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Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies Flared Waterproof Mascara, Very Black 295, 0.31-fluid Ounce

Now, false lash glam goes flared. Up, out and over the top, instantly. Our exclusive spoon brush loads lashes with massive volume and presses them into a flared arch while our flexible-hold formula with pro-key fiber provides a lasting curve.

Key features

  • Volumizes lashes up and out for a flared false lash effect
  • Spoon curler brush with unique flexible wand lifts and separates
  • Flexible-hold formula

Honest reviews


The same…

This mascara is no different then any other mascara. Nothing special about it. I thought it would give my lashes volume, but it didn’t.

Meghan Huntingdon, TN


This is a nice mascara but I have to say that it doesn’t live up to some of the advertising hype. I bought this for my daughter and tried it myself and you get good coverage, and a nice build up, but you have to do multiple coats in a row, without letting your lashes dry.Two Quick Notes:–As another reviewer noted, this product is very waterproof. My other mascaras I can remove with a mild soap and water. Not so with “Falsies”.–I found this product irritated my eyes and I had to discontinue using it. BUT I have to say that I have bad allergies and I’m probably more sensitive to irritants than most people. In fact, I have to use waterproof mascara because even the ultra-tested doctor-recommended eye products irritate my eyes. I only add this warning just in case you are even more sensitive than I.Nice product. My daughter gets good results and the mascara doesn’t smudge.Pam T~mom

Faith Nashoba, OK


Let me preface this five-star review by saying that I absolutely hated this mascara (I hate all waterproof mascaras in general).I accidentally bought the waterproof Falsies one day. I coated my lashes like I normally do, and went about my day. When I took a shower at the end of the day, I was horrified to find out that all the gentle rubbing, not so gentle rubbing, soap, and water streaming over my lashes was not doing ANYTHING to remove this mascara. Seriously, not even so much as a bit.For whatever reason you’re needing cement grade waterproof mascara, this is the one to get. In terms of how a waterproof mascara is supposed to perform, and how it looks, it earns five stars.

Darcy Marion, MA


So, I bought this mascara after reading a review online, and since I had a bad experience with Maybelline mascara before (namely the Great Lash), I was a little skeptical. But, oh my gosh, this mascara is absolutely amazing. I simply curl my lashes, and then I use an old They’re Real! Mascara brush to separate my lashes. Then I coat my lashes until I’m happy, and I end up with thick, dark, full lashes that look quite a lot like false lashes. I recommend this to all my friends!

Sally Freeville, NY

my wife recommends

My wife bougth it and now she don’t live without it.She bougth 5 of this in this purchase.she is crazy for this makeup

Isabella Ashland, MO

Good product, easy to clean off : )

I didn’t buy on amazon but anyway, this mascara is OK. Not the best out there and it does what it is supposed to do. Advice to all– when using, drain off excess product back into the bottle as much as you can, that way you avoid the excess lumps of mascara on your lashes. Coat as fast as you can so you don’t have drying before a next coat goes on. Also for REMOVAL which seems to be the biggest issue with this mascara (for me it is easy)! the easiest/ quickest way to remove is to use extra virgin OLIVE OIL or COCONUT OIL on some cotton balls. Swipe over the eyelashes, careful not to get oil in your eyes, and in no time, mascara goes off. In fact, I use this to clean make up off my entire face before I use my facial cleanser. Nope, it doesn’t break me out and I have acne prone skin, so try it. I hope fellow consumers find my tips useful…You’re welcome!!

Jacklyn Hamptonville, NC

I’ve used this for several years and was always happy with the product

However, every one I’ve gotten through this subscription has lasted no more than a week. It is dry in a week and I never had this problem in the past when I bought elsewhere.I’ve just cancelled the subscription. I can’t understand why this is, unless these items are held by the seller in improper conditions or unless they’re past their date. I’ll go back to buying at the drug store.I’m adding to the review. I just realized that not only is there a problem with the mascara from this vendor, I’ve now paid for two tubes, FAR over what I’d pay elsewhere for one FRESH tube. I cannot recommend this ‘deal’ to anyone.

Consuelo Ouray, CO

not what i expected!

Mascara lasts really hole day long and it’s perfect! but I’,m not lover of flexible brushes. It’s not easy to apply mascara on all of eyelashes. I tried to use another brush, and it was perfect!

Sharron Neligh, NE

Worst Mascara I Ever Bought

This was by far the worst mascara I have ever used! I was just wearing it around the house & it was flaking and smearing & very hard to get off. It was not even easy to put on, it was very clumpy and it would smear on my eye lids & under my eyes. I looked like a raccoon even before I was done applying it! What a huge waste of money! Very Disappointed!Added Note: I tried to use the mascara again, I figured Maybelline would not possibly put out such a mess of a product! This time, I wiped the wand off to get any extra makeup off of it, I figured if I started out with a clean wand, maybe it would go on better & not flake & smudge as much! I was WRONG! This stuff is Horrible! It says it’s waterproof, well, that part is true, now I have raccoon eyes & the junk won’t come off! I think it would only be fair if this company would replace this crap with a better mascara! I know that there are many, many more out there for much less than I paid for the so called “falsies”..which if you ask me, is totally misleading & false advertising!

Leanna Lynnville, KY


This mascara is terrific! It works well especially for my lower eyelashes. It really makes it look as if I was wearing false eyelashes on my lower lashes. For upper lashes it still works very well, and it IS very waterproof! It would not come off easily even when I remove my makeup with makeup remover, much less with just water (but don’t worry, it DOES come off with makeup remover if you work on it patiently for a few more moments and gentle rubbing; I use a water-based makeup remover). One satisfied customer here and will be coming back for more!

Lelia Fontana, WI

Really really hard to wash off!!

It is very water-proof. Remind you to buy a good remover. It is really hard to remove. My eye lashes would not stick together any more with this product. But it doesn’t help my straight eye lashes curl.

Stacy Normal, IL

LOVE IT!!!!!

Maybelline has, hands down, the best mascara! I absolutely love Falsies!!!! Your eyelashes don’t clump and it just gives them amazing lengths. Its one of my favorite mascaras. You will love yourself for making this purchase!

Beatrice Grand Rivers, KY


so perfect! this mascara makes my eyelashes look so much more full and voluminous. I did have to curl my lashes before applying for the best result.

Roslyn Ravenna, KY


Very nice mascara, I use it when I want some thick lashes 😀 the price is also just right Give it a try

Fay Watertown, CT


I usually hate wearing mascara, so I was skeptical to try this. My eyelashes are plenty long on their own. I put it on the top lashes just to see how much more volume it gave them and I must say I was impressed. Normal mascara makes my lashes look inhuman and just plain weird. This stuff flared the ends and made them a tad darker so it did not look at all unusual. Even if you already have long and full lashes, try this. It will make your eyes pop without looking like a barbie doll.

Adele Dacoma, OK

Best drugstore mascara out there

This is my all time favorite, HG mascara. I like that it really does make my lashes look like falsies and thickens them up. It’s also really black, which I love in a mascara. It does flake a little bit, but I don’t mind sense all mascaras tend to do that. If you’re looking for a mascara that is pitch black, volumes and lengthens for CHEAP, this is it!

Barbra Martinsburg, MO

Pro Makeup Artist in Hollywood recommended

My relative has been the primary make up artist for several major shows on TV for several years, so whenever I see her I always ask what the best new stuff there is out there. I was shocked when out of all the mascara’s you could chose from she told me this is the best moderately priced mascara and is the one she uses everyday. Make sure you get the flared one with the wings on the tube.This stuff is amazing, she was right as always. I have not purchased from Amazon yet but will do in the future.

Tanisha Cleveland, NY


Use with a light touch after you curl your lashes .. let dry well and then re-do the curl to tips .. and you will be amazed …

Katrina Wardville, OK

Maybelline flared mascara

Didn’t like this one at all, clumpy and a bit dried out in the tube, maybe it sat on the shelf to long.. Wouldn’t recommend…

Rosalie Fancy Farm, KY

Great lash builder!

Finally…..this products really works! I have skimpy eyelashes and this product builds them up, leaves no clumpy look and waterproof.

Melissa Gulliver, MI


I purchased Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Waterproof mascara, Brown/black, locally for $5. I don’t like it. It has clumped each time I used it. It’s hard to get my lashes to look full because they’re too clumpy. The brush is gently curved & very flexible. The most flexible mascara wand I’ve ever used. All mascaras I’ve used in the past will clean the brush off as you pull the wand out of the tube. The opening is too big in the Volum’ Express tube so the excess mascara isn’t removed from the brush which might be the reason for the clumping. I won’t purchase this again.This mascara is waterproof as advertised. I use baby oil to remove waterproof mascara; petroleum jelly will work too.

Zelda Cordova, AL

Good for length and if you don’t have a lot of volume

This is my going out mascara but I have long and thick eyelashes its perfect for people with not a volume but long eyelashes

Barbara Upperglade, WV


My favorite mascara thus far. Having two brush sizes on one wand is helpful to get both length and thickness.

Summer Cornish, ME

Excellent mascara & excellent value

I have these on subscribe & save and it costs about 2 bucks less than Walmart. Separates lashes well and is waterproof. Comes off clean with eye make up remover. Not gunky at all. Highly recommend!

Patsy East Greenbush, NY

Dedicated falsies customer!!

I’ve tried a million different mascaras that all leave clumps or are thin and don’t leave anything on the lash. After numerous brands, I tried Falsies Flared mascara and have bought nothing else for 2 years. It glides on smooth, no clumps, sticks well to lashes leaving a thick dark, dramatic look. I like the curved brush and the bristles are the perfect firmness for gentle but easy application. It IS highly waterproof and needs eye makeup remover (which I use every other day or so) but that’s perfect for me. I have no interest in trying any other mascara, this one is perfect and I’ll stick with it. Definitely recommend this!!

Rosemarie Waller, TX

love it

This product shipped very quickly and arrived before it was supposed to. I love this product, my lashes look gorgeous very happy with it.

Felecia Arcadia, WI


Ok I like this out of all the mascara this is the best one I like so I am hook on it.

Desiree Oakfield, TN