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Men’s Kholo Support Sandal


Key features

  • Rubber, Polyester
  • Total Support Cushioning System absorbs shock
  • Orthotic Arch Support and deep heel cup
  • Soft strap and premium materials
  • EVA surface custom molds over time to conform to feet
  • Metatarsal Arch Support

Honest reviews


Comfortable sandals

My wife loves these sandals, but she wears socks and these sandals pull her socks down as she walks. We had to return them, but they are a really good sandal. The Amazon description was very clear and accurate. The product was packaged well and arrived in good condition.

Keisha Wabasso, MN

Worked great for my plantar fasciitis

I love sandals, but they have no support. I do suffer from plantar fasciitis so support is very important. These sandal were a gift from god for me. A little ugly, but definitely better looking that most orthopedic shoes. Worth every penny to me!

Latonya Feasterville Trevose, PA

orthotic? plastic-y and not at all comfy

I really wanted to like these shoes, I did. I suffer from plantar fasciitis caused by overpronation, and I bought these shoes to wear indoors, since my doctor instructed me not to go barefoot and wear an orthopedic insole inside the house. The shoe itself seems narrow–my foot will not completely go to the end of the footbed, yet it’s properly fit around my heel. The insole is an uncomfortable, slippery plastic, and the straps are an unforgivable non-conforming plastic. My shoes continually slides around as I am walking, so I really cannot see the benefit of the pressure point placed on the shoebed. I think there should be some type of strap support across, supporting the heel. I’m going back to my reliable, cork bed, leather, orthopedic shoes.

Jodie Rives, MO

Very comfortable

I love these slides. The are true to size and very comfortable. I’ve been wearing them almost every day and they give great support. My feet have been feeling better even when I’m not wearing them. I am very happy with my purchase. I would definitely buy Spenco shoes again. I need to find a pair that cover my toes and I will be set!

Rosalia Woodbridge, CA

Spenco Sandals

This Sandal was a disappointment. It was way to wide, so it didn’t ever fit right onthe foot and it was a disappoinetment. I have bought other SPENCO products and have been disappoineted, so I won’t be buying Spenco again.

Eunice Ponca, NE

These are not even close to Orthaheels arch support.

I love myOrthaheel Tide Flip Flopsbut since I usually wear them all day every day, the strap between my toes starts to get sore…so I was on the hunt for regular slides. Well, Orthaheel doesn’t seem to make sporty slides (just dressy ones) and that’s not what I want for hanging around the house and working in the kitchen. So I thought I’d try these.Unfortunately, they missed the mark. While they seem comfy at first wear (the soft strap that goes across your foot feels really nice) and I wanted to love them…they are definitely not on the same level as Orthaheel for level of arch support. I thought this when I first unpacked them and looked at them, but I thought I’d try them anyway. Also, though the sizing felt pretty true to size (I wear an 11 in Orthaheel), walking around in this shoe just felt a bit…off. Like my foot was hanging over the back of the shoe just a tiny smidge–enough that it consciously bothered me. I kept trying to scoot my foot forward but after a few steps I felt it again. The “slide” wasn’t noticeable as it was happening (meaning it wasn’t like I felt the shoe falling off) but it was consistently happening. I’m guessing it’s due to the stretchy-type material that holds your foot in. So, while it’s comfortable, if it doesn’t fit your foot perfectly to start, it might give you the same issues I had.They might have possibly broken in more over time or I might have gotten used to them…but with shoes, I’ve discovered if I don’t LOVE them in the first 15 minutes, there’s a good chance I’ll never love them and they’ll end up in my closet gathering dust. So, they’re going back.I was going to do three stars for them being “okay” (they feel nice, look nice, and seem fairly well made) but for me personally, I have to do two stars because they just didn’t work.

Martha Windsor, VA

Cute, but no support

I purchased these because it said they were good for people with Plantar Fasciitis. I normally wear orthaheel, but these were alot less expensive so I thought I would try them. They are very cute and for someone who doesnt have foot issues they would be great, but not for PF problems, there just isnt enough arch support. Unfortunately you dont realize this until you wear them for a while, so I cannot return them, so for me, I just threw my money away on shoes I cannot wear. At least with Orthaheel, they have a “30 day wear all you want if you dont like return them” policy. I gave them only 2 stars because they dont measurement up to what they claim. Not the fault of amazon, as always they ship quick.

Dianne Adel, IA