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Maybelline New York Volum’ Express One By One Washable Mascara, 255 Blackest Black, 0.3 Fluid Ounce

Finally, bold volume without any of the bulk. Patented lash catcher brush has 3 bristles per lash to make every lash count. It catches, coats and de clumps each lash to make them all fatter and flirtier. Instant clump free volume. Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist tested. Washable; also available in waterproof formula.

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • Patented lash catcher brush has 3 bristles per lash
  • Catches, coats and de clumps each lash
  • Instant clump free volume

Honest reviews


This is the best I’ve used!

I am a mascara junkie, always looking for the latest and greatest. I don’t buy the expensive brands any more because mascara has a limited shelf life, so I only use drugstore brands. I am always looking for one that doesn’t blob but still makes my eyelashes (which are long but light) look thick and dark. Most of the volumizing mascaras are wet and blob when you apply them requiring combing to get rid of the blobs. This one is blob free, it goes on beautifully but still gives your lashes a volumizing coat, no extra combing requied. It really does reach all the itty bitty lashes. I love this one and recommend it to anyone looking for a volumizing mascara that doesn’t blob or look artificial. I use the waterproof version.

Isabel Kenna, NM


This is the worst mascara I’ve ever used. I’ve always used Great Lash, and love it, perfect and rated #1 for years. I’ve tried others through the years, so thought that I would try this one. I kept blinking so much, that I ended pulling the mascara off to stop the blinking. I tried wearing this 5 times and each time had excessive blinking and clumping on my lashes. I looked at the applicator after putting it in the container and it comes out with clumps. Gross. It also has a terrible smell.

Martha Wyoming, RI

Hate it

I knew better than to try something other than my Covergirl. I hate this stuff starting mainly with the cheap, flexible, trash they call a brush. I actually saved an old CG brush to use when I use it. I accidently bought two. I’m almost done with the first one but I don’t care, I went ahead and bought some more CG anyway. I will say that it doesn’t seem to chip off which is great. Other than that I am all around disappointed.

Bethany Mc Kinnon, WY

Love it!

I’m really impressed with this mascara. I am continuously on the hunt for a good mascara that will lengthen and volumize my light, medium length lashes. Without mascara, you can’t tell I have lashes at all if looking at me head-on. This mascara didn’t clump AT ALL even after several coats. It’s very buildable and creates good length and clean definition. It doesn’t make lashes super thick though it does give a little thickness, but it doesn’t claim it’s a volumizing mascara. I like the clean but long lash look and this delivers that. The waterproof version, however, sucks. I don’t know if I got a bad tube or what, but it didn’t lengthen, dried out my lashes, and made them stick together. I ended up throwing it out and I never throw out products. I couldn’t make it work no matter what I tried and I gave it a few weeks to “break in.” Such a diffrence from this washable one.

Shana Mount Sterling, IA

Not great

I know this product is getting five-star reviews, but I really can’t give it that much. Despite the name, I found it clumped quite a bit. It doesn’t define little lashes, as some of the reviews have indicated, but kind of glumps them together. It doesn’t thicken and it lengthens a bit. I won’t buy this one again.

Mellisa Gilbertsville, NY

Sticky eye lashes

When I first tried out this mascara, it was similar to the Revlon PhotoReady Mascara… but it doesn’t give the length that mascara did. The brush individually separates the lashes and I could coat my lashes with two or three coats. The brush was the perfect size for my bottom lashes as well, but the formula was funky and left my lashes sticky. It also didn’t last for hours like the Maybelline Falsies. I would also see little black specks under my eyes. So this wasn’t the mascara for me.

Annabelle Green Park, PA

Not a fan

I had heard good reviews on this mascara and after using it for one week all i can say is that i like the smell of it. It has a floral scent to it which is nice, other than that it sucks. Shortly after applying this it gets all runny and gross under your eyes. It’s a pain and not worth your money. Going back to Covergirl lash blast.

Pearl Maramec, OK


I like this product,I like the brush because it makes it easy to use. I am satisfied with this product.

Becky Debary, FL

Good mascara.

A good mascara, but get very thick coating, collapse, not curling. After all the names one by one. Overall, good.

Carlene Avondale, CO

too sticky

This mascara is too sticky for me. It also runs like crazy and itches my eyes. will not buy it again.

Jessie Empire, AL

Volumizing at its Best

Usually, most of the mascara formulas that I’ve tried are volumizing, but they dry so quickly and just end up looking clumpy. But this Maybelline mascara is a wetter formula than most of the ones that I’ve tried, which enables me to make the most out of my lashes before they dry.The Pros:The wetter formula allows me to apply multiple coats before it dries, pushing the volume of my lashes to the max.The wand isn’t too big or too small, and is oval shaped. The bristles are perfectly placed which makes it easy to get to all my lashes.The Cons:It’s got this really weird smell. Just weird. It smells like sweet gasoline, if that makes sense.Overall, I really like this mascara. My lashes look really black, full, and volumized, which is perfect!

Melanie Ottawa, IL

one by one

when they say one by one they really mean it! when i use this product it separates my lashes PERFECTLY. it looks very natural looking and i love everything about this mascara. there is nothing to complain about

Sondra Scioto Furnace, OH

My new love!!!

To help set the mood, I have to tell you about my eyelashes. I have long eyelashes already, very long. But they are kind of thin and I don’t have very many. I love this one because it makes them SO much fuller and actually looks like I have many and seperate eyelashes! And NO CLUMPS WHATSOEVER! Everyone just loves the CoverGirl Lash Blast, but I didn’t like it, but this one is 10x better. Actually does what it says. Every time I put it on I get excited, LOL.

Tisha Friendsville, MD

Great mascara

I have this delievered to me automatically. I love it, it adds great volume without adding any clumps! The price is a steal.

Loraine Big Sky, MT

I love this mascara

Probably one of the best I use. It doesnt clump makes my eyes pop. and i love the brush. I usually dont like most of maybellines mascaras but this one is great!

Dora Hiddenite, NC

Really works, and I threw away my lash curler!!

This has been my favorite mascara for years now! First I sweep down on the lashes, then up. I repeat this once or twice before letting dry completely. I am 72 years old and am very satisfied with my thick-looking lashes!

Amber Calhoun, TN

Hard to Remove

Mascara removal is one of the obligatory nighttime rituals. Takes 3 times as long to get Maybelline One By One mascara off. I won’t be buying it again.

Michell Wayzata, MN

I’m picky, but this is perfect

I’m notoriously picky about my mascara, because I want my lashes to look perfect every single day. I’ve tried countless different brands, from Chanel to Revlon, and none of them have compared to Maybelline’s One By One. I love the plastic bristle brush, because it makes it SO much easier to comb through each individual lash without creating clumps. The formula is thin enough to keep your lashes curled and not weigh them down, but is thick enough to add the perfect amount of definition. I wear this every day, and I used it every day during my vacation in Mexico. My lashes withstood the humidity, pool water, beach water, sweat, you name it! The only thing I could say is a problem is that once the mascara has dried, if you rub your eyes (or wipe them) then small specks of the mascara will fall from the lashes, but this is only with intentional rubbing of the eyes, not a brush of the hair or something. Definitely recommend.

Avis Newcomb, NM

Just an all around Perfect mascara

This and the falsies are hands down my favorite mascaras. 🙂 this one is really great at defining and lengthening, it never clumps, and I really have no complaints. I love this stuff and if you wanna look like you have a million lashes, you will too! 😀

Ester Fidelity, IL

Too flakey

This mascara definitely delivers what it promises in terms of amplified volume. My lashes look amaze-balls whenever I use this stuff. Unfortunately, though, the product flakes, flakes, flakes, and within a couple of hours I have little black spots all over my face. Black spots are not worth the bumped-up volume, in my opinion. I won’t purchase this mascara again for that reason.

Renae Leakey, TX

Long-time Maybelline mascara user

I’ve used Maybelline mascara since around 1974. I’ve tried department store brands, pyramid products, but I keep coming back to Maybelline.Except recently (2 years? 3 years?), the formula seems to have changed on most of the washable mascaras. I’ve tried every brush style. I have figured I need to switch to another brand of mascara since the Maybelline product isn’t as good….until finding this one! Love the brush, which I guess is what makes this one better. Perhaps the formula is different, also. I did not see this particular type in my usual cosmetics place (CVS drug) and am really glad to have found it on Amazon. Will purchase again!

Billie Grantham, PA

very good mascara

I love this mascara. It really gives volume to eyelashes and separates them. I don’t have long eyelashes but with this mascara they look long. It’s really worth of the price and I would recommend it to everyone.

Patti Springville, CA

I just love this stuff!

The brush on this thing is phenomenal. I love it. It has a rounder shape and all the bristles are tough, grabbing every eyelash. I naturally have long lashes and this mascara does a great job at emphasizing them! Love this stuff and would recommend to anyone. i didn’t give it the fifth star because it is difficult to wash off even with good eye make up remover.

Liza Kalaupapa, HI

Really Good

I love wearing mascara and I love to keep trying new ones that come out in the market. This is a very good mascara overall. It separates the lashes really well and makes them appear thicker. This is not going to give you any dramatic doll eyed results but it’s pretty good for a day time look. It doesn’t flake or run onto my eyelids.

Rosemary Oak Island, NC

Perfect eyelashes

I’ve used many, many different kinds of mascara and have finally hit the jackpot! The brush separates my eyelashes and I can apply in layers without waiting for it to dry in between applications. I get no clumping at all. Makes my eyelashes appear longer and thicker. Just love it!

Shannon Shauck, OH

I don’t know man.

It’s a cool mascara and I love Maybelline with a passion but I feel like the brush was over-sized. But it did add A LOT of length but not very much thickness.

Vilma Mosheim, TN

Washable Mascara

Mascara was nothing fantastic. It constantly flaked. What was left at the end of the day did easily and effortlessly wash away.

Lillie Newbury, NH


This is by far my favorite mascara’s & I’ve tried them all! It has a gel like consistency which I believe works best for me. I would recommend this mascara to any woman!

Tracey Ogden, AR

maybelline mascara

i love this mascara its amazing it makes my lashes look longer and i love the brush and it doesin’t make your eyelashes look clumpy.

Willa Malden, MA

It’s okay

This product is not all its raved up to be! It flaked throughout the day onto the bottom of my eyes.

Kristen Aurora, NE