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MelodySusie® VIOLETILI 12W LED Nail Dryer Nail Lamp Curing LED Gel & Gelish Nail Polish,Professional for Nail Art at Home and Salon – Pink

MelodySusie – Bring Your Beauty Salon Home ! Violetili Nail Dryer – Bring a Professional Manicurist Home! Product Highlights: This Violetili is the upgraded version of Violetilac, it includes a 12W LED light to cure LED gel nail polish more efficiently and faster. It can efficiently cure any LED gel polishes, especially the Gelish Soak- off Gel and other products from the Gelish MINI System for a beautiful manicure that lasts up to three weeks. With various preset timers, you can choose the time exactly as you want. The safe and reliable dryer can efficiently cure your gel polish in 45 seconds. Product Details: LED: 60pcs LED Adapter input: 110-240V Power: 12W N.W: 0.35kg Size: 18.4*15*9.5cm Color: Pink Troubleshooting Steps: 1. LED light wavelengthis 380-410nm.It can cure LED gel polishesthat contain 380-410nm photoinitiator. Please make sure your nail polish works with this product. This product works for the following LED gel polish brands: Harmony Gelish Soak Off Series, Gelish MINI System , OPI Gelcolor Nail Polish, Orly Gel FX, Red Carpet Led Gel Polish, Gelicious GEL Nail Polish, Any LED GEL Polish etc 2. It is normal for gel polish to remain slightly sticky after curing. Simply wipe off the residue with cleanser to get a dryer and smoother surface. Package Includes: 1 * MelodySusie Nail Dryer 1 * Power Supply 1 * User Manual Warranty: At MelodySusie, we guarantee product quality as we  have  highest standards of quality testing.That’s also why we promise full 12-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support in any times. * Only buy it from MelodySusie to get authentic quality product and to qualify for full after-sale service.

Key features

  • No need to replace LED light tubes. Normally LED lamp can work 5 years nonstop
  • Efficiently and professionally cure LEDgel nail polish that lasts up to 3 weeks
  • Wider opening to cure five fingers at once
  • Preset 30s 60s 90s 30min timers
  • Compact and ergonomic design, easy to operate, ideal for both home and salon use

Honest reviews


Works but wish it were faster

Light works as it’s supposed to. I would have given it 5 stars, however I bought an LED light bc I read that it reduces curing time. However I still did 2 min. each step so it didn’t save any time at all. The nice thing is not having to replace bulbs.At first I thought this light was broken. I used it for the first time along with the Gelish Basix Kit I and Gelish Polish that I bought at the same time.My nails were not curing very well even when I tried 4 min under the light! My nails smudged and didn’t look very good at all.The second day, I tried again. This time I placed my polishes in a warm bowl of water to thin them out. It did help with the consistency. If the polish is too thick it won’t cure as well. The polish dried a little better but still not happy.For my daughters nails, I used a different brand and color of polish and it worked perfectly!With this light, I did 2 min. each step. The polish will remain slightly tacky between coats. Don’t worry about this. Don’t even touch them to see how dry or hard they are. Just keep going through the steps. After you put the Top coat on and cure it, you will take the cleanser with lent free pad and wipe off the tacky residue. Nails will not smuge and they will look beautiful.For the price of this light compared to others, this was a good deal. I only wish it cured faster.

Elvia Hillpoint, WI

Very satisfied so far!

I use the 60sec timer for base, and 90 seconds for all color, and 180 seconds for the final top coat. Rub with alcohol in the end… and I have NEVER witnessed any problems with this product. In addition, when I received this product my puppy pulled the cord and knocked it off my 2 foot table. IT DID NOT BREAK. haha. that was a good sign that this is a sturdy product, depsite it’s light weight.UPDATE – 8 uses later, the lights are loosing strength. I am needing to use the 90 second timer for all coats. It still works, the lights are just loosing the juice they once had.

Jody Wells, TX

Step up from UV light

The design is great. The lights surround the nail. It is so much faster than the old UV lights. Cure in less than half the time. 30 seconds and a posed to 2 minutes. Ease of use gives this lamp both (beautifully manicured) thumbs up.

Eloise Roxana, KY

It doesn’t seem to work proplerly…

==added 03/06/2014 Korea time2=====================================I checked the machine again, and found a comment which is very small at the bottom of the lamp, it says, “Ultraviolet radiation may cause injury to eyes and skin…..bla bla..”,, does this mean this is UV LAMP ? NOT LED LAMP ?the product description says, it LED UV Lamp.. as far as I know LED lamp and UV lamp is different… can anyone explain to me ?==added 03/06/2014 Korea time=====================================I’m editing the feedback since I’m having trouble now.When I purchased this LED lamp, I used OPI gel, light pink(princess rule), and this lamp worked OK with it at that time.And I purchased another OPI gel, different colors, such as dark blue(Russian Navy), deep pink(My Address is Hollywood) etc, then this lamp doesn’t work. I mean this lamp works OK for light pink including base and top, but doesn’t work for dark color gel.Honestly, I’m not sure which one has problems, lamp or gel polish….anyway, fyi, and if there are anyone who may have some helpful comments, please add the comments here, it’ll be very helpful to everyone.==first review I left=====================================Since this is the only one I’ve used, I cannot compare with any other ones, but it works OK to me. fyi, I used OPI gel colors.

Lindsey Blue Diamond, NV

Darker pink than picture

It’s a dark pink, but that wasn’t a problem. I love this light, I needed an LED for my gel polish because when you do nails for a living time is money and I needed a light that cured them in 30 seconds instead of a UV light for 2 minutes. It has a timer on it so once it has been 30 seconds, 60 seconds or 90 seconds (depending on what you set it to) the light shuts off. I don’t think that it is actually 30 seconds though, sometimes it seems that it turns off much sooner than other times. But it is doing what it is supposed to. It’s light and it’s small which is nice since I have to pack it around everywhere. I am so happy with it, especially with the price

Deanne Lily, KY

Gelish Polish

I use this light to cure my Gelish polish and it works fantastically! I have been shopping around for a reasonably priced LED light to use with Gelish and they are all very expensive. I wanted an LED light system vs. a UV light system because I have read countless review about the UV systems needing frequent light bulb replacement (which add up after a while). LED systems do not require light bulb replacements. This unit was more than 50% cheaper than the other LED lights available, so I thought I would give it a shot. I am so glad I did! It cures the polish very quickly. It has 30/60/90 second intervals to cure the polish. The opening is quite big as I can fit my entire hand (including thumb) or foot comfortably into the dryer. It also feels very sturdy despite the cheap price. The only downside is the rather short cord. Also, my unit did not come with the adapter as advertised on here, but I don’t need an adapter. Overall a fantastic buy! I highly recommend this dryer for gel polishes!

Ashlee Mount Hood Parkdale, OR

Lights come on but don’t dry your nails

I liked the design and thought it was easy to use. The lights came on and it looked like it would work great.Except that it didn’t dry my gel nails at all. I used Gelish brand which states that you can use an LED lamp. I tried putting the polish on really thin. I left my nails under the LED lights for 90 seconds with no change. I tried about 10 more sets of 90 seconds and the polish was still wet and tacky.I returned this for a refund.

Deidre Willow Springs, IL

Light worked great – Plug broke after second use though

I only got to use this light once. The second time a prong in the plug broke off into the outlet. I am having it replaced and I guess you get what you pay for.

Molly Grantsdale, MT

Works on Gelish

Great price for a light that works on gelish, I usually double expose my nails just in case but it definitely works on Gelish

Vera Jakin, GA

Worth the price

Great product at a reasonable price. Able to fit fingers and thumb, which makes whole process faster than with cheaper lamps. Did not come with the nail nippers, but I don’t care, that’s not why I bought this! Would totally recommend for someone with UV lamp looking to switch to LED.

Laurel Farmington, WV

Nice LED nail lamp

I bought this lamp because I’m a nail tech and I do my mom’s nails. She loves gel nails but was concerned about the UV lamp I was using so I bought this one to put her mind at ease. It works great with the gel products I have and she’s happy to have that option of not putting her hand into a UV lamp. It’s a lot smaller than my UV lamp but it gets the job done. I don’t have any complaints so far as to it’s performance

Luann Texico, NM

Delivered Early, Opening is Small & Short Cord

I just received and the opening is quite small compared to my UV Lamp. I have small hands (ring size 5-6) and I feel like I have to group my fingers together to get them into the opening safely. I plan to try it in the next two weeks and then I’ll decide whether to keep or not. The price is good and it was delivered early.Update: 10/12/13 (went from 4 stars to 3) one for small opening and one for short cord.I’ll keep it but now that I’ve used it I’d like to offer a few more comments. I do feel cramped with the very small opening and don’t feel as though I can lay my fingers flat. I feel the heat from the LEDs on my middle 3 fingers as I try to place my fingers totally in the opening (my fingers are long for my small hands, but normal and my nails are short at this time, usually they’re long.My other concern is the very short cord, only 3 feet and I can barely use the Lamp because my plug is on the floor and my desk is normal height and it barely makes it. Again, I’m feeling very cramped (inside with small opening and outside with short cord). I’m trying to see if I can purchase another cord of longer length because that alone will keep me from using this lamp as much as my UV Lamp.It’s good to have a spare, it’s easy to use and I’ll be switching between my UV Lamp and my LED Lamp as I’m not sure end product is any different. I never felt the heat like this with my UV Lamp.

Vickie Shingle Springs, CA

works so far

Sometimes the buttons give me problems. I have to keep pushing to adjust the time. But ive had this for about 5 month and I really like it. My first light was a little more money and it took triple the time. I got it at sally’s. They over charge for everything. So I got this led off amazon to cut down on time verses my old Uv. For the price its worth it. Even if I have to replace in a year. But its a small problem and I don’t think I will. Otherwise I would have given five stars.

Geraldine Aguirre, PR