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MelanSol 100% Natural Sunscreen SPF 30, 3.4 Ounce

We formulated melansol 100% natural sunscreen SPF-30 as an extreme sunscreen for very fair skin during lengthy sun exposure and not for casual daily use. Because of the active ingredient, titanium dioxide, lies on top of your skin to safely reflect or scatter UV light, it will have a slight whitening effect when applied. MelanSol SPF-30 is broad spectrum–tested high for both UVA and UVB filtering. It reflects up to 97% of UV light and is recommended during lengthy sun exposure for skin that always burns and never tans. We recommend melansol SPF 10 for a daily wear sunscreen. All melansol skin care products are certified 100% natural by the npa. All ingredients have been awarded the natural products association (npa) green seal. The green seal certifies that each ingredient, and the way it was processed before being included in the formula, is completely 100% chemical free. MelanSol SPF 30 protects better because it has natural antioxidant technology. This technology soaks into your skin to detoxify free radicals, which helps prevent sunburn, sagging skin, wrinkles, age spots, non-melanoma skin cancer, and slow skin aging. The additional natural ingredients condition, hydrate, nourish, rejuvenate, and help skin repair. Peace of mind and optimum health is priceless, so use this soothing sunscreen generously all over your face and body, especially around your eyes. People love it because it doesn’t burn their eyes. MelanSol SPF-30 starts protecting the moment it’s applied, has a light citrus fragrance that dissipates in a few minutes, and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes. Check out our complete list of ingredients–not just the ones we think you will recognize.

Key features

  • Certified 100% natural antioxidant rich lotion
  • For lengthy and extreme periods of sun exposure
  • For skin that always burns and never tans
  • Broad spectrum–rated high UVA and UVB won’t burn eyes
  • Conditions, hydrates, nourishes, and rejuvenates, and helps skin repair

Honest reviews


I hate almost everything about this

The only good thing about this sunscreen is that it is 100% natural. That’s a big deal to me, so I will use it on my kids just for that. But honestly, I hate everything else about this. The smell is disgusting–just like bug repellant. The consistency is terrible–I got a lot of pure oil on my hands before I got anything like a lotion to come out of the tube. It separates horribly. I did try shaking it, but I don’t think it helped. Once on, it feels gross–sticky and oily–the kind of thing you want to wash off immediately. It must have a lot of zinc oxide in it because it made me look even paler, almost vampiric, since it was so white going on. I would be embarrassed to be seen in public with this stuff smeared all over my face and body. I won’t be using this one on myself; just the kids, and I won’t be buying it again!

Hester Cornelius, NC

Smooth and works!

As you can see in the product description, the ingredients are natural, although I’m sure some purists will find something to quibble about. If you really want 100% natural, use a parasol. ;)I’ve used this in the hot African sun and it works effectively.

Rosanne Dover, OK

A little different, but I liked it….

Ok, first I’d like to admit that at first try I was not over the moon with the product. It didn’t smell like sunscreen (you know, all beachy and pleasant) and it came out kind of runny. It smelled a little weird…maybe the green tea scent? Then I tried it the next day and did a few things…came in with an open mind, kneaded the tube a little (which mixed the ingredients together and I found, it wasn’t runny, it had settled). So, this is not a white colored sunscreen, it is kind of beige, like an apricot skin scrub….different, but fine. The smell of it didn’t linger and once put on just didn’t smell much at all. The coverage was very good, I went walking with the hubby and we both wore it (pasty white people that we are…) and enjoyed a stroll by the shoreline for a couple hours. No burning and after washing hands the sunscreen that I had put on the backs of mine seemed to stay on. Kind of the same feeling as you get when you buy a moisturizer that stays on through hand washings. It is a medium consistency and didn’t feel overly greasy or heavy. Though different than what I expected I expect this once will be a nice one to throw in our bag that we take to the local baseball games where our seats are in the sun. If you are looking for a pretty smelling, white sunscreen you probably won’t want this one, but if you are very fair and want a sunscreen that is bare bones and means business this just may be the ticket. We both liked and I would definitely consider purchasing this when my tube is used up.

Audra Hovland, MN


This sunscreen had separated by the time I received it. I shook it well to try and reincorporate everything. It has the look of thin clay as you squeeze it out of the tube. The smell is sort of on the unpleasant side of neutral…not really bad, but not particularly pleasant either…sort of an herbal, medicinal smell. It leaves a little bit of a white sheen when rubbing it into the skin, like other mineral-based sunscreens. I’ve not had the opportunity to test its ability as a sunblock but will return to add more about that in a month or so. In the meantime, based on everything else, I would not be likely to purchase this product.

Adrienne Orange Park, FL

At last I have found the perfect sunscreen for me

I live on what we in these parts of west-central Florida call the “Florida Suncoast,” famous not only for the record amount of sunny and warm days but for miles and miles of prime beaches on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.Living here as a woman of certain age, a day never goes by without the use of a good sunscreen to protect my skin, especially if I am outdoors for any length of time. I think I have tried them all. Many of these products I have discarded, not because they didn’t work, but because I have reacted so badly to them. They may have chemicals that make me itch or break out in a rash, or they may have an unnatural fragrance that gives me a headache or makes me sick, or they simply leave a ghastly film that makes me look like a pasty, sticky ghost.At last I have found the perfect sunscreen for me! It is this MELANSOL, a 100% natural sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection.MelanSol is different from other chemical sunscreens I have tried. Traditional sunscreens use chemical active ingredients to absorb sunlight on the skin. All natural sunscreens use FDA approved active ingredients that safely reflect sunlight away from the skin. MelanSol is formulated to help prevent sunburn by helping the body protect itself in two different ways, instead of just one. The first line of defense is zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, natural active ingredients that safely reflect a high percentage of UV rays away from the skin. The second level of protection is a special combination of potent all natural antioxidants that help the body fight the buildup of free radicals–rogue molecules that form on the skin when its exposed to UV rays. Free radicals are the cause of sunburn and long-term skin damage that can lead to basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. Recent studies have concluded that chemicals contained in traditional sunscreens can be harmful to both our bodies and the environment as they decompose–possibly contributing to skin cancer. Our skin is the largest organ our bodies have and what we put on the skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.So it is a relief for me to know that MelanSol is completely free of chemical contamination and has no chemical active ingredients, synthetic preservatives, colors or synthetic fragrances. It contains no alcohol, is BPA free as well as gluten-free, and is not tested on animals.MelanSol contains Bio-Melanin, an antioxidant I had never heard of before. I researched it and found out that it is real date phytomelanin, a dark brown pigment, extracted from the fruit of the date palm. Melanin protects the date fruit from intense solar radiation found in the desert environment. Bio-Melanin, a dynamic super anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger, has a one thousand times greater capacity than vitamin E, for capturing and terminating free radicals.MelanSol is hands down the best sunscreen for face and body that I have ever used. It goes on clearly and has a light, natural fragrance of citrus, lavender and eucalyptus, It moisturizes beautifully and feels wonderfully nourishing on my skin.MelanSol is expensive but you know what? My skin is worth it. And so is yours.

Madge Standish, ME

Did a great job!

I have incredibly WHITE skin and burn in moments of being in the sun. I have been looking for an all natural good sunblock. This works! I was out in the sun for 3 hours today and don’t have any evidence of it. Now, this block doesn’t rub in nicely – it leaves a slight white tint because of the nature of the ingredients. But, it worked great! – Without irritating my skin!! I highly recommend!

Lorene Klamath, CA


The texture and consistency of the MelanSol was a bit hard for me to get used to; I’ve law au wound up with cream or lotion sunscreens. The MelanSol is a thick, golden goo. It goes on greasy, but I’ve come to appreciate that quality as it’s obvious where you’ve applied it, and it’s easy to spread. It does eventually disappear, which serves as a gentle reminder to apply sunscreen well before you’ll actually need it.I have very fair skin and can burn in Spring’s first walk around the yard. I’m the MelanSol’s target consumer. It works, and it works well. There are no weird ingredients, and it neither smells flowery nor medicinal. It’s expensive, but so’s a dermatologist. Just remember to apply it 15 to 30 minutes before you go out into the sun, try to stay out of the sun during peak hours, and reapply frequently if you’re swimming. It’s good stuff.

Mallory Seward, PA

An all natural sunscreen

I’ve been looking for a product like this for a long time. Many other ‘natural’ sunscreens I’ve looked at either don’t have good reviews or are not all natural. This sunscreen smells good, but not like ‘regular’ sunscreens – you won’t get that Coppertone smell! The odor is light and pleasant. When you squeeze the lotion out it looks a bit beige, when you apply it to your face it looks whitish and greasy. On me, both the whitish and greasy look went away in a few minutes. The lotion was comfortable to wear, it sunk into my skin and my fingers didn’t come away greasy after touching it. I like that this product is recommended both for long term wear, and lets you know you should apply it after 40 min if on/in the water. I also liked that SPF 10 was recommended for daily wear without prolonged exposure. Yes it is pricey, more in line with a cosmetic lotion – this is what you will pay for quality ingredients which are good for your skin. I’m happy to have a truly all natural sunscreen option and would definately recommend this product.

Laurel Corsicana, TX

Good Stuff

This has a nice fresh scent, not too strong, not floral. It comes out beige but spreads nicely on the skin with no color. It’s not greasy. I would say it works even though I don’t spend a lot of time in the sun. I mainly use this for my daily walk. It does not break out my face. I like it but I think it’s over priced. I don’t feel any sunscreen should be over $10 at the most.

Tammy Bossier City, LA

Natural ingredients but not scent free or hypoallergenic and it also comes out with tacky texture that makes your skin whiter.

Sunscreen is important and the MeanSol which is 100% natural appealed to me. It sounds good because it includes: antioxidants, bio-melanin, and green tea. However, natural is not hypoallergenic. It is not scent free and has a rather strong tea like fragrance that is a bit sweet. It turned me off and may not appeal to others with a sensitive nose. I like that that is water resistant for up to 40 min and is comes out like a thin lotion. But it also leaves a sticky, chalky texture on your skin and since it contains titanium dioxide it gives you a pale/pasty color which people may not like on their face. Right now I currently only use it on my arms or legs but generally I prefer to use my other sunscreens.Natural ingredients but not scent free or hypoallergenic and it also comes out with tacky texture that makes your skin whiter.

Young Lost City, WV

Worth the Price

After the scare of a basal cell melanoma on my face, I take no chances with sunscreen. My doctor has advised the daily use of SPF 30, so I was happy to discover MelaanSol 100% Natural Sunscreen. It doesn’t make me smell like a coconut and while one ingredient is green tea, neither do I smell like a Japanese restaurant when I wear it. Other ingredients include Vitamin E and Bio-Melanin: Good stuff.I like that the product is water resistant, though the label clearly states a time limit of 40 minutes for this feature, which is helpful.Two caveats: the formula is a bit rich and creamy, and made my face slightly greasy. I would not suggest it for people whose skin is normal-to-oily. Also, it’s costly.

Queen Hurt, VA

So far, so good!

So far, so good! This sunscreen has given me good protection from the sun.Like other reviewers, when I first opened the tube, there was some separation. It required a good shake, and hasn’t been an issue since.The sunscreen is an ugly grayish-brown color, but once you put it on, you can’t even tell you’re wearing it. No whiteness, color, or visible residue. I like that!It’s not too thick, and smoothes on pretty well.The smell isn’t that great, but once the sunscreen is on, I don’t even notice it.The one drawback is the price–it’s pretty steep. Other than that, this sunscreen seems like a good choice!

Shana Golden, TX

not my pick of sunscreen…

Although I have but been able to test this product or on the full heat of the sun, I can already say that I don’t like it all that much. (I will test it in the sun when I get the chance and definitely edit this review if my opinion changes.) Here are my reasons for disliking the MelanSol sunscreen.First, when I opened it up, the oil has already separated a bit and it needed a good shake. (Not to big of a deal)Second, the lotion is a different color than I expected and I first wondered if it was still good. It is somewhat of a grayish color and looked a little gritty – although it didn’t feel it.Third, I checked the expiration date and it expires in May of this year. I only ordered this sunscreen in the middle of February abs it seems to me that it should last a little longer than that. I was hoping to use it through the summer but it didn’t look like that will be happening.Fourth, the smell is not too pleasant. It’s hard to pinpoint what it smells like but honestly my first thought was paint.Some good things about the product… it did not leave me with a greasy feeling on my skin and it did not seem to come off with water.

Dianna Ypsilanti, ND

A nice Natural Sunsreen

We picked this up for winter vacation and it was nice sunscreen to have – we didn’t burn and over all felt it great product.

Gertrude Alexandria, SD

Works nicely. No burning

I have very fair skin that never tans. Walking in the sun without protection results in burns within about half hour at midday, so sunscreen is a must. I’m in Tampa this week – 80 degrees and bright sunny days – so I thought I’d try this new sunscreen. It worked well and protected my skin. No burns or redness. Out of the container, the screen is a tan ointment-like gel. It goes on easily and does not have a strong scent though the smell that is present isn’t particularly pleasing. While at first I thought that it would be a little greasy, that feeling passes within a few seconds after application. There is no obvious indication that you have applied sunscreen – that is, you can’t see the product once it has been applied and rubbed into your skin. It doesn’t appear to stain fabrics or transfer to clothing in any way.

Tamera Keyser, WV

smelly and not mixed together well

When I first squeezed out a bit of this sunscreen, I noticed that it had separated in the tube. There was a very clear liquid and a solid white cream that were not mixed together. I tried shaking the tube vigorously, but that didn’t seem to help much.Because of the strange consistency, I decided to try just a little bit of the sunscreen on my hands, as a test before putting it on my face or arms. Unfortunately, the scent was so strong that I had a headache after ten minutes, and I had to wash it off before I was able to actually test it outside to see if it prevented sunburn. I am fairly sensitive to strong smells, so other people might not have this problem if they are ok with scents. I will say that it seemed like a fairly natural smell; it reminded me of being stuck inside a greenhouse or surrounded by drying herbs.Needless to say, given the strong scent and the consistency issues, I won’t be using this product.

Monika Chapman, NE

So Far So Good

Due to the record level of snow days and cold temperatures I’ve experienced this spring (Global Warming my substantial rear end!) I have been unable to completely test this sunscreen that I selected in February (Yeah, that was well thought out!), but I will give you what I’ve got and promise to finish my testing and update this review when summer comes,…IF summer ever comes….First, the foil seal came off inside the plastic cap, which is probably not how it is supposed to come off.Second, unlike some reviewers, my product hadn’t separated inside the tube.Third, there is no strong odor.Fourth, my sensitive, rash prone skin did not react to it nor did I experience any other allergy symptoms.Fifth, the product did not soak in but instead formed a visible barrier on top of the skin still visible 40 minutes later.Sixth, the product did not rinse off when splashed with water.Seventh, the product felt good, felt soothing on my skin.Now, if the product will only protect against sunburn!

Ellen Greycliff, MT

Not perfect but better than a lot of other sunscreens

I am always in search of a good sunscreen– I have pale, sensitive skin and I react to a lot of the chemicals in most standard brands. I not only burn after a few minutes in the sun, I often get an itchy rash (not because of sunscreens- the rash occurs when I don’t wear any sunscreen). I really need a product that protects my skin from the sun– but I hate the "ghost white" appearance that so many natural products create. So I hold out hope when I hear of a "natural" product that might finally work for me. And, while this product is not perfect, it is doesn’t cause the sensitivity issues that other products I’ve tried (Neutrogena, Coppertone, Aveeno, etc.).Good: Soaks in rather quickly so initial greasy feel goes away. Funky color (whitish/gray) also soaks in and disappears. And I just use some face powder over it which brings back some color and decreases the shine (of course that tip probably works better for women). Doesn’t cause irritation, itching, etc. Seems to be good for sensitive skin. Offers good sun protection.Not-so-good: You have to shake it first– and even then you get oily residue out of the tube. Funky smell– I’m thinking it might be the green tea (which is not a smell I like) but something makes it smell like musty pine. The funky color (again, I’m thinking the green tea…) is a turn-off, but, as I mentioned, does seem to dissipate after applying. I also wish the spf were higher than 30– personally I do better with a higher level of protection.I’m going to keep using it and I am generally pleased so far.

Deana Manassa, CO

Works well and I like the fact that it is natural ingredients.

This is a really good sun block. I have been trying to find a good natural sunscreen and this one is pretty good. With the natural ingredients, though, it seems to separate in the tube, as others have noted. At least I am guessing it is due to the natural ingredients. Still it has done a decemt job for me as I live in Phoenix and need to have a good sunblock as I have fair skin and tend to burn easily.The price is a bit steep, in my opinion, but then most natural products cost more to make. Still it is the best natural sunscreen that i have tried.

Denise Cecil, WI

Works Great Once You Get It Mixed

This is a high quality sun screen that works great, has a nice texture, and feels good on your skin. My only complaints….the high price, and also the fact that it often comes out of the bottle not mixed particularly well. As others have noted the components can seem separated, requiring you to apply carefully. Otherwise a good product.

Herminia Hamel, MN

Protect your Skin with MelanSol

It is very important that I use sun screen when out in the sun. Living in central Texas we get many sunny day and plenty hot day in the summer so sun screen is important. This sunscreen was quite different from others I have used it says it is all natural with antioxidents, Natural Vitamin E, Bio-Melanin and green tea. That sure sounds like it is filled with natural products and is SPF 30 which should give one good sun protection. It also states it is water resistant so if you have humid weather you can wear this sun screen and not worry about getting sun burned.I must say it has a different aroma almost metallic so no flowery odor but it covers well and is smooth and spreads well over your skin. I am or was blond and had very light skin so I need to protect it whenever I am working in my yard or playing golf. I always keep a tube of sunscreen in my golf cart so can re-apply more sunscreen through out playing 18 holes of golf.This is a little on the expensive side for the amount that is in this tube but most sunscreens you see in the store are all fairly expensive. Get what works for your skin it is something you want to take care of in the hot sun.

Justine Trinity, NC

not the best, or best priced “natural” sunscreen

My husband was the guinea pig for this product.As others have noted, the product had separated in the tube and it was impossible to fully integrate the oil into the base product.For $30 a tube (almost $9/ounce!) the product should be reliably mixed and fully usable from top to bottom of tube.Scent: not pleasant, not offensive, not overpoweringCoverage: like most of the really good sunscreens we use this went on with that odd, heavy, feeling. But, like the others, it quickly settled in and created a nice layer of protection without white streaks.My husband doesn’t have sensitive skin and this product didn’t create any issues for him.He is in the sun a LOT and has given the effectiveness of this product a good run and it works terrific.That said, we won’t be buying it in the future because the Blue Lizard products work just as well for us, have higher EWG scores and are substantially less money. Since one or both of us are outside just about everyday we go through a lot of sunscreen–cost and quality issues matter greatly.

Hilary Danville, GA

Great Sunscreen!

I have been looking for a sunscreen that does not contain chemicals. We live in Hawaii and use sunscreen on a daily basis. I have tried many sunscreens. Most of them work well, but reading some of the articles about regular sunscreen and how it can cause cancer made me want to try MelanSol without the chemicals.The sunscreen is thick and creamy. It absorbs fast and does not leave an oily residue. I like the scent, it is not very strong and dissipates after a few minutes of applying. The sunscreen protects just as described. Went snorkeling for about an hour and did not burn. It might be a bit more expensive, but you also do not need as much.

Priscilla Mclean, NE

Great Sunscreen, Steep Price

I love that this sunscreen is 100% natural so I do not have to worry about chemical reactions on my skin. It goes on clear when absorbed, so I do not have to worry about having a "white cast" that you can get from mineral sunscreen. The price is on the steep side but its comparable to the "higher tier" sunscreens. For example Shiseido suncreen is about $35 for 2.1 oz while MelanSol is 3.4 oz with no chemicals that the Shiseido one might have (Shiseido sunscreen is not natural). Of course in Shiseido’s case, you are buying a brand, but the most important thing should be the ingredients that your body absorbs over time. And in this case, natural beats brand image.It does have a slight smell but the smell goes away after application, and I can trust that it water resistant for up to 40 minutes. My only wish is that it would be slightly cheaper.

Beatrice Pilot Knob, MO

Passed a 3-Week Yucatan Test

Got a tube of this right before our trip to Playa del Carmen and Cancun. I have fair skin, that doesn’t tan easily. Spouse has skin that tans nicely, but she usually slathers sunscreen on exposed skin. Other reviews accurately describe the consistency, fragrance, and appearance of this sunscreen. At first, I wasn’t sure this was for me. The active ingredient, TiO2, is a pigment for white paint. Because it has high reflectivity, it prevents the harmful rays from penetrating the skin (in theory). Well, it works! I used it on my face, mostly, and after 3 weeks, my face has a nice flush to it, but not the beet red I usually experience. And, I am experiencing NO peeling or blistering. Generally, I hate most sunscreens because they seep into the corners of my eyes and burn, burn, burn. Not so with MelanSol. My wife likes it too, but mentioned it does take a while for it to absorb. It is about 4 times more expensive than the sunscreens I usually buy, but a little of this goes a long way. We still have plenty left for the summer. I will definitely purchase more of this product.

Trudy Thurston, OR

Soapy smell and way too expensive.

It is a liquid gel that smells like soap and not pleasant. After you apply it to your skin, it seems to soak in within a minute or two. I’m not sure yet about the protection as that would take some time to determine how well it works. I don’t think I will use this product though because of the texture and soapy smell. EWG rates this as a moderate with a 3 for overall score which is relatively good. But there are much better sunscreen products for less money.

Lynn Duncans Mills, CA

Goes on greasy but does not stay greasy

Finally had a chance to try this now that the sun has started shining. My initial reaction was that it seemed really greasy. It seems to be a design flaw, by the bottle being stored upside down, all the oil that separates from the lotion comes out of the tube before any lotion does.However, once you get the lotion applied to your skin, it is not greasy at all. I applied to my face and my arms, as those were the only exposed areas. I was in and out of the sun, and driving, for 5 hours today. I never felt greasy once, I did not burn at all, and I did not notice any smell whatsoever.So, the product itself is good. The packaging design could use some work.

Cherry Vilas, NC