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Maybelline New York Volume Express Colossal Cat Eyes Washable Mascara, Glam Black, 0.31 Fluid Ounce

Now colossal volume gets a feline edge: volum’ express colossal cat eyes’ collagen formula and claw brush plump and spike out lashes at the corners for a wild cat eye look. Ophthalmologist tested and contact lens safe.

Key features

  • Colossal volume with cat-like corners
  • Collagen formula
  • Claw brush

Honest reviews


Not Too Impressed

I am a makeup junkie, always eager to buy the newest product to hit stores, and this mascara by Maybelline was no exception. I bought it without reading prior reviews based on the product’s commercial, the tube design, and past experience with Maybelline mascaras (all of which have been positive). However, I was very disappointed with this one.First of all, the brush is very thin with short bristles. It is curved, which I like, but the arch seemed more pronounced than in other curved brushes, probably because of the lenght of the bristles. In person, the brush looks different than how it is pictured on Amazon and Maybelline’s website. The awkward shape of the brush made it slightly more difficult than other brushes to apply this mascara to my lashes; I feel it could get very messy if you aren’t careful or aren’t used to this type of brush.Second, it did not give the cat eye effect I was halfway hoping for. I knew it wouldn’t look exactly how it looks on the model (does this ever happen?) but I thought there would be a flared look, however slight. Even if I applied extra mascara to the outer corners, my lashes were all the same lenghth and had the same lenghth as when I applied a different type of mascara.Third, this did not give the great volume that I expected from a Colossal product. Rather, it made my lashes thin and kind of spindly looking. It clumped slightly but I was able to fix this by going back through my lashes and using the tip of the brush to seperate them (this was a hassle!). The formula was also very wet and took longer than other mascaras to dry, and I feel that this impacted the clumping. In the end, this product gave me a look that was not as dramatic as I like but slightly more than an “every day” look.There were a couple of good things about this product but they do not outweigh the cons. It gives pretty decent lenght, the color is dark, I don’t notice any flaking, and it removes easily at night. The tube is cute and the product is inexpensive ($5 at Wal-Mart).Overall, I do not reccommend this product. Other Maybelline mascaras are great but this one is a dud. If you want a truly great, inexpensive mascara, I would reccommend the original Maybelline Colossal Mascara.

Marie Cushing, TX


I LOVE THIS MASCARA! OMG IT IS AMAZING! It makes my lashes thick, long, ETC. It’s is definitely my favorite mascara and I’m so happy I purchased it!❤️ Definitely try it out! You will absolutely fall in love with it 100% guaranteed

Rocio Falling Waters, WV


I use this with Maybelline One by One and it makes my lashes long & curved! Not too over the top, just like you were blessed with long gorgeous lashes!

Violet East Hanover, NJ

Good for the price

I like this mascara because it is waterproof. It doesn’t run or smear. The only problem that I had with it is that it tends to clump a bit. For the price, it is a good mascara but, there are better ones available if you want to pay just a little more.

Beth West Liberty, KY


I love it. Great mascara! I recommend to those who like thick eyelashes. It is great for everyday use. It washes off great as well.

Clarice Cerro Gordo, IL

Stands out!

Loved trying this mascara. Lasted thru out the day. Does seem to smear though if you are near humid areas. The applicator allows full separation of eyelashes to create a thicker – longer look.

Rosanne Mc Farland, CA


My eyelashes are just perfect! it really gives that cat eye effect, and makes the make up much better now!

Jeannie Boulder, CO

Burns and Looks Awful

This is the worst mascara I have ever used, and I’ve used some bad ones lately. I don’t have problems with irritation often and don’t have sensitive skin, but man, this stuff burned my eyes like crazy. I used fresh product, so that wasn’t the problem. I even tried it a second time, wearing it alone to ascertain that it wasn’t eye shadow/liner that was causing the irritation. Same thing happened. I had to wash it off and toss it in the trash.Even without the irritation, this stuff is junk. It’s too thick, goes on clumpy, and causes lashes to stick together and dry in clumps.This is one to avoid.

Bianca Afton, MI


Amazing product, in my 50’s and my eye lashes have thinned this product makes my lashes look like they are full and long!!!!

Shawn Del Rey, CA