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Medicool Manicure Pedicure Station

The Manicure – Pedicure Station was designed for general maintenance of natural nails, artificial nails and pedicures.

Key features

  • Achieve salon quality results at home or while traveling
  • Includes trimming disk, foot cone, tapered cone; buffing cone, emery barrel and circular brush
  • Rechargeable

Honest reviews


Not a fan

This thing stalls out on my acrylic nails, and yet it actually burned me when I tried it on my natural toe nails (apparently, I wasn’t moving it around enough, or maybe my toe nails are flimsy), so I really don’t know what you’re supposed to use it for. I’m not happy with it, but it’s not the kind of thing you can really return once you’ve used it. I don’t know, maybe you can, but I didn’t try.So it sits there, neatly and quietly charging til I figure out if it will work for my polymer clay stuff. It probably will, but since I bought it for nails and it won’t work for that, I can’t rate it very highly.

Alyssa Montana Mines, WV

Haven’t heard so must be OK.

Again, this is something ordered for my granddaughter several states away and since I have not heard any negative reports I will assume it’s doing it’s job and doing it well. She does her nails about every other day and has become quite proficient and talented at it for only just 13 years old. I will have to ask next text session and add to this if need be.

Jannie Menlo, GA


This is a great way to give yourself a better mani or pedi. It’s powerful enough even for smoothing caluses. I bought more for gifts. Everyone likes it.

Jenna Niantic, IL

Total Waste of Money

I’m really not understanding the good reviews on this product, it just doesn’t make sense to me. This thing has no power at all – it might be different if it was variable power and this was the "low" setting, but it just bogs down completely the minute it touches your nail or tough skin. The attachments really are lame too – they each are supposed to have a different purpose, but each one performs about the same. It is battery operated or AC plug in. The battery power you might as well forget, but the plug in (which I used) – again just not enough power. It does come with batteries. Switching out the attachment heads is very easy, they just push in and pull out. One drawback to the electrical plug in option is that the cord on the main unit is coiled and quite short. When I plugged it in to the extension cord next to my bed, I had to put the plug in part up on the bed to have enough leeway to use the unit. Very stiff coil.It has a few attachments for acriylic nails – which I wouldn’t use – anyway, not worth the money in any way.

Jimmie Bloomsburg, PA

Great Tool

This is an excellent nail file. Works well on real or acrylic nails. This is fantastic for dealing with thick nails, doing lots of nails, or if you just want an easier way than having to shape and trim your nails manually.

Sue Orkney Springs, VA

I love it

I have tried everything & this is the only product that works quickly & easily on my foot calusses. There’s a tremendous difference in only 2 days. It’s wonderful.

Maryellen Achille, OK

This is a manicure set that really works!

I’ve tried several different manicure sets — from inexpensive to pricey — and am most pleased with this one. I am 60 years old and find this one very easy to use. I especially like the large cone to smooth foot skin. It really works! It gently and safely removes calluses and dry, built up skin (I’m diabetic so this is essential.) It works quickly, but it is very easy to control so you don’t injure yourself by taking off too much skin.

Charlotte Locust Dale, VA

Just amazing!

As everyone, i was trying to save money! And ooh i was right in this one. My nails look like i had a professional session when i did it at will not regret buying this

Terra Vienna, ME



Elsa Cascilla, MS

I really liked this unit

I thought this product was plenty powerful for all nail functions.. I have a few thick toenails that needed some attention and ina matter of minutes they were cleaned up… you have to be careful though using the sanding wheel to grind a thick nail — on one it went a bit to far and went thru to the nail base and was bleeding…just saying that this works faster than in expected… This product s for nails, not remvingo callus from bottom of your foot

Concetta Bronx, NY