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Maybelline SuperStay Gloss – Golden Pink

Maybelline SuperStay Gloss Our longest lasting gloss ever! •Shiny color lasts 6X longer than the leading gloss •Feels irresistibly soft, comfortable all day long •In 16 glossy sheer shades •Superaway Lipcolor Remover with Vitamin E gently removes all traces of long wear lip gloss

Key features

  • A new lipgloss with staying power
  • Up-to 12 hour wear
  • Feels irresistibly soft, comfortable all day long
  • Superaway Lipcolor Remover with Vitamin E gently removes all traces of long wear lip gloss

Honest reviews


GREAT Lipstick!!!

This is EXCELLENT lipstick/lip tint! Color on one side, gloss on the other. It does NOT come off onto glasses, nor does it get on your teeth. Even the gloss stays on! Wow! I WILL be purchasing this again!

Debora Cave Spring, GA

my favorite superstay

this color is my favorite superstay color. I have 2 of this shade but want to get a few more while I can.

Francesca Sarasota, FL

A Must for Ever Women

I am in love with this gloss. I don;t know if I can bring myself to purchase another type of gloss again!The biggest issue most of us face with gloss is the constant reapply; however, that is not an issue with this band. The only time I have to reapply is after eating, which is understandable. I purchased the Golden Toffee and it looks great with my darker skin tone. The shine is incredible and after wearing it I swear my lips are softer.Treat yourself to the luscious gloss – you won’t regret it!

Chelsey Stillwater, PA

Lasting power not great but this particular shade is amazing..

This shade is so versatile it is truly amazing. I use it to define , I use it to darken any nuteral shade specially the shade rose by the same brand , it is just perfect , had this been a lasting product ..sigh

Rosalinda Tappan, NY

Great long lasting color at a great price!

This is a really pretty color, and it really does last! It was a great price and looks great! I have so many lip products, and this is one of my favorites!

Pauline Startup, WA

Love the color, hate the gloss

It’s a lovely color, perfect for me! The only problem is that the gloss is really sticky, I won’t wear it! You can use the color, and after it’s dry, you can put some other product to protect your lips, it also works, that’s what I do… It doesn’t last that much, but it’s nice! Lasts more that other glosses, of course.

Olive Blue Lake, CA

golden pink

I love love love this color on me! It stays the color is great and the gloss is really glossy. I like the golden undertones and cant wait to use this again.

Charlene Drake, CO

Beads up

I really wanted to like it. The color was close to what I wanted, though a bit more pink than the nude I was looking for. Unfortunately, no matter what I tried, the "gloss" beaded up on my lips after 45 minutes. So gross! Exfoliated my lips then put on the gloss. No joy. Moisturized my lips SLIGHTLY then put on the gloss. No job. No matter what I tried, it beaded up.

Tanisha Florissant, MO


This is my new favorite lipstain/gloss. It’s very pretty color, and I could wear it every day. You must let color dry before applying gloss, but that’s okay – it’s worth it! The color will seem sticky until it dries, after putting on gloss it’s great! Has lasted me up to 10 hours… and I have even wore it at night and went to bed, and color was still there the next morning! Great product! Will buy again!

Cortney Lakemont, GA

Nice color but…

Nice color but this gloss is very sticky which is not very appealing to me and I don’t think it really last that long. I suggest getting the maybeline 24hr lipcolor instead.

Mamie Emington, IL

I love it

I normally purchase this lip gloss in Rhinestone Pink 103. I used to smoke (now I vape), and it does last for a few hours-even when sipping drinks, eating, and vaping It does not smudge onto things stuck to my lips. I can’t speak as to kissing. If I’m kissing, I’m not paying too much attention at that point, lol. A few things that need to be stated: 1)It can be drying. Make sure to use a good lip balm at night while sleeping, and exfoliate your lips. This is something one should do, regardless. 2)I love to use this shade with a reverse lip liner. Reverse lip liners make the lips appear fuller and distract the eye from small wrinkles if one has them. With this shade on, my lips (which aren’t thin, but rather ordinary sized) seriously POP with the reverse liner! 3)Put the color itself on, then wait a minute or two for it to dry before putting the clear on top. If not, the color itself will somewhat streak. I recommend this product, highly.

Lorraine Joanna, SC

Not exactly what I was hoping for

I ordered 2 of these (2 different colors) because I was looking for inexpensive gloss that would last. I really do like the colors but it doesn’t last as long as they say. I find myself having to reapply this just as much as any other brand that I have tried. I do like the GLOSS side, because it isn’t super sticky and really leaves a good shine. I got them for a great price on Amazon, so because of that they are an OK purchase.

Jessica Springvale, ME



Ada Chelsea, AL

I like this brand

I’m not aware of any lip gloss, stain or stick that last over 4 to 6 hours, including this one. But I’m satisfied with the results of this brand. It takes a little touching up, but the color stays true and it lasts longer than any other lip stain I have used.Don’t use too much or it will become clumpy and will transfer to your teeth. (Let it dry completely.) You can also use other brands with this stain and it will act as a holding base, extending the life of the color. Mix and blend. Your color will stay….at least 4 to 6 hours with little to no tough ups.

Frankie Locust Valley, NY

color is just not for me

the color is not for everyone but it was worth a try I wear it over a darker liner and it keeps everything in place

Wendi Harts, WV

soooo sticky

: (I bought this for my sister,she was looking for a lip gloss that will stay onSo we gave this a chance,but she just received last night and it is a pretty color but very sticky, like if your putting on colored glue, if your a type of person that licks their lips I highly recommend. You not to buy it,I think we will stick with Maybellines lip gloss marker that stays and not sticky!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nora Girdler, KY

raisin color

The raisin color is suited for olive/warm tone women. The one received came with a lip gloss instead of balm. I still tried it and looked nice, but I like the look more for me with the balm side . This color isn’t a deep dark color . I have discovered all the colors in the brown family looked good on me.Thank you,Native Rose

Celina Alvordton, OH

This is a very pretty color!

I’d never think I would like lip stains because the ones I tried made my lips dry. This one does not and I think the color is really nice.

Reva Turtle Lake, ND

Just OK

Nice lipgloss but the color is so neutral that it doesn’t even look like anything. It isn’t really "super" stay. Just a lip gloss. Not bad but not special.

Amie Baileyville, IL


Great color for the ‘nude’ color on the lips fad! It wasn’t quite right on this 52 yr old white lady, but still was okay, so I gave to my 26 yr old daughter who’d been wanting to try the color. I know she rocked it and, of course, the staying power is awesome and I do use it in other colors.

Autumn Alpena, AR

Perfect for me!

I don’t wear a lot of make or very often. This color is perfect for me. Just a hint, it’s almost like I’m not wearing any lipstick at all. I love it and so does my husband!

Dionne Spade, TX


this is great it is the perfect color and it stays on great i love how it has the gloss side and the color side on the other it came like 2 weeks before it said it would I completely recommend buying this if you love lipgloss or just buy it

Alisha Guadalupe, CA

smooth& shiney

love this gloss goes on like silk add the clear end makeshift lips shine the color pink is beautiful not to light like it looks would recommend for the price.

Louella Bedford, IA

dont waste yor money

its nothing so dont waste your money its very funny colour i dnt even know until now wat the real colour it is

Margie Hackleburg, AL

Ugly color. Drying. Terrible!

Try sent me three for the price of one, I can see whyIt is just an awful product, it’s drying and the appearance of the shade is too shimmery. It’s just an awful product and IImagine it was old too.

Darla Edinburg, TX

sticky mess.

don’t buy this. sticky and doesn’t stay on. it’s not even flattering on lips. pink color separates from that pasty white stuff they added to it.

Casandra Winona, WV