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Maybelline XXL Extensions XX-Treme Length Microfiber Mascara 591 Very Black

Maybelline XXL Extensions XX-Treme Length Microfiber Mascara. Tame and lengthen your lashes with Maybelline Extensions mascara. Step 1: Sweep on base-coat to uncross unruly lashes and lock them in place. Step 2: Follow with topcoat to extend and lengthen lashes beyond belief. Removes easily with soap and water.

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  • Maybelline XXL Extension XX-Treme Length Microfiber Mascara, Very Black 591 1 ea

Honest reviews


Not for the sensitive!

The super heavy double layers of cream + mascara actually made patches of my eyelashes fall out! I have never had this problem before so I can only imagine it was due to having so much product on. I do tend to have sensitive skin/hair/everything though. Anyway, before trying the cream/primer side, I did wear just the black mascara and it began smudging after about 3 hours. Imagine my surprise, when I went for a break at work and saw raccoon eyes after just 3 hours! I think I will stick to colossal lash!

Marcie Clarksboro, NJ

Still my favourite!

This mascara doesn’t run; it’s as black as night; and washes off easily at the end of the day. The primer helps make lashes thick and receptive to the mascara. I love this

Margie Sugar City, CO


I got this mascara today. It wasn’t as great as I had expexted but it’ll do. I was hoping it would be as good as The Falsies but it is not. Tested it out on my sister as well, didn’t work well either. Well, this is a first impression, I’ve only had it about an hour or so, but I will update if I find something to be impessed with.

Sheree Allenwood, NJ

Could be better

After reading many mascara “top 10 lists” with this at, or near the top, I decided to try it. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was disappointed.My first disappointment: the primer. It’s white, and goes on nice enough, but it becomes difficult to cover it up with step 2, the actual mascara. I have to do 3 coats make sure there’s no white areas showing. And that leads into my next disappointment: clumping. In order to cover up the primer fully, it requires more coats, which makes the lashes clump together. I have long and thick eyelashes, and this mascara seems to want to turn them into just 3 tangled lashes.I do not use the primer anymore. It works just the same except without all the clumping. I recommend just going very lightly over your lashes with the brush, and make sure to scrape off the excess on opening to the tube. Many “two step mascaras” have the clumping issue, so I should’ve seen it coming.I gave three stars — because — even though it clumps with too many coats and the primer is difficult/time-consuming/a waste, I gives nice definition and length with no flaking.

Sherrie Cut Off, LA

pretty good.. i miss the old product

i like it, i use it alot. it has a good, small brush. however… i really miss the product that came befor this…. it had a football shape and the tiniest little brush you ever saw…. it made my lashes huge!but this is good and id recommend it. its not too expensive as far as mascaras go, either

Jasmine Jamestown, IN


I hate this mascara, when i put it on it doesn’t even look like i put mascara at all. I need to put a lot only so that it can look like i have some on. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone!

Roxanne Lisbon, ME

Good stuff!

I’ve always been a little wary of the idea of a lash primer, I didn’t realize how much it can help, but once I tried out a few form the Maybelline XXL collection that came with primer, I realized how good it really is! Of the few from this line that I’ve tried, this one is my favorite. The mascara, along with the primer goes on so smooth and clump free. It gives what I would describe as a “false lashes” look, but in a natural sense, not the super glam look. It made my lashes look dark and thick, but also well separated. It didn’t clump each lash up way fatter than normal though, I guess it all depends on the look you’re going for. And the best part about this mascara is it stays put very well. I wear contacts and anyone who does knows that it’s hard to find mascara that really stays put with your lenses in, this stuff does!

Tori Fruitvale, TX

I’ve Got Lashes Again!!!

This is my second order!!! i’m in my forties and it seems that my lashes have dissapeared.Since using this product I don’t have that problem.Happy Again:)

Kimberly East Montpelier, VT


I received the product dried. I would just recommend going to your nearest drug store and purchasing it from there. I like the maybelline line of masacras just not this particular product I received. The masacra was dry when I opened it. Never again

Lourdes Lone Pine, CA