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MelodySusie® Beautiful Long Dark Brown Curly Wave Stunning Wig Full Wig + MelodySusie® Wig Cap + MelodySusie® Wig Comb

MelodySusie – Bring Your Beauty Salon Home! MelodySusie Wigs – New Wigs, New Feelings, New You! Product Highlights: MelodySusie wig adopted 100% Matt high temperature fiber from South Korea, which is often known as Japanese silk. It is the best fiber material for wig. Its physical properties, appearance, color and texture are highly similar to real hair, look just like real hair. The wave and curls of the hair are specially designed to look completely natural. The internal is used with 100% breathable rose net. Two adjustment straps can be intertwined to a fixed position, and can be adjusted to different head sizes. It’s very easy to wear. All hair is well-designed, combining with TONI&GUY’s street fashion concept, so the layers, hairline and curls altogether generate a vivid and fashionable looking wig. Product Details: – Color: Dark Brown – Front: 25cm, Back: 80cm, Cap Size: Average – Wig Material: Imported from Kanekalon, Japan Product Included: 1 * MelodySusie wig 1 * MelodySusie wig cap 1 * MelodySusie wig comb What should I avoid? 1) Do not use heated styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons or hot rollers on your wig. 2) Do not brush your wig when wet. Can I cut my wig? Your wig comes with a basic style, but it can be cut and shaped by a professional hair stylist to customize the look. This is a great way to make the wig uniquely your own. Often, a little trim on the bangs and a little thinning here or there can make all the difference. Please Kindly Note: Only buy it from MelodySusie Direct to get authentic quality product and to qualify for full after-sale service.

Key features

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  • The color brightens your skin and makes you fashionable and charming
  • Unique and stylish long hair wig looks like your real hair, natural pretty and feminine
  • These wigs are made of soft thick lustrous Kanekalon which are durable enough for long term use
  • Item also includes a MelodySusie wig cap to help you wear the wig and create a neat looking

Honest reviews


wrong color

I asked for dark brown and they sent me light brown. Did not even open it as this needs to go back asap!

Francesca Joiner, AR


This thing stinks and is not a dark brown its a light brown. It is produced in China and I just wonder if they are adhering to American production standards, it shouldn’t smell like funky chemicals. Also, it doesn’t look like this picture, it’s really thick from above the shoulders but gets really think after that, like long Cindy Brady pigtails. Luckily I ordered it through Amazon and I am going to send it back. It could be ok for a costume but seriously, the smell just makes you wonder how it was made.

Ida Athens, GA

M.S Beautiful Long Dark Brown Curly Wave Stunning Wig Full Wig

Placed my order Oct. 19 received the item Oct. 24 so it got to me pretty early which is good. OMG this wig is the BOMB.COM it is so soft the color is awesome and it was what I order. The quality is phenemenol for the price. This wig is better than a lot of beauty store wig I have bought. LOVE IT!!! Will be ordering againThe BEST synthetic wig I ever had

Katina Lavonia, GA

Good for the price!

Just as I expected at this price, it’s a nice wig for photos and cam-use where people can see details or anything close up. It’s definitely not a wig I would wear in public, simply because the part is unrealistic and the hair itself is.. well.. synthetic. It began to tangle after a few uses/weeks, and will tangle even more quickly if not put on a wig holder/mannequin when not in use. It’s good for short term use and maybe cosplay, but nothing serious. If you want something that looks real, get a human-hair wig.

Tabatha Star, TX

Pretty good but not for bed, Gift for mom.

My mother has gotten sick of coloring her hair so after seeing the wigs I’ve bought and destroyed for my dolls to have new hair, She was curious about them since I told her she could curl them and such. She wanted a Dark brown wig and this is a really nice wig, It’s like real hair, No one even realized it was a wig.It’s not quite as dark as the picture shows though for the ‘dark brown’The only thing was she slept in it, I spent almost 5 hours trying to fix it, I finally decided to just buy her a new one with my allowance.I’m going to make her keep the other one for sleeping.

Leeann Walnut Cove, NC

Three Stars

Good to play for fun from time to time. But you get what you paid. Not like nature hair.

Lenore Elkton, SD

Not what I expected

I bought this wig because I wanted to wear something that I could hide my un-natural hair color with to make it easier to find a job. It was really really shiny and didn’t really look real to me. The curls were also very untamed. It’s an okay wig I guess. Still looking though.

Beverly King George, VA

Met all my expectations and more!

I ordered the MS712-curly black.I wear wigs daily so it’s very important to me that the wig is high quality. And usually I wear one at a time until it’s worn out.It actually does look exactly like the stock pictures which I was concerned about, since wigs usually NEVER do. The color is a warm black, with very slight reddish tones in it (only noticeable super up close). It has adjustable straps (no combs) and a pretty average cap size. The hair are of average quality, maybe like a $35 wig at a beauty supply store. It IS heat safe but on low-medium heat. I don’t know the exact temperature because my straightener is just on/off. If you’re going to straighten it TEST IT ON A SMALL STRIP OF HAIR FIRST. One that is towards the bottom and can be hidden. I do not know if all of these wigs are the same! The hair is pretty thick but if you want it to look like the mannequin you have to fluff it out with your fingers a bit. It does tangle but you can’t really tell, and it’s not a big deal. Shedding was little to none.What I did love was how THICK the bangs are! They’re really nice as sidebangs (no need to cut them!) but I cut them straight across and there’s no awkward gaps due to thin hair. I also cut the hair to about 4 inches. I’m 5’4 and before cutting it, it came to the bottom of my rib cage.The comb it came with was super cute but I don’t like it much. Also the wig cap is pretty much crap. It’s extremely small and I couldn’t fit it properly on my head…and I have a small head.

Lynette Mackay, ID

Great for every day!

I have alopecia, so I wear wigs on a daily basis. This was an impulse order to have a longer wig, but it is now my daily use wig! It looks so real,,and is very full. It feels just like real human hair! Sometimes I have to comb the bangs just so, so the cap doesn’t show underneath, but it’s been easy to fix. I love it!

Dawn Dorsey, IL

Looks better on the pictured Manikin and I got the wrong color!

Looks better on the pictured Manikin and I got a dark brown when I actually ordered a the light brown, so I ended up giving it to my daughter who enjoys playing dress up – she gets a kick out of this wig so it’s not a complete bust on this purchase!Thanks,~ SkyLee

Michele Barto, PA

Better than X&Y Angel wigs

This is a great wig that I’ve already worn twice with a costume, and once to cover a dirty hair day. I really like it! It’s soft, has minimal shedding, is relatively easy to style and comes with a nice wig comb and wig cap. I trimmed up the bangs and cut off a couple of inches off the back. Even though I’ve combed it gently a few times, it always bounces back to it’s original curl… which I like. The costume that I wore was a BatGirl costume, which had a cape that I opted not to wear. The cape attached at the shoulders with Velcro. Due to that darn Velcro being exposed, it got pretty tangled, but it was easy enough to comb out. Other than that, I didn’t get many tangles, especially on the dirty-hair-and-in-a-rush day. I ordered mine through Melodie Susie, Direct (shipped through Amazon)… which might help considering some of the vendors don’t always send the pictured wig.

Fay Bellevue, MI

Nice wig

My girlfriend love the different look she can accomplish with using wig. her hair is short so wigs come in handy when going out. Gets many complements.

Della Santo Domingo Pueblo, NM

Love it!

This item was exactly how it was pictured! I love it! I had to trim it a little because it was a little uneven in the back but I Love it! and you can’t beat the price either!

Taylor Letohatchee, AL

Horrible Wig

I was really excited about getting a wig with long hair. So when I got this one and put it on looked so fake. My husband and kids laughed at meAnd told me not to wear in public. It doesn’t look so fake if you put hat on over it.

Claudia Wyola, MT

Holy authenticity, Batman!

This wig is AMAZING. First of all, it comes beautifully packaged with a wig cap and wig comb. It is beautifully made and looks very natural. My friends were shocked at the quality, and one even said, "look at the top part. It looks exactly like real hair, even the way it falls." We all then took turns checking it out, and it really is soft and durable. Don’t waste your money with any other wigs. I am dressing as little red riding hood from Once Upon a Time, and this wig totally makes the costume.

Cecile Rutledge, AL

Very Good!

Arrived promptly and in good conditions. I have no complaints. This wig has far exceeded my expectations. Long with perfect curls. This wig is the quality of a real wig(real hair, expensive wig). It does tangle a little but not to bad. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. I am very happy. It is a beautiful wig and I am very Happy. Fast service as well. I will buy again.

Helen Morrison, IA


This was one of 3 wigs purchased – all worked out great – and were beautiful through 2 months of dress rehearsals and performances. Used both long and styled in elaborate 1900’s up dos. Used argon oil to keep conditioned. Recommend using a wig comb and brush for styling. Did some trimming on ends for freighing. Very long wig – so no problem – Still looks great. THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

Edith Sage, AR

I love this wig!!

I ordered this wig with the intention of getting one use out of it. However, it was it much better condition than I expected. I have already worn it once and it is still is GREAT condition! I will say that it was a bit longer than I anticipated and it is a one-length hairstyle so I will be trimming the ends and adding a few slight layers before wearing it again but that is not a complaint for me.

Carole Sullivan, KY

Not too bad for the price

I bought this specifically for home use; I did not wear it in public. It was fun to do something a little different, and the wig looks realistic enough. It was super long – like to the top of my butt, but the great part is that you can trim it to whatever length you want. I loved the sexy waves but cut it to the middle of my back.I’m not sure I personally would ever wear this in public, but you could probably pull it off. You just need to take some time to come it and style it. The only downside is the bangs part. It is NOT as pictured and needs some finesse with the wig comb to make things look natural there.

Lorie Cullom, IL

Dark Brown Wig

It arrived QUICKLY, which is awesome, I was a bit surprised at how long the wig was on me, but nonetheless, I like it. I bought this originally for a cosplay but it is SO natural looking that I might end up wearing it occasionally! I even posted a pic on here on how it looks on me in general. VERY good, would recommend!

Zelda Ivor, VA

love it but….

Love it this wig long and nice color…. But it tangles too fast but for the price its nice and would buy another one!

Elise Core, WV


LOVEEEEEEEEEE this wig. It did not tangle easily and looks really natural with side part, or even a middle part.

Louella Jones, OK


ditto for this wig as the short one I purchased so managable doesnt get tangly and dreaded easy to pick out gently I usually wash it in baby shampoo and conditioner in ice water for about three days for all my wigs really and this one just I dont even have to pick it half the time..I know the price is unreal but the wig is more sereal than anything…dawn

Alexis Joshua, TX

Really cute!

This wig is gorgeous considering the price I paid for it. I even took pics for my Facebook in it and got a bunch of likes. Its does tangle a bit but thats to be expected with all synthetic hair. To control that I just went ahead snipped it because it was extremely long and I still take pics in it 🙂

Raquel Hannah, ND


Very long, very nice. It looks somewhat realistic, as my friends thought it was my hair with extensions, but feels very fake. It’s more suited for dress-up and costumes, as opposed to everyday.

Kathy Mullins, SC

soft but not light brown

I absolutely love this wig. It’s super soft and beautiful. It would have gotten 5 stars if it had ACTUALLY been light brown. It is a dark brown with some Carmel low lights.

Stacie Eastlake Weir, FL

Pleasantly surprised!

I bought a $20 wig for one of my daughters and it was awful. It was tangled, one of the ponytail clips broke during the second wear and it was simply terrible. I returned it and ordered a $50 wig to replace it. The $50 wig is awesome, but for twice the price of the original wig, I would hope so. After that ordeal, I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I ordered this wig for another daughter. The low price scared me despite the four-star average because the terrible $20 wig I originally ordered also had a high rating. Well, some low-cost items are truly nice! This wig looks great on my daughter. When she tried it on, it looked so natural and blended so perfectly with her skin tone and face, I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t her real hair. Despite being shipped wrapped in plastic and boxed, the curls were nice and fluffy and my daughter absolutely loves it. The only thing worth mentioning is that the black wig is more very dark brown than jet black. The photo is actually a very good representation of the wig color but some people may order expecting a darker or pure black wig. If you absolutely want pure jet black, this isn’t that color. The brownish black color actually makes the wig look more natural on my daughter, so we are more than happy. It’s the best $25 wig ever!

Flora Salyersville, KY

Alright wig

I didn’t think about the quality of the fibers this wig would be made of. The hair looks like doll hair and tangles very easily. The dark brown isn’t really dark brown and there are no combs to provide secure attachment. It’s a nice style and was cheap.

Millie Alakanuk, AK

MelodySusie Beautiful Long Dark Brown Curly Wave Stunning wig.

Beautiful Long wavy believable wig. Compares to units I’ve spent 75.00 -300.00 for! I get lot’s of compliments on my "hair"… people tell me they would never believe it was a wig, until I told them. Very Light Light shedding, only when brushed. No fake shine, like most synthetics. Color is gorgeous. I got Dark brown and Light brown. Since It’s so very long, use a wig spray detangler each night when you take it off and put it away, and it will keep the ends soft. It is heat friendly, so you can smooth the ends down every few weeks with your flat iron, and it will not damage it. I love mine, so this is the reason, this is the third one I have purchased, and most definitely not the last. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have mine. You won’t regret your purchase. When you receive the pretty little pink box, professionally packaged, you will be able to tell the difference at once! 🙂

Dale Iron, MN


this wig is gorgeous and exactly as shown. the fibers are awesome and it brushes easily with a wig comb or brush without tangling up. I can’t believe the value of this wig for the super-duper price!

Kristy Cresson, PA