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Mena Facial Whitening Cream 2 units, 3g/.1oz each

Apply twice a day after cleansing. During the day, use the cream as a moisturizer before apply your make up. At night, apply before you go to bed. Cautions: – Avoid sunlight after applying, and use sunscreen. – Avoid contact with your eyes. – If you have any adverse reactions stop using and consult a dermatologist.

Key features

  • Mena cream has been a best seller for years. It contains with vitamin E and antioxidants. The ingrediants combine to work miracles on spots, acnes and blemishes. Mena will help make your skin smoother, whiter and more beautiful. Mena helps lighten the appearance of acne scars and dark spots.
  • Quantity: 2 pieces x 3g./0.1oz.
  • Product of thailand

Honest reviews


can u say CASPER..LOL luv it doe

Diz MENA CREAM is something eles I tell you..IF a person who dnt have paytions then nope dis ain’t for you .. TRUST. mena is nothing new to me..I use it Daily for the pass year or soo.When I first came across this product I was on youtube.Some ASIAN chick forgot her name was showing it off..SHE SOLD I bought it…start to wear it…it really do wrk doe..It smells soo good..I ONLY were it to bed.doe.cuz it is thick and u will look lke CASPER THE FRIENDLY “GHOST..NOO JOKE.If u wear it underneath your makeup it will have you lookin extra light. The trick to dat is lke two or three hours before u do your face put on mena …then win u do your make will have yo canvas very smooth foundation will Look everTo be HONEST I’m A BLACK African American female my skin tone is lke a carmel..and yes I do have ACNE..GOSH..well I wont really say acne but a lot of brownspots and uneven skintone..Dats were da mena cream come in at..It do fade away sum brown spots really .well aleast mines …cuz everybody is DIFFERENT..DIFFERENT ..DIFFERENT. DIFFERENT wat wrk for me may not wrk for you..YES it is small..u only need a little on yo face…I tap it on my two cheeks Chine then my forehead then I rub rub rub untill its all over.When u wake up its gone..lke u never put it on ..magic or wat.If you are curious give it a shot lke I did.. wat its only $4.00 &dats; for two great deal….I luv MENA..&nooo; NOBDY is paying me money to write this…Iwishhhh..okok…spoon its all on you..

Madeline Wilder, ID

Hey it actually lightened my skin…

I love this cream… It actually lightened my skin…My face was always darker than rest of my body and was dark brownish and my arms are almost white.. I wanted to lighten my face…No product worked till now… Mena cream and C20+ lightening serum are the 2 products I was using on face and it is doing wonders on my skin…. I have real oily skin and these 2 products are working… I love it… I bought a 12 pack product this week…. It seriously ligtened my skin to my arms level.. I cant believe it

Sharon Guaynabo, PR

I should have known better

another product that doesn’t work and is a waste of money this is like coco butter but with other things in iti never saw any results or change in my skin tone what it does is make you lighter while its on looks like a layer of clay though on your face its so thick and sticky and to make matter worse made my face really itchy

Roxanne Washington, DC

Love Mena

This dark spot skin cream is the best!, the first day I used it! I notice a difference the next morning… I used all kinds of brighting cream, and nothing works for me, but Mena. I have sun damage dark spots and this cream helps lighten my skin believe me this cream is the best! Try it you won’t be DISAPOINTED !!,happy CustomerTamara

Ann Richgrove, CA


When I opened the container there was nothing inside. The whole little thing was completely empty. But there was a small amount of the product in the top that I twisted off. I actually had to pry the top off to reveal nothing inside. Maybe that is the way it was supposed to be. Anyway, I absolutely will not purchase again. Really can’t tell if it is fading the two small dark spots I have been using it on.

Brittany Wynnburg, TN

Oily and no results

I tried this and it just felt too oily on my skin and I used for two months and did not see any results.

Therese Wardsboro, VT