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Mebco Tortoise Shower Detangler

Popular professional comb styles in an elegant tortoise finish. Come in several different styles.

Key features

  • Popular professional combs
  • Come in several different styles
  • All have an elegant tortoise finish

Honest reviews


Too cheap!

The prongs on this comb are cheap machine made plastic that is actually too sharp and scratchy to the touch to put through hair. Always test a new comb on your hand, and if it scratches your hand then it will cut at your hair strands damaging them. If you have short hair this would be fine because the sharpness is high up in the comb, but for mid back length heavy hair these teeth will absolutely ravage your hair. Sometimes you truly do get what you pay for so I suggest the wenn shower comb instead – it’s excellent for thick or fine hair alike and it’s extremely well made.

Dolly Montfort, WI

Co-Washing Essential…UPDATED

UPDATE: 3/28/2012 Recently purchased the FIVE BUCK WEN Shower Comb with free shipping. Like it better for evenly distributing my brand X conditioner through my hair. The Tortoise Detangler is more like finger-combing your hair. I’ve gone through many Revlon Shower combs and these two combs do better for me—————————————————————————————————————————Wen System no-pooing trend has encouraged me to change my shampoo routine. No need to shampoo each day OR scrub all the natural oil from your hair. The amount of hair products used and rinsed down the drain made me take notice exactly what the products did OR didn’t do beneficially and to alter my hair care routines accordingly.I learned a few things in the process:o Doing as much conditioning in the shower with the steam helps activate hair product (and skin care ones too).o Hair tools like this comb are essential to detangle AND distribute conditioner from roots to ends evenly without too much wear and tear on hair.o It’s essential to WET your hair thoroughly to remove the debris BEFORE shampoo, no-poo, or applying conditionero Add moisture/conditioner regularly through (co-washing).o Good tools and hair products makes lengthening my hair from shoulder length to wherever a more likely probability with good hair care.Just be careful to rinse your hair and soap up your body AFTER conditioning your hair OR be prepared for BACK_ACNE… guess how I know :(NOTE: I’m NOT endorsing the Wen System products just the logic of the process. YOUTUBE has loads of ideas for good haircare and skincare 🙂

Monika Sunbury, NC

I would call this tangler not detangler!!

For some reason Amazon only has a handful of detangler comb/brush choices so I decided to go ahead and order this one because it seemed to be the best choice at the time.When I was younger I remember having several "detangler" combs in our bathroom drawer because my younger sister and I have always had very long straight hair that tangled up, especially after bath time so instead of my mom having to chase us around to brush our hair and then we would scream like someone is trying to kill us she always used a brush and detangler combination and it worked fine!I don’t remember what age I was when my hair seemed as though it stopped getting tangled all the time but for a long time I remember not having that issue and life was GREAT.About a year ago though my hair started to frizz-up and tangle and all sorts of other weird stuff so my search started with hair treatment products, new shampoos, etc. While I was trying to figure out what was going on I decided I would also buy new brushes and unbelievably so after so many years find a detangler brush as well….:(For starters the detangler combs we had when I was young were tiny compared to this cumbersome thing, they were made out of different resin/plastic and the bristles were also completely different.None the less I still decided to give it a try because as all things in life you can no longer get all the awesome things we all grew up with and miss dearly almost on a daily basis!My two sense about this comb is that because its gigantic, the bristles are way too thick, the material used to make it is very cheap, and the alignment of the bristles is way off because they are so big instead of it actually detangling your hair it in fact tangles it even more than when you first started.The only reason I gave it 2 stars and not 1 is because I like the design and tortoise pattern.I would never buy this again or recommend it!PS: If you want an INCREDIBLE detangler and brush invest in one of: The Wet Brush and you won’t regret it! For those interested after using the brush for several months I finally reviewed it on 11/25/2012 its the black J&D; Beauty B830W.

Enid Dalton, NY

Five Stars

Good comb for natural hair

Kimberlee Grand Ridge, FL

New detangler

I’m used to getting the regular detangling comb for curly hair that everyone’s seen but every once in a while I like to try something new. I also own the Ouidad double detangler comb for when my hair is long. The Tangle Teezer Brush broke every single one of my 3b hair strands. So far, this detangler works great.

Fannie Mozier, IL

detangling comb.

This comb is a great detangler. I. Would buy it. Again. I also snt my siser one. She lves it.

Connie Norwood, NC

Great Comb!

This comb works great on my hair. I use it while I have conditioner on my hair to remove tangles.

Deana Hickman, KY


Somone recommended me this comb as i’m not going natural. it’s good but nothing great as my hair is between coarse and soft…don’t know what you would call that but it hurts going throuh my hair

Gena Mason City, IA

love this!

I have natural African American hair and using a wide tooth comb is a must. I tried two other regular wide tooths but they still pulled at my hair. Got this because the wavy teeth pattern seemed better for my curls and boy was i right! Works perfect and does not pull my hair out at all. Great if you have thick curly hair.

Mae Clyde Park, MT

i have several

i have may of these and cannot imagine using anything else. i even have one in my beach bag so that i can comb through my hair when wet to keep from nasty beach tangles. whether my hair is straight or curly, this glides right through with far less effort than other products

Zelda Wolfeboro, NH

Slightly better than a straight-edge comb

I had hoped for a miracle for wet, tangly, hair, but this comb is really only slightly better than a standard straight-edge. That said, I do like the tortoise look, and it is easy to hold and a good size.

Margot Kurten, TX


Its flexible and large and has a loop to hang this comb on a hook. Cheap and a great buy.

Joanna Cape Vincent, NY

Good Buy

This detangeler works well for my hair. Amazing is a good way to describe this comb. If your looking for a detangler that will reduce hair lost this is for you.

Amalia Siletz, OR

great comb!

I have super curly hair and I love that this comb helps me to distribute conditioner better throughout my hair. It is strong and doesnt hurt.

Joanne Jaroso, CO

very good

very good comb, easy to hold on to. granddaughter objects to the color. what can I say? she is way pickie. I was 7 once but somehow I don’t remember being allowed any personal opinions on things like this.

Jeanine Indianola, NE

A must for going Natural

I have thick hair that is fairly coily. This helps detangle my hair. I use a detangler conditioner as well.

Lucy Paterson, WA

this comb is perfect

this comb i use in my shower to detangle my hair and it just goes right through my hair without any trouble.

Gladys Lacarne, OH

great detangler comb

only reason i gave this product 4 stars was because the teeth on the comb are hard and a little sharp (but i’m tender headed so i’m not sure if that has something to do with it?) Product arrived a day early than exspected and was in great condition and original packaging.

Malinda Walloon Lake, MI


I bought it because I needed a wide tooth detangling comb . I dislike the size of the comb it’s too small however I do like the function of this comb.Glides through my hair.I would recommend it for mothers who need a detangling comb for young children.

Dawn Little Deer Isle, ME

doesn’t seem to be working on me

I fail to get the point why this comb is made in this way…it couldn’t detangle my hair and it was rather fragile, I just leave it there and never use it

Beverley Saint James, LA

I Love it!

This comb was not only reasonably priced, it delivered on it’s claim; it’s a great detangler. My daughter has very long hair that tangles easily and this is her go-to comb.

Eula Lanesville, IN

Do not waste your money!

This comb does not detangle your hair wet or dry. I do detest false advertisement. Keep your money in your pocket.

Molly Muir, PA


Works absolutely perfectly on wet hair. I don’t feel pulls or tangles when using it until most combs. I have been completely happy with it so far. I do worry a little about it being easy to break.

Jasmine Stokes, NC

No tears comb!

I bought this for a friend who has two daughters with long hair. Once she puts the conditioner in their hair, she can detangle very quickly using this comb. They all love it. (Even the kids got on the phone and thanked me!)

Maritza Laketon, IN

Mebco Tortoise Shower detangler

I like this comb because it makes detangling damaged hair easy and it gets excess hair out of your hair that’s ready to come out. I use this product on my healthy hair growth journey!

Effie Rockfield, KY

Shower Tangles No More!

This shower detangler does wonders for my LONG, thick hair! It doesn’t pull on my hair and it easily glides through. I definitely recommend!

Morgan Niland, CA

It works.

My daughter has very long, rather fine hair that tangles extremely easily. She uses this before she dries her hair after shampooing/conditioning, and it gets the tangles out without causing her undue pain. It’s pretty sturdy as well, the other detangling combs we’ve bought have all lost teeth fairly quickly, this one is still like new after a couple of months of use.

Rosanne Belmont, TX

Mebco Tortoise Shower Detangler

Good Comb, was actually too big and the comb is really wide, my guess is that this would work well, not as well on really thick natural hair.

Lenore Livingston, TX

Not what I expected

I have not given this item three stars because there is any defect in it, but because I had assumed it was a large shampoo comb. My disappointment came from the size of the package and even more disappointed once I removed this comb from the package. If you’re expecting a large shower shampoo comb this is not what you’re looking for. This seems to appear to be better suited for short hair or a young child’s hair. Not suitable for thick curls as from the looks of it , it would not last very long. Again nothing wrong with the product itself, it’s just not a large shower comb.

Terri Buna, TX

Great curly hair comb!

This comb is perfect for my curly hair, combing it out when wet is so important to prevent a mess of tangles. Also, once it’s dry, it’s great for adding a bit of volume by back combing.

Roseann Silverton, ID