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MEHAZ 660 Professional Nail Clipper

Stainless steel fingernail clipper features curved cutting blade. Built-in file and clipping catcher.

Key features

  • Litetime Guarantee
  • Stainless Steel
  • File & Clipping Catcher

Honest reviews


mehaz 660 nail clippers

I am not impressed with these nail clippers at all. They just snip the nail and leave it hanging.This is my first experience with nail clippers that don’t do the job.

Aimee Yolyn, WV

Great Item! A must have…

I love this because it is so easy to use, great for my hand size and very strong and durable.

Rosalia Corder, MO

Too Sharp!

Nice clippers but these things are way too sharp. Mine are not set correctly and they don’t make a smooth cut in my nails. These nail clippers leave my nails very sharp. Buy a cheaper pair that work good.

Harriet Kamrar, IA

Near surgical in their precision

Well crafted, solid feel and amazing precision in cutting. Almost too good – you really have to pay attention when trying to cut your nails. Few burrs on your nails so hardly need a nail file to finish trim. But wet/damp hands and it’s hard to keep a grip.

Annmarie Cicero, NY

Comfortable and sharp

These clippers work very well–they are comfortable and sharp. We have one pair for us and one pair for clipping our cat’s nails. Because they are so sharp and easy to hold, my cat never wiggles around and doesn’t mind having her nails cut. I highly recommend these clippers for both felines and humans!

Pam Koeltztown, MO

good quality clipper and efficent

I really love this clipper. It has good build quality.The functionality is also reasonably good and sharp enough head………

Vonda Stanley, NC

MEHAZ 660 Professional Nail Clipper (Model: 9MC0660)

This is the straight version of the angled toenail clipper and I found after some work with the both clippers that this is a good combination.Works well.

Gail Radersburg, MT


This nail trimmer cuts very nicely. Has a very smooth motion and comfortable to hold. Doesn’t feel cheap. Good purchase!

Leticia Warm Springs, OR


When I ordered this nail clipper, I had no idea how small it was. It was small!!! Maybe I didn’t completely read the description, but I do not remember if the description had the size or not? Either way, it is not the standard size nail clipper that I was expecting.

Elnora Tenmile, OR


This is hands down, the best nail clipper I have ever had. The feature that collects the clippings doesn’t really work consistently, but who cares? The clippers are rad

Gale Beeville, TX