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MelanSol 100% Natural Sunburn Relief Gel, 3.4 Ounce

Sunburn and sun stressed skin is something you never expect, however, when it does occur, having effective chemical free relief that strikes at the heart of what is causing your pain and suffering is priceless. MelanSol sunburn relief gel is formulated with strong natural antioxidant technology that immediately soaks in and eliminates free radicals that have overrun your body’s natural ability to protect itself from them. When the free radicals are gone, your pain, suffering, redness, and hot skin will greatly diminish. If you apply this gel as soon as the sunburn has occurred, you will greatly limit, or even eliminate, the amount of peeling you experience in the days afterwards. It contains a good amount of aloe, yet aloe alone is not enough. The 15 natural ingredients in melansol have been hand selected because they are natures best at controlling inflammation, rejuvenating and repairing skin, and eliminating the cause of your painful condition. This formula is also highly effective on sun stressed skin, skin irritations, contact dermatitis, skin inflammation, eczema, and psoriasis. The average sunburn product relies on chemicals combined with lidocaine, a topical analgesic that numbs your skin so you don’t feel so bad. You might feel better, however, because you haven’t eliminated the real cause of the sunburn, the excessive amount of free radicals, your skin damage will continue without being halted. A common sense sun care plan should always include an effective 100% natural sunburn solution and melansol is one of the best. Its convenient travel size tube is light and easy for any trip. Keep it on your boat, in your beach or sport bag, under your medicine cabinet, just about anywhere so it’s ready to assist you when you need it. For increased hydration, use melansol sunburn relief gel together with melansol 100% natural moisturizer.

Key features

  • Aloe, calendula, natural mixed vitamin E, bio-melanin, chamomile, and green tea
  • Alleviates the root cause of sunburn pain and redness
  • Conditions, nourishes, rejuvenates, and helps skin repair
  • Soothes sun stressed skin
  • Effective on eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions

Honest reviews


whats not to love?

Smells nice, works well. Aloe Vera is were its at for sun burns and rashes. I keep it by my bedside.

Rachelle Queen City, TX

Good Product – But There Are Far Less Expensive Options

This is a nice gel that feels good on the skin without being too sticky. However, at almost thirty dollars a tube I did not find it to be superior to many other sunburn relief products that cost a third or half as much.

Mattie Yukon, WV


My tween got an unintended sunburn on his neck and shoulders. It wasn’t very bad but it was apparently uncomfortable enough that he mentioned it.Fortunately, I had MelanSol on hand. It comes out of the tube as a dirty-brick colored fluid. It went on fairly smoothly and it soothed my boy’s skin enough that he didn’t mention his sunburn again.SUMMARYWorked on a light sunburn on a very pale tween. The fluid isn’t particularly attractive but once you rub it on you don’t see any color. My son commented that he didn’t like the sticky feel that was left on his skin, but more importantly he also didn’t mention his sunburn after the MelanSol was applied.

Stefanie Telogia, FL

Not overly impressed.

I went to the NASCAR races this last Sunday- and wouldn’t you know it- I ended up sunburned even though I wore sunblock. Not surprising since I don’t where a very high SPF because of an allergy to higher spf products. No big deal I thought, I brought that MelanSol with me- so schwing I won’t have to stop at a drug store to get any aloe.Well let’s just say I have been using Aloe. This product did nothing to sooth the sunburn and it’s really only a mild sunburn! The consistency and color of the product also leave a lot to be desired. I am sticking with my Banana Boat Aloe. Thanks.

Iva Marysville, IN

Soothing, cooling, but…

This is as soothing and cooling as any aloe gel.The relief lasted as long but so did the fragrance. It smells like camomile tea and old citronella candles (though I’m not sure this has citronella in it, it smells like it though).This also has a slight tint to it from the ingredients and on my super-fair skin it winds up looking like my skin is dirty once it dries.

Leta Rocky River, OH


Famous last words before I went out on my friends new boat in Ft Lauderdale. Everyone else was white and they sun screened up. I was already really dark tan and I’m pretty dark complected. But…after six hours, I felt it. This was the second sunburn I can remember in my entire life. But it really got my shoulders and back. I had chills from it.This provided instant relief and by morning I pretended it never happened. This really took the sting out so I could sleep. Whew.

Becky Brightwaters, NY

Very expensive product; I prefer using all natural aloe as it’s cheaper, and more natural than this product with xanthan gum.

Although I haven’t been sunburned in the last month, I did apply this product and it feels just like aloe (nice smell), but for the price, I am going to stick with pure aloe.I’m learning that "all natural" or "natural" can mean the opposite of what we think it means. For example, one of the first ingredients in this "100% natural" product is xanthan gum. You may say that we are not eating it, but whatever we put onto our skin is absorbed into our system, so we may as well be eating it. Here you go-this is what xanthan gum is: Xanthan gum (/ˈznθən/) is a polysaccharide secreted by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris,[2] used as a food additive and rheology modifier,[3] commonly used as a food thickening agent (in salad dressings, for example) and a stabilizer (in cosmetic products, for example, to prevent ingredients from separating). It is composed of pentasaccharide repeat units, comprising glucose, mannose, and glucuronic acid in the molar ratio 2.0:2.0:1.0.[4] It is produced by the fermentation of glucose, sucrose, or lactose. After a fermentation period, the polysaccharide is precipitated from a growth medium with isopropyl alcohol, dried, and ground into a fine powder. Later, it is added to a liquid medium to form the gum.So, as I said, I’m sticking to my $3.50 tube of pure aloe vera gel, which has been soothing my sunburns for many years, and will continue to do so.

Erma Condon, MT

Does the job, but does have a smell to it.

It does cool and remove pain from the sunburn, I think the biggest distraction is the initial smell that you have when you put it on, after about 5 minutes you don’t notice it anymore.

Marjorie Ogdensburg, NJ

So far, so good

I try very hard not to get sunburned. But even long exposure to the sun while wearing sunscreen can leave me feeling a little too toasty. So I tried out some of this sunburn relief gel. I wasn’t wild about the smell, but it wasn’t bad — just not a fragrance I would pick. I didn’t feel cool and refreshing on my skin, which is what I was hoping for. It’s worth trying if you get a burn.

Katie Stanton, ND

I will make sure I always have this product in my medicine cabinet.

As a fulltime resident on the beautiful and sunny Gulf Coast of Florida, I just got my first sunburn of the season while futzing around in my garden without having protected my skin with a sunscreen. I know better but it simply slipped my mind.Usually when I burn my skin I cut a leaf from my Barbados Aloe shrub in my garden and treat my burn with the aloe’s gel-like flesh. It’s messy but relief is immediate and healing prompt. But for my latest sunburn I was fortunate to have MelanSol Sunburn Relief on hand and I used it instead of fresh aloe vera. The results were so great I will make sure I always have this product in my medicine cabinet.MelanSol has a lot going for it and makes it worth every penny of its cost. It contains many antioxidants including aloe vera, natural Vitamin E, green tea extract, chamomile and calendula. It’s a soothing gel with a light and subtle fragrance of geranium and lavender. It alleviates the pain from a skin burn almost immediately and also hydrates the distressed skin. The brownish color gel goes on clearly, dries quickly and is non-sticky. I followed the treatment with a moisturizer and my skin was still able to absorb the moisturizer without leaving a film.MelanSol is hypoallergenic including being gluten-free. That is particularly important to me because I am extremely gluten intolerant and even wheat germ oil causes an allergic reaction on my skin. MelanSol is dermatologist tested and approved and has also not been tested on animals. That is also important to me.I find MelanSol to be quite versatile and use it for many other skin injuries besides sunburn, such as kitchen burns, cat scratches, abrasions and rashes. Like the aloe vera I use from my garden, MelanSol provides immediate relief and facilitates prompt healing. It is a superior, biodegradable, 100% natural product that I am very glad I can find at Amazon.

Melva Madawaska, ME


The gel itself is not very attractive in color – brownish, but it has flowery smell, and goes on easy and is clear on the skin. It seems to disappear into skin in just a couple of minutes, but when you take a shower, it gels again, I guess it is aloe gel that does not get absorbed into skin completely? Anyway, it washes off with just water and without scrubbing. It seems to stop burning and itching. I like that it does not contain alcohol (every single sunburn gel at my grocery store has alcohol as a second ingredient after aloe gel), so it will not dry out the damaged skin even more.

Sara Glenshaw, PA

Soothing Stuff!

Prior to my time in England in the late ’70s, I only had one sunburn in my life. That one came as a result of putting on Coppertone QT tanning lotion all over and sleeping on a raft in lake Mead when I was a kid. I blistered up and got sun poisoning, but after two years out of the sun in Great Britain, I am whiter than white, and burn easily. I got this cream for the inevitable burn my pool time will give me as soon as the cast comes off my foot this summer.However, yesterday I was cleaning the pool filter cartridges, which requires pulling the lid off of the filter enclosure, and for some reason the dome always seems to have tiny nettle like itchy allergens that always transfer to my forearms and make for a miserable couple of days after each cleaning. Yesterday was no different, so after scrubbing with soap and water and hand sanitizer, I was still very itchy. I rubbed in this cream and the redness, burning and itch immediately went away. So obviously the mix of natural ingredients do the trick.It doesn’t smell or look good, but it works, and thaat is what is important to me!

Darla Norman, NC

will come in handy this summer

I have a tendancy to get a minor (sometimes major) sunburn when we take our yearly beach trip.So I will be packing this in our suitcase.I like that it is 100% natural and provides nice sunburn relief.

Regina Schuyler Lake, NY


MelanSol 100% Natural Sunburn Relief Gel is exactly that. It’s a really thick, brown goo that does soothe skin irritations and seems to promote healing.I’m giving it four stars because it’s very expensive for the amount of product. I like it, but doubt I’ll purchase a tube.

Penelope Juneau, WI

Exceptional Sunburn Relief

From the aroma to the constancy- MelanSol is relief at it’s best. I got too much sun while out on the water, put it on and within several hours felt like I had prevented additional redness.

Phoebe Bruno, NE

Soothing Relief

I recently went to Florida and my sunblock failed me ( or I didn’t apply it like I should have ) I applied this to my arms and shoulders and the burning went to soothing relief within 10 min.. And the next day it wasn’t as red as it was the night before.. I didn’t peel, and although i covered my arms and shoulders the next day a painful sunburn was diverted. As always its important to reapply sunscreen every 30 min if in the water- For my fine skin this product really helped me enjoy my vacation!

Joann Buffalo, WV

MelanSol – Sunburn Relief

Despite it being “all natural” Melansol is chock full of ingredients. It seems that they packed it with as many natural ingredients as possible. I am not clear why there are so many and how they determined that this combination would work. Regardless, I was not overly impressed. The product states it works on rashes so I applied it to a rash. Instead of being absorbed it seems to sit on top of the afflicted area. Then there is the matter of smell and color. The smell is not a pleasant one. And the color is a light dirty brown. It squirts out of the tube looking like a dirty gel. The price point is high for a product of this type. Overall I think there are better choices.

Rosalia Monmouth, IL

Super soothing

I haven’t had a chance to test this on sunburn, yet. Today is the first day that doesn’t really feel like a frozen tundra outside. However, last night, my husband misplaced his thinking cap and grabbed the cast iron skillet without using the holder.That was loud.And it left a blister on him.We put the sunburn relief gel on it and wrapped it overnight. This morning, the blister is gone. The burned area isn’t even pink. My husband says it still feels a little bit tender, but it’s a lot better than he expected it to me. This is really good stuff. When I run out, I will buy more for sure.

Rosetta Dover, OH

off the packing list

I was hoping to pack this product for our Mexican beach vacation. It arrived with a broken cap so I would have had to tape it shut? The color is an ugly brown and it has an off smell upon applying it to the skin. Instead of this I packed my usual Banana Boat Aloe Vera gel I can trust to soothe and prevent sunburned skin from peeling much.

Leah Flora Vista, NM

Worked great on a kitchen burn and on sunburn from skiing

This product came to the rescue when someone in our home received a burn while cooking. It was a minor burn and this gel worked great to soothe the burn, and with use over the next couple of days, this gel helped the burn mark dissipate quickly. Has also been very effective for sunburn after our latest ski trip in New Mexico. Soothed the burn on the face and never did peel. This gel is rather expensive, but when it comes to burns, I do like to know that I have something quickly available that works.

Patty Warsaw, OH

Excellent product

A pale skinned girl’s very good friend!!!! I always keep a small tube of calendula gel in my medicine cabinet for burns from the curling iron, oven, etc. Works great, feels great, but a tiny tube will not be enough for a bad sunburn. This MelanSol 100% Natural Sunburn Relief Gel contains very excellent ingredients. It works SO much better than store bought burn gels and lotions. Those typically have many, many chemicals and added fragrances. The MelanSol gel feels cool and soothing on the skin when it is burned. The bottle is only 3.4 ounces, so it wouldn’t last extremely long if you get bad sunburns over your entire body. You don’t need to use a lot, but covering the majority of a body uses a decent amount. My bad burn was on my shoulders and face. The MelanSol kept my face from drying out and peeling. I only took away a star because of the price for the amount.

Rosario Telferner, TX


I’m all for all natural products and am willing to pay extra to purchase them over synthetics, but I’m torn with this burn relief gel. It works as advertised (relieved my pinkish mild shoulder burn) but I didn’t care for the brownish gel. It left stains on my white clothing and bedding. I waited 20 minutes after applying and the gel seemed to be completely absorbed but still stains. Perhaps I applied too much? Not sure, but when in pain, I like to put a nice layer of burn relief on. The texture of the gel is weird too. Its more of a slimy gel verses gels that I’m used to (if that makes any sense). I’ll still keep looking.

Myrna Reed City, MI

Nice product

Melansol provides results similar to pure aloe vera. I’m not sure what to make about the claims about its additional ingredients, but there is no doubt that aloe based products soothe pain and promote healing. It has a pleasant smell, on the positive side, but is a slightly brownish color on the negative side. (When in pain you will not care about the color, I suspect!) I really appreciate that this is a cruelty-free product.

Isabel Prosperity, PA

not just for sunburn! acts as a first-aid ointment, relieves redness and irritation

after scraping myself with a razor, i decided to try this gel on the red, inflamed skin. I figured, if it works on sunburn, why not a cut? To my surprise the redness was soothed instantly with the active natural extracts in this potent herbal based gel. I didnt’ even need a bandage to hide the scrape — the vegetable glycerin left a slight protective film over the inflammation, and kept it hydrated at the same time.Not just for post-sun skin! i highly recommend this for any skin irritation or redness.

Tia Jerome, MI

Not just for sunburn

We returned from 3 weeks in the Yucatan and really had no reason to use this product. The reason, in large part, was that we used their excellent sunscreen, which I have already reviewed. This sunburn relief gel is also effective on ordinary burns. Having burnt my thumb, I tried some and felt immediate relief. I do question the high price, but considering all the exotic ingredients, and its effectiveness, this tube will last a long time, and merits a high rating.

Taylor Greenwich, KS

Great for eczema

Got this for eczema and it worked really well to relax condition. Feels a bit sticky at first but absorbs fast

Frances Hollidaysburg, PA

Nice for sunburns

A great gel for sunburns that is animal cruelty free and has natural ingredients. It is not too sticky and feels soothing when you put it on.

Sue Miami, TX

Helps skin heal after burning.

MelanSol 100% Natural Sunburn Relief Gel was a welcomed item in my summer medicine cabinet. With ingredients such as calendula, aloe and vitamin E, this gel can be nothing but good for the skin. Calendula is a staple ingredient in every herbalists’ medicine chest and used for its healing properties that helps wounds heal faster and improves skin hydration. Aloe is known as the burn plant and has been helping heal those kitchen mishaps for years. Vitamin E helps the skin heal by stimulating new cell growth and is supposed to speed up cell regeneration.There’s always that time when we are unexpectedly caught in the sun for a longer period than anticipated. That happened recently and I was happy to be able to have a natural alternative on hand. It did ease the burning for a bit but there was still itching involved that this didn’t seem to relieve. It is possible the itching was from the healing process and the burning sensation seemed to go away quicker than expected. I didn’t have any blistering and no real discomfort.The smell of the gel is nothing offensive and it does have a bit of a color to it, but nothing I would complain about. I had no problems with it on my clothing or bedding.

Kerry Garrett, WY

Nice relief for windburned skin

i was pleasantly surprised by the nice feel and absorption of this gel. I have rash-related itchy skin in the winter and get frequent wind and sunburns from track meets in the spring, so I wanted a product I could use year round. The gel dries quickly and doesn’t leave any stickiness behind. It was easy to feel I was doing my skin some good and getting some relief from the itchiness that sometimes accompanies healing. I did not have to use a lot to get results.

Sierra Briar, MO


We live in Florida and though we are very careful we still do get burned at times, epseicially in spring. This really soothed our burns from mid-april without stinging, staining or greasy ick. Very highly recommended.

Fanny Copeland, FL