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Mehron Clown White 2.25 Ounce

2.25 ounces of Clown White makeup. This super smooth cream covers efficiently without dryness or cracking, even under the most demanding performance conditions.

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Using on Santas eyebrows next year!

We have always used eyebrows (glue on kind) for my husband who plays SANTA ever year at my preschool…. but they get in the way of his glasses and turn yellow from the glue required and can be used only once… so that gets expensive… gonna use this on his eyebrows with a eyebrow comb and some baby powder to hold it…. Let you know how that works! We did a trial run after getting it and it seems to work fine!

Kari Mulberry, TN

Very happy with this purchase.

Great coverage, more than enough product for the price. Will definitely use this again next Halloween, for myself and my boyfriend.

Justine Carrabelle, FL

No way I would ever use this again!

I hate this product! I would never recommend it and will never buy it again. It is too difficult to work with. I will say in defense of the company – it is creamy and not greasy. BUT, that’s the only positive I found.I could not make the application, the color, even on the face – no matter what I did. It had blotches all over, and I could not construct a smooth palate to work with – an essential for a great looking make-over. In attempt to fix the problem I naturally applied more. Didn’t work. I tried thinning it out with a sponge, and it wiped most of it off in one little stroke. I tried to warm it up in my fingers before application. Nope. I tried to thin it out with a little water on my fingers. Nope. I tried circle application, applying with an upward motion, applying with a downward motion. Still no smooth application.At that point after working with it for 30 minutes and really trying to figure it out I gave up and swore it off. Maybe I’m missing something, but if a foundation and powder is that difficult to work with – it is not worth my time or effort. It should go on smoothly the first time straight out of the tub and take little effort to blend.I will try Ben Nye’s product next (another great theatrical line) and hope for a better, easier result. Seriously, if anyone knows how to work with this product and get a perfectly smooth foundation I would really love to know how you do it. For the time it took me to try – I rate this product a NO WAY!

Wanda Helena, OH

Great for Halloween Makeup

I used this face paint for my halloween costume. This is a really thick white cream, not like the cheap, thin, runny stuff you get in those halloween makeup kits. My white face lasted all day. You will need to apply a couple of layers to get that nice bright white face, but it will certainly last. I removed one star because I did have a few small breakouts after using this cream.

Kerry Temple, GA

works great if you set it with powder

After several hours of wear it does start to flake a little if you put on a thick coat. Very white and did a great job for my Harley Quinn costume.

Ella Taftsville, VT