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Maybelline New York XXL Curl Washable Mascara, Very Black 531, 0.34 Fluid Ounce

Step 1 curls to a 45° angle. step 2 provides 12 hour hold. Washable also available in waterproof. Contact lens safe, ophthalmologist tested.

Key features

  • Curls lashes to a 45 degree angle
  • 12 hour hold
  • Contact lens safe ophthalmologist tested

Honest reviews



White first coat and then black second coat. Ugh. I like the formula that is a black/black formula. ugh. ugh.

Kimberly Gentry, MO

i don’t like

what the heck. one side is a gloppy white goo you put on, then open up the other side and glop on some black goo. ??? very small bottle considering it has 2 small containers on both sides.. will not buy again.. gross

Brigitte Olaton, KY

Brush I could do without…

This is my favorite mascara ever, but I ordered the one with the curling brush which is more a nuisance for me personally. Next time, I will order regular.

Ada Kalispell, MT


I am very surprised to read all of these positive reviews of this product.I think it is very very poor and lacking quality.Won’t buy agin.

Terrie Larimer, PA

Best Mascara ever

I am obsessed with makeup and I have to say this is my Fav Mascara ever. When used properly it makes your eyelashes look so full and long. Many many women have told me that they love my eyelashes and assume that I have fake lashes on because it makes my lashes look amazing.Make sure you do from Root to tip with step 1 and then wait for it to dry for about 30 secs then put the black mascara on-some women might be skeptical because step 1 is white but as long as you have a magnified mirror you can do step 2 and make sure its all covered up.I also like that this mascara doesn’t clump up-and it easily comes off in the shower or when you wash your face.

Hannah Princewick, WV

love the idea, but it’s so dry

I really like the primer/mascara duo, but on mine the primer is so dry none of it actually goes onto my lashes. On the plus side when I do wear it it works well and doesn’t flake or smear.

Herminia Milo, MO

Pretty good mascara

Not the best mascara I have tried but is it bad? Not at all. It is most likely great for girls needing some help with their lashes (curling wise) but I don’t need that! So, it is just okay for me 🙂

Lelia Barhamsville, VA

xxl mascara

This arrived really fast! Same packaging as what I buy in storeFor half the price. Will be ordering again.

Nancy Woods Hole, MA

awesome product!

i purchased one of these for myself and my mother in law. arrived quickly and correct product. i love the mascara highly recommended.

Aline Plainville, GA

Just ok

I have tried many types of mascara over the years and I’ve yet to find one as good as Maybelline Great Lash. I’ve tried expensive ones and no one can give me lashes that look as long as great lash does. The XXL mascara is pretty weird, I only found out by reading these reviews that first you use the white brush, then the black brush. The white brush seemed to get a lot of white gunk on my lash. For 5 days I did my right eye with Great Lash and the other with XXL, the lashes on my right eye always looked longer and thicker. I give it 3 stars because it does work and it hasn’t clumped on me, but it’s not a 5 star.

Maricela Hampton, CT


I’ve tried a LOT of Maybelline mascara and this is my Favorite…so far! I’ve gotten lots of complements on how long and beautiful my lashes are! I even had someone ask me if i was wearing fake eye lashes! I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for amazing lashes!

Laurel Grant, IA