lovely.

I love the scent of Method dish soaps, but I’ve become sensitive to the flavor left on cookware. No matter how much I scrub and rinse, if there is the most infantessimal amount of oil left on a cooking pan, the soap’s perfume sticks around. When you heat it up, it enters your food and tastes bitter and revolting.So, great for washing everything but cookware. Clementine is less perfume-y than the lavender version, but still too clingy for pots/pans.

Angeline Thurston, NE

Works as Advertised

Does everything its supposed to, simple to pour into pumps and such. I just keep this on subscribe and save and always have soap handy.

Meredith Grandin, FL

Excellent dish soap, mild for your hands

I love this dish soap – I use it to clean the hardest baked-on foods (soak in hot soapy water for a bit) as well as our baby bottles, as it rinses quickly and easily. It’s very effective on grease but mild on your hands, much more so than Dawn, for example. The scent is very fresh and not overpowering.

Bettye Stockwell, IN

smells great!

It has a great scent and it cleans very well. I always receive compliments on how clean my kitchen smells.

Denice Granville, MA

Makes dishwashing a pleasure…

Or as much of a pleasure as it’s ever going to be! The clementine scent is just phenomenal.I bought this on the recommendation of a friend. At the time I bought it, the pump bottle was (and still is) out of stock. I had a Cuisinart foam container I wanted to use for the kitchen, so I bought the refill, sight unsmelled.I am SO glad I listened to my friend! She was so right about the scent. The foam (from the Cuisinart bottle) works great, and at this rate, these two refill bags should last a few years!I’m still going to both some more refills. Whenever I really love something, it’s practically like the kiss of death for that item – it just disappears. Believe me, you do NOT want Method to discontinue this fragrance or dishwashing soap!

Cherry Fate, TX

It’s ok.

Love the packaging, not overly fond of the scent. It’s just a little overpowering and even a little bit sickening when you’ve been washing dishes for a good while. Even diluted, the cucumber scent tends to stick around on plastics.

Lizzie Clay Center, OH

I want to wash my face with this!

I love the cucumber scent of this dishsoap plus I end up feeling good about myself for being so clever as to refill that plastic dispenser rather than throwing it out every time. These refills are good for about two bottles per bag and they last for a pretty long time. It is actually fun to mix the cucumber and one of the other "flavors" and you get a funky swirl color pattern in the bottle. Nifty.

Natalie Cubero, NM

Method is fantastic!!

I left a much more detailed review on the original soap dispenser, but the bottom line is that this soap smells soooo good, and who doesn’t love an eco-friendly product that has an entire line of refill packages??

Lana Saltillo, MS

Decent deal, very effective on grease

Having dealt with a really greasy batch of dishes, I’m editing my review into a more favorable one, the product is among the best in dealing with grease, if not the best. (pans that would take at least 2 swipes with most dish soaps took just a swipe).I’m not blown away by the scent as many reviewers are, but at this price, It’s still makes a lot of sense to get these.And refilling in the right amount is very, very easy with these ones, thanks to the perfectly sized&placed; holes.

Kendra Quimby, ME

great refill

i have been using these for over 6 months and have been working out great. i bought 1 bottle and about 6 refills and it has given me all of the soap i need perfectly. now at 6 refills, i think we need a new bottle, but definitely good vs buying a new bottle every time.

Sybil Osnabrock, ND

Love the packaging

and feeling like I’m contributing just a little less to the waste problem. The light orange scent is lovely, and bubbles can be enhanced by using a spray over the water to encourage more suds. Nice to know I can wash my dishes without using a petroleum product or creating lots of waste to do so.

Lynda Bennington, NE

Amazing smell, works great.

I am a sucker for citrus scents. This dish soap smells so very good. Not only does it smell great, it truly works. I used to think only Dawn worked on grease, but Method dish soap works just as well. I am pleased with this product and the price for this pack, especially at the subscribe and save option, cannot be beat.

Elisha Bena, MN

Good value and really good dish detergent

This is really great value. Each refill bag is 2x the bottle and you get 2 refill bags! The scent of this dish detergent is nice too. Rinses really well and gets rid of oil stains easily. Environmentally friendly too.

Melba Indian Springs, NV

My favorite dish soap

This is my favorite dish soap. It’s a great scent and does an awesome job and getting my dishes clean. Have used Method dish soap for many years now.

Pam Mayaguez, PR

Great soap!

Love this stuff! It lasts forever and does a great job cleaning dishes and wiping up counters. Would buy again!

Wanda Vandergrift, PA

Great product.

You can’t beat Method for their products and green commitment. They don’t test on animals and this is a nice alternative to those giant brands which do. Please don’t think you’ll miss them at all; these products work just as well if not better and are comparatively priced. Make the switch to Method!

Veronica Pioneer, OH