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Meaningful Beauty 5 Piece Age Maintenence System

Contains an exclusive patented Micro-Encapsulated Melon Complex made of a superior, first-generation antioxidant called SOD–superoxide dismutase–which has been harvested from a unique French melon to help protect the skin against premature aging caused by free radicals. Tri-firming complex helps improve the appearance of firmness under eyes–the first place to shows signs of aging. In a consumer use study, 87% of participants reported their skin was smoother and softer after four weeks, and 94% after eight weeks. In a clinical study, 78% showed an improvement in skin moisture after four weeks

Key features

  • Kit Contains:
  • 2 oz Skin Softening Cleanser
  • 0.5 oz Night Fluide & .5 oz Day Moisture
  • .25 oz eye creme
  • 17 fl oz Glowing Serum

Honest reviews



I have never purchased this product. I was considering it…until I read these reviews! Oh my. Sounds like a major flop. The infomercial is so convincing. I will NOT be ordering this after what I have read. Cindy Crawford sounds more like she took a bite out of a lying sack of s*** melon. I have acne and wrinkles now. I don’t need a rash and psoriasis to accompany it. I’m feel badly for everyone who has ordered this. Truly. No thanks Dr. Melon. I’ll pass.

Charmaine Sherwood, TN


I makes me angry every time I change the channel and I see Cindy Crawford and she talks about what a miracle product Meaningful Beauty is–really?! These products are absolutely horrible and if you could prove to me that Cindy actually uses this poo than I will eat bulls Balls for one week! Of course this will not happen so I am good. Oh and did I mention what an awful company Guthy Renker is…they take your credit card and charge it each month and it does not stop until you block them from your credit card company. Great marketing though, I will give them that.

Deena Bosler, WY

Really Not Impressed

The face wash does nothing, might as well be using water and the rest of the products aren’t any better. Don’t waste your money.

Gina Jonesboro, IL


You know those products that you read about which make some amazing claims regarding what they’ll do for you, and with great skepticism you buy the product, and then are pleasantly surprised to find the claims are true? Well, this isn’t one of them.I’ve been using the Meaningful Beauty products for a while now, and while they haven’t harmed my skin, I’m not seeing much benefit either. The magic melon juice or whatever it is, might be helping Cindy Crawford, but I suspect her beauty comes more from good genes, a healthy lifestyle, and maybe a nip tuck doctor or some clever photoshopping. Maybe not, maybe these products are greatly helping Cindy look the way she does, but if so, well that’s not fair. I certainly need the help more than she does, and that’s not happening.So, not recommending these products, save your money and try a good loofa followed by some vaseline if you want soft skin.

Teresa Harris, MN

Cindy Crawford pictures, say it all

The commercial shows pictures of Cindy C when she was much younger. I think that states how misleading this product really is. Lets see what Cindy looks like now, and proof, she uses her own product. Also, some people just have good skin genes, and anything will work for them. Diet is the best way to improve your skin. Plenty of water, healthy eating, and healthy living. Also many women have hormone issues, as I do, so get your hormones balanced, and skip Cindy’s products.

Chelsea Morrow, LA