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MelodySusie Lastest Automatical LED Gel Lamp Light Nail Dryer for Harmony Gelish & LED Gels Nail Polish 30s-90s White + MelodySusie Nail Nipper

MelodySusie – Setting Your Own Salon At Home! Let Beauty Become Simple! Product Highlights: This MelodySusie LED lamp dryer is so magic; it not only can work above 35,000 hours but also can finish quick dry in seconds. It is non-harmful for our body; moreover, it’s setting time; therefore you can choose them freely as your actual request. Of course, the most important is that can be better to shine your fingers’ beauty and femininity. With this nail dryer, you don’t need to cure your thumb and other fingers separately anymore. You cannot but have it!! Details: 1. Volt: AC100-130V 60HZ AC200-250V 50HZ 2. Power: < 12W 3. Fixed time function: Set time is 30s, 60s, 90s 4. Induction of automatic open: Yes, put hand in lamp, the light open 5. Authentication: CE Package Include: 1 * MelodySusie Led Nail Dryer 1 * MelodySusie Nail Nipper Product Compatible Model: Please make sure whether your nail polish works with this product. If you use the wrong product, your gel will start peeling and cracking, moreover, it can't dry your polish at all. This LED nail dryer can work with LED nail polish such as below brand nail polish: Harmony Gelish/LED nail polish/Red Carpet Manicure/ORLY GEL FX/AGG/Gelicious etc Please note following brand nail polish can't work with LED nail dryer but UV nail dryer, we also have a series of high quality UV nail dryer to you choose; you can search our Amazon store: Loftek to find the one you like: CND/Shellac/OPI(gelcolor/axxium soak off gel) etc

Key features

  • Without hazardous materials inside, LED is good for environment
  • Energy-saving. LED is a low-power devices, low power consumption machine
  • The useful life is 5 years+ of nonstop working, normal LED Lamp’s life is 35,000-45,000 hours
  • Does not produce heat, therefore prevents skin from wrinkling and getting dark, not harm the hands, it’s safe
  • Fast dry time. LED Nail Lamp technology can cure gel nails in seconds, 10 to 30 seconds, it can vary based on gel

Honest reviews


toy quality

don’t waist your money on this. This is next to a toy. I honestly cannot understand why anyone would give more then two stars. It is very cheap quality. The second time I used it, one out of three LED light burnt out. Seller told me the dry time is depending on the gel product; however, cure time is as long as UV lamp with 3 products I’ve tried. It is WAY OVER PRICED for this product. How much do I think this is worth? $30 If I can bring back time, I’d save over $70 by ordering UV lamp then this piece of junk.

Gladys Montague, NJ

Great nail dryer!

I use this nail dryer with gel polish and with regular polish, and it dries both quickly and completely! I do not know how I ever lived without this product!

Tameka Cuba, KS


This is the best LED lamp. It works with every gel polish I have ever bought. It cures in 30 seconds. I love everything about this. So happy with this purchase. I would recommend to anyone.

Anastasia Voltaire, ND


LIFE LONG GREAT NAILS .. HAVE THROWN AWAY ALL MY OLD NAIL POLISH .. ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY GEL NAILS!Having done my own nails for decades (I’m a grandmother of 10!) I decided to investigate gel nails on the recommendation of my hair dresser. The below are my own tips as well as a synopsis of all the instructions I gleaned from other reviewers.The only thing I would add is that I chose to save a few dollars by purchasing the exact same unit but under a different name from Ebay .. under ” 12w LED Lamp Light Nail Polish Dryer” . I just checked and did not find the particular seller listed that I ordered from .. but there were numerous listed for about $80. I’ve found mine has worked just fine after 5 different gel changes.TIPS:a. I find it better to complete one step .. including the LED light .. with one hand at a time because the geldoes not dry at all .. causing smudges if I attempt to do the step on the 2nd hand without the LED light.b. I use a narrow orange stick and an old cleaned polish bottle filled with acetone to remove any gel touchinga cuticle or skin. I do this as I go as it is easier to do while wet .. IMPOSSIBLE after the LED light!c. Peeling: If you have tried thinner layers, and upping your cure time (try 1 min extra for UV, 30 sec extrafor LED) isn’t working, consider blaming your foundation coat formula, this was the culprit in my secondGelish kit.d. By searching and finally finding a regular nail polish (Sally Hansen “#350 Heart to Heart” Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Color) close to my gel polish (gelish “Tiger Blossum-Item #01334) I have been able to make my nails last up to nearly 4 weeks! Not looking great toward the end but tolerable! In the beginning it is merely “tipping” the nails .. ie using the #350 to color the tip of the nails after they wear off. I find I must do this nearly every day .. just do this as I put on my make up .. being careful of the finger tips as I apply my make up. Then as the gel gets to be 2-3 to 4 weeks old my nail beds have grown out at least 1/4″. I then carefully add the #350 around the upper nail bed .. then add a regular top coat to make it all shiny. I get another week out of it .. YEAH!1. GEL COLOR REMOVALa. Roughen the surface of the nail polish (Top It Off) to help the ACTETONE saturate into the layers below.b. take two small bowls. Put water in one and 100% acetone in the other. HEAT the one with the WATER so it is almost hot. Then I place the bowl with the acetone inside of the bowl with water. This will heat up the acetone and you will be amazed at the improved results. The HOTTER the WATER the WARMER the ACETONE. DO NOT HEAT THE ACETONE!! (FIRE HAZARD)c. Soak nails for approximately 10-15 minutes.d. What does not just literally drop off while soaking, gently scrape off what little is left.e. Always apply vitamin E oil to your nails and fingers after this process because the acetone is very drying.f. Then wash with soap and water and polish using the proper steps.*********2. USE the nail square buffer to lightly rough the surface of your nails.3. USE lint free cloth and swipe your nails with 91%+ alcohol. Use an orange stick to fully cleanaround cuticles with the alcohol. You don’t want any kind of oil on the nails.4a. Apply the Foundation Gel. Brush it on THINLY but cover your nail surface. Wrap a little aroundthe tips of your nails too. THINK THIN!4b. Use the LED light on the LED Foundation Gel for 30 seconds*5a. Apply the Structure Gel (used to strengthen weak nails). Brush it on THINLY but cover your nailsurface. Wrap a little around the tips of your nails too. THINK THIN!5b. Use the LED light on the LED Structure Gel for 90 seconds.6a. Apply two coats Gel Polish. Brush it on THINLY but cover your nail surface. Wrap a little aroundthe tips of your nails too. THINK THIN!6b. Use the LED light on the LED Structure Polish for 30 seconds.7a. Apply Top It Off topcoat. Brush it on THINLY but cover your nail surface. Wrap a little aroundthe tips of your nails too. THINK THIN!7b. Use the LED light on the LED Structure Gel for 60 seconds.8. Rub the topcoated nails with alcohol to get the sticky film off. When finished you will haveshiny, chip free nails!******TIPS I PICKED UP FROM OTHER REVIEWERS:*5a **I used a #6 flat gel brush to apply it very thinly, and it leveled nicely, cured thoroughly in 90 seconds to a high shine. I highly recommend this, as it is easy to apply and definitely adds strength to the nail. ****GELISH STRUCTURE GEL .. Purpose: Used to strengthen weak nails OR to equalize the level differences between the natural nail plate and applied false nail tips. Use this product after the Gelish Foundation step has been completed Directions: Apply 1-3 thin coats depending upon nail strength desired; curing between each application. When applying, I use a small flat brush and place a dot of gel into the center of my nail. Using a gentle swirling motion I cover the entire nail. You want to minimize the times you lift the brush from the product so as not to incorporate air bubbles. Once the nail is covered with the sculpting gel, turn your hand over keeping it level for 1 minute. This helps the applied gel to self level in a nicely rounded and natural shape. Cure as directed between each application. See requirements for the cure time needed Requirements: Gelish structure must be cured with an LED lamp or UV lamp system. LED cure time 30 seconds. 36W UV Lamp – 2 minutes Note: For me this is a must have product. I use it on the natural nail plate up to my false nail tip on the first and second application. This helps to equal out the level differences between the two. On the third application I cover the entire nail including the false tip. Polish as desired followed by the Gelish Top If Off as the final step . **. **Apply with a nail art brush. **I first applied the foundation coat, then dry brushed it, then applied the Structure Gel. I dry brushed that layer as well and finished applying layers as directed. The end result is fantastic. **The next time, I bought some pure acetone nail polish remover and it cleaned the brush like a dream **Debra Lynn Professional French Manicure Clean-Up Brush (Misc.) **Notice this is called a clean up brush. That is what it does. It will even up your French manicure very easily. Don’t know how anyone can do a French manicure without one. I wanted to try the French tip look with the CND Shellac process I do at home and purchased this brush for that specific purpose. This brush made even this amateur try look professional. This brush is well made and an easy weight in the hand. No bristles were loose nor have any fallen out. Would recommend highly recommend.

Lottie Rutherford, NJ

M.S 2012 Newest 12w LED Lamp Light Nail Polish Dryer

I have had this LED Lamp Light Nail Polish Dryer for about two months, and it works very well to cure my Gelish nail polish in half the time that the UV light nail polish dryer I previously used. Even though there is a very small risk of getting cancer from the UV light, I am a 14-year cancer survivor and wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything that might possibly cause cancer. I am very happy with it.

Johanna Cleveland, TX

Does the job – faster!

I got this lamp after using my mother’s. it does the job quickly and cleanly. The automatic setting is super convenient. Just stick your hand in and it pops on for you. My Aunt has a UV lamp, and it takes at least twice as long. (The directions with the gelish nail polish even tell you that.). If you’re going to be doing your nails pretty often, make the investment. It will pay for itself before long (you’re not going to the nail salon anymore!).I haven’t had this long, just about two months, but it’s been easy to use. It also arrived quickly and in the package advertised. Oh, it also is easy to use for pedicures because of the auto setting. (Just stick your foot in – bam! Dry!)So, I guess I recommend it! 😉

Christine Autaugaville, AL