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Maybelline~blackest Black 930~illegal Length Fiber Extensions Mascara+eyeliner by Maybelline

Maybelline Line Express Eyeliner is a convenient liner/smudger in one! For a more distinct look, simply line your lids at the lashes. For a smoky look, use the smudge tip to blend your color. Guaranteed to give you creative freedom with your eyes! Instant lash extensions No flakes! Formula with 4mm fiber extensions Intense, blendable color instantly Glides on smoothly

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Bought it when it was very cheap. Love the quality that it’s in. Would recommend it to a friend. Nice overall.

Emily Washita, OK

Good mascara, haven’t really used the liner yet.

Mascara does work well, adds length and volume. It is a dryer formula, so if you like that I’d really recommend this mascara.

Benita Danevang, TX

Not illegal like I thought

I thought they meant this was some black market s***. Boy was I wrong. Not only does it NOT contain whale blubber, but it also contains no childrens tears? WTF? Ther eis nothing about it that is illegal, but oh well. Makes your lashes look like lashes! But more Lashy!!! Whooooooo 5 star BM!

Winifred Shakopee, MN

Awesome mascara

I bought 2 of these one for me and one for my daughter in law we both love it. It goes on smooth and easy. Does add length to the lashes. It doesn’t make them all stick together and clump. I will be buying more!

Letha Whitehouse, TX

No Clumps

First, the price of this item was amazing ($4). The mascara is really dark black, but it is not thick at all. It leaves no clumps and it is not hard to remove; simply warm water does the trick. The only drawback to the mascara is that the brush is long, so when applying the product you have to be extra careful because it can on your skin around your eye. The eyeliner is dark and better for creating lines under than eye rather than above the eye…which I find that liquid eyeliner is better for that purpose. Overall, I would recommend to any aged women looking for some definition to your eye without looking too made-up.

Allyson Gifford, IA

Great eye makeup at a great price!

Maybelline has some great eye makeup, and I love this set. The mascara goes on without clumps, lasts, and looks great! The eye liner also goes on nicely, lasts, and looks great! This was a really good price too!

Latasha Bolivia, NC

Eyelashes with a purpose!

Love the fiber extensions! It maximizes my already beautifully long lashes and it’s no need for me to use glue/stick on lashes when I have this product. Easy to apply and remove but it LASTS during the time you wear it. The eyeliner was just a bonus! Nice bang for your buck with this one!

Naomi Freistatt, MO

Mascara great, eyeliner smudgy!

I bought this primarily for the mascara which is the only mascara I will buy on the market today. Lengthening, glossy, pitch black, not too clumpy, good to go at two coats, and volumizing.The eyeliner is smeary. What I do is line my eyes with the eyeliner, then go in with mascara. By the time I’m done with the mascara the eyeliner is already smudged all over my lids! It does glide right one when you’re applying, and the pencil itself is pretty soft (hard to wing it out as a result), but it will also glide by itself onto the rest of your makeup when you’re done.5 stars for the mascara.2 stars for the eyeliner.

Tia Pittsburg, KS

Love it.

I bought one for my self and a friend and she and I absolutely love this combo. I have to buy again and from same seller.

Alana Brookline Village, MA

My go to!

This mascara is my go to when I want extra length. I usually never wear it alone. I found that in order to go above and beyond , use it with your favorite mascara to lock the fibers in to get longer lashes. The eyeliner is great too.

Stacie Roland, OK

Nice Mascara

I love the lengthening abilities of this mascara. I have been using it for a while, and I will continue to do so. Very nice product for the price. Thanks!

Lashonda Hubbard, TX

It’s a good product

This is a good mascara which is what I primarily bought this package for. It works well and if you want to seal in the extensions it gives you then run a coat of one of your other favs over it. But I find I don’t have to use anything else and it lasts through the day.

Adelaide Hot Springs National Park, AR

Does not do what it promises

If your think you will make your thin lashes long and lusshious, this product will not do it. I think it is the wand the teeth are very sparse, i like Boots # 7 masacara

Jaclyn Springvale, ME

Love it!

Shipped fast and I LOVE it. I have long lashes but this is my favorite mascara of all. It lengthens and thickens without the chunky stuck together look. I deinitely recommend!

Young Camptown, PA


I loved this but it made my lashes a little spiderlike. I loved how early it came it was here before it was supposed to be. Both of the products work and are for a very good price.

Connie Snowmass, CO

this mascara does its job

it came early. and i used this mascara countless times before. first time ordering from them . the price is great. and it lengthens ur lashes.

Justina Hampton Falls, NH

Very nice lengthening mascara for day or night

Visibly lengthened my lashes and gave me enough volume that my lashes were definitely noticeable, without being spidery or clumped together. Seriously – no clumping, even after several swipes. Held the curl all day. After 12+ hours, I noticed a couple of black specks on my cheeks from mascara fallout – not enough to bother me. Absolutely no raccoon eyes (which is a mascara deal breaker for me). The best part was it washed off easily with just warm water, no dark residue left behind. The eyeliner is soft and dark; I use it as a spare. But the mascara is the showstopper in this duo.

Latanya Fisty, KY

Maybelline illegal length

The first time I used this, I was amazed. It looked like I put false eyelashes on it extended my lashes so much. I accidentally bought regular instead of waterproof the first time but it worked great. When I did get the waterproof, I was disappointed. It was very hard to get off my lashes. I use make up remover wipes and it just tore them up. Moral of the story: try the regular first. It doesn’t flake or smudge, surprisingly.

Earline Glenwood, NM