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Maybelline Pure Foundation – Classic Ivory

Maybelline Pure Makeup is made with 50% water instead of oils, for a formula so smooth you can blend it on your skin with just your fingertips. A perfect solution for oily skin, Pure Makeup gives you a clean finish and won’t cause breakouts. Available in light, medium and dark shades to complement any skin tone. Maybelline Pure Foundation. Maybelline Pure Makeup is a shine-free foundation with H2O is formulated with 50% water instead of pore-clogging oils that can cause breakouts. Chamomile and aloe extracts help to soothe and comfort skin. Oil free. 50% water, won’t clog pores, flawless finish.

Key features

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Dermatologist Tested

Honest reviews


Maybelline Pure Foundation – Creamy Natural

Maybelline Pure Foundation – Creamy Natural is a great tinted moisturizer type foundation, a great find for the price. I still like the Maybelline 24 hour and the Revlon Colorstay products the best for every day, my high end that I like is the Dior Total Capture and the Makeup Forever HD Foundations.

Nettie Palestine, OH

You’ll forget you’re wearing foundation

I picked one of these half off at a CVS and am impressed with the product. It applies nicely, and feels good on the skin (maybe the water evaporates and that is the cause) but I like it. It’s not super-heavy coverage, but it does not feel heavy, sticky or tacky, which is perfect for summer. Again, if you want something that conceals big time this probably isn’t for you, but to improve the skin texture and give some nice coverage, this works well. It dries to a nice matte finish but it doesn’t feel or look fake after it’s applied, and I love that it does not feel like I am wearing foundation.

Serena Alston, GA

Great foundation

Great coverage, light weight and affordable. It’s a really great foundation. I would highly recommend it to anyone and it’s unfortunate that it’s discontinued.

Lila Tuckasegee, NC


This foundation is amazing. I saw it 7 years ago and thought I’ll try it cause it’s made with H2O and wont clog pores. But it does SOOOO much more than that, whatever it is made of makes the foundation so light and NON heavy but still great coverage. It sits on top of your skin because of the H2O and I feel like I have nothing on.. EVERY time I switch to something else I come back to this cause it looks so natural but covers my imperfections also… I have tried at least 30 different foundations and this is the best!

Adrian Soda Springs, ID

Excellent water base foundation also for Airbrush system

I love it, it is so light and cover so well not to mention the Classic ivory has the same tone as my skin and looks so natural blending so well, dry fast not powder needed , I use olay regeneris as under primer to prevent my skin from drying as it is matte foundation, also wanna tell you a little secret , I use it with Airbrush system, yes you read it right , I mix 50/50 with purified water and make just enough to use at once as you can’t keep the mix for longer as a day due to bacteria that can grow in after you add water, but for one usage it is just perfect, it works wonderful and the finish is better as any other airbrush foundation and so cheaper , as started addiong a little bit of this foundation to my other airbrush water based make-up as well to light up the colors and after it worked I tried to use it alone with water the best from the bottle and NOT taping water . You have to try it to see the wonderful effect, I used Dinair airbrush that actually is difficult to use with any other foundations on the market but worked just excellent , I finished the make-up with a airbrush make up primer and ready to rock and it stay for all day , smooth like a velvet and almost invisible , I tried to use one darker color for contouring the face also , I ordered more in case as this is the best cheap product on the market that works so well, i hope they don’t stop selling it …

Leigh Ewen, MI

Use to use this product all the time, but don’t anymore because it’s discontinued : (

I used to use this product ALL the time. Once I found it, I used it for years. I love it because it’s very lightweight and you can’t even feel the make-up on your face. It doesn’t cover blemishes or pimples well, but you can always use an extra concealer for that. That is what I did whenever I had an extra blemish. I would consider this more of a tinted moisturizer. I have very sensitive skin and this caused zero irritation or break-outs. It was a great product. But it was sadly discontinued. I’ve found another product since that is more convenient for me to get. But all in all, great product!

Catalina Sunbury, NC

Favorite Foundation

Gives me just the right amount of coverage without being too heavy. I wish they still sold this product in stores! I cant get enough of it!!

Tamera Laketown, UT


This foundation from Maybelline is my favorite. I’ve tried a couple of foundations from Maybelline and other brands,but this one is the winner in my mind. Nothing more fantastic as this. When you apply this foundation you will notice your face is shine free and the finish is flawless as well as natural. I have horrible red blemishes, and I always apply this to make the redness more subtle. Yes, my blemishes are still noticeable, but the upside is: this foundation doesn’t make it look like I’m trying to hide them. It blends perfectly and is not heavy.

Dawn Parker, PA

it;s okay

the colour was darker than i expectedi ordered my shade by it was darkerwas a bit dissapointedthe covereage is okay,not great but it works

Lidia Souderton, PA