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Mehaz Professional Angled Straight Wide Jaw Toenail Clipper

Patented, heavy-duty wide jaw stainless steel toenail clipper designed to cut thicker toenails. Straight edge blade is ergonomically designed at angle for ease of use. Handle can be adjusted for right or left handed use. Includes built in file and clipping catcher.

Key features

  • Designed to cut thicker toenails
  • Designed at an angle for ease of use
  • Handle can be adjusted for right or left handed use

Honest reviews


Best toenail clippers I have used

I finally got tired of struggling with inexpensive toenail clippers and decided to find something else to cut my hard and thick toenails. I ordered this product, and am happy to say that my toenail cutting struggles are over.This product is easy to hold and manipulate, and the wide jaws not only easily fit over thick toenails, but also cut them with precision. If you are looking for a quality product to cut your toenails, this is it.

Lila Doole, TX

MIne was awful.

I must have gotten a bad or defective unit because mine does not cut cleanly no matter toenail or fingernail. It was driving me nuts not cutting through a nail no matter how many times I tried. I don’t know how it happened, but it also came apart after a few weeks. What a waste of money, no guarantee.

Veronica Allakaket, AK

Outstanding, even compared to the Seki Edge Toe Nail Clipper

A while back I bought theSeki Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper, based on reviews and immediately didn’t like it. The big problem for me was that it’s hard to hold. The satiny smooth surface that makes it look so nice also makes it quite slippery. I also got tired of chasing clippings all over the place.TheMehaz Professional Angled Straight Wide Jaw Toenail Clipperis *much* easier to use. The rubbery grip makes them easy to hold and hold on to while the wider jaws and clip catch makes using them a snap.It doesn’t hurt that they are much less expensive either.Having used both I can’t see ever reaching for the Seki clippers again.

June Eden Prairie, MN

Multi-use, multi-featured

I actually bought this for cutting coated garden wire which I use to tie computer cords. It does a great job and has other unexpected features. It seems great for thick toenails because the mouth has a full quarter inch wide opening, but it meets this other need too. I keep a card of rubber coated garden wire in my home office desk and cut pieces off to contain all my equipment cords. I wanted a unit with a wide opening to accommodate the wire so I wouldn’t have to keep wire cutters in the drawer. Since I have it now I use it for my nails too and it works for regular thickness nails as well although you have to be careful not to get too close to the nail bed or include a bit of skin by mistake.The blue coating/case on the unit allows you to squeeze hard comfortably when necessary and the fact that it is 4″ long lets you get a good grip. The lozenge shaped area on the raised handle is a sturdy file to smooth off rough nail edges and it works well for that. Also since the blue material surrounds the metal clipper like a case, it keeps nail clippings contained inside so you don’t make a mess. When you’re done, just empty the mouth part over the bin and all the clippings fall in. I didn’t expect that, but appreciate it. I’m very satisfied with the product.

Consuelo Kiefer, OK


What a tremendous, sharp, and easy to use toenail clipper. Well worth the price. I have fatigue and a lot of pain in my hands. This takes hardly any pressure at all, and I don’t drop it. Yeah.

Jean De Armanville, AL

Pick another product.

Flimsy and cheaply made. Not at all happy. Will go back to Revlon or Tweezerman. Not worth spending the time or energy to return.

Alisa Oquossoc, ME

Good clipper

This clipper gives a nice, gentle, quiet and smooth cut. I like this clipper. I have no problems with it.

Kayla Many Farms, AZ

They Really Need an Adjustable Slant

I’ve had these for three months, and didn’t even know that they’re supposed to catch clippings. Never seen a pair that does. That’s what a vacuum is for. Anyway, I find these to be great on my left foot since I’m right handed and the slant is correct for the left side, but they’re unwieldy for my right foot where you have to twist the clipper awkwardly in order to clip the end of the toenail that would normally be ingrown.They are sharp. They don’t slip (which makes them better than the $24 pair). But, again, they are difficult to use. Maybe I have a clipper disability, but I think someone is missing an opportunity of having a sliding blade so that you don’t have to turn the darn things upside down for at least one foot.

Jody Ellis, KS

Really works

My husband’s toenails became so thick they were impossible to cut with most clippers. He broke several pairs. These did the trick! Super wide opening, and very sturdy. Great buy!

Dana Cedar Bluff, AL

Celox V12090 – GR Gauze Roll, 10′ L x 3″ W

Good nail clipper. The angled cutting tip takes a little getting used to but once you know the solution to cutting your skin thing get much better.Good product.

Miranda Stockland, IL

works perfect!

Great for tough toenails. A clean cut and really helps with ingrown toenails. I do not how I lived without this long. Highly recommend – lifetime warranty.

Graciela Fort Thompson, SD

Be careful…..

This works really well, however, you need to be extremely careful when cutting nails, especially on the feet. It’s very sharp, and can be very painful if you have skin involved. Highly recommend for difficult to trim nails.

Frieda Euless, TX

The best toe nails CLIPPER’S !!!!

I have been looking forever for a great set of toe nail clipper’s and now I have found them.My large nails are some what thick and these clippers fit the bill for me.I highly recommend these for your toe nails (you will not be sorry and the price is right.)Thank you AMAZON.COM for carrying this These are very sharp, please be careful. Do not let children use without being presentby an adult.

Gina Olney, MT

The best

Straight blade, better leverage and able to manage thick very curved nails. I am very happy with this excellent tool.

Marina Lemont, IL