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Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies Flared Washable Mascara, Blackest Black 286, 0.31-fluid Ounce

Now, false lash glam goes flared. Up, out and over the top, instantly. Our exclusive spoon brush loads lashes with massive volume and presses them into a flared arch while our flexible-hold formula with pro-key fiber provides a lasting curve.

Key features

  • Volumizes lashes up and out for a flared false lash effect
  • Spoon curler brush with unique flexible wand lifts and separates
  • Flexible-hold formula

Honest reviews


Just No.

This mascara was awful. It clumped so easily, and although the point of the “spoon” brush was to make applying it easier, it just didn’t do it for me. The formula was drier than what I was used to and thus felt rough on my eyelashes. I thought it was odd that the mascara smelled like burnt rubber, it goes away rather quickly but not the most pleasant thing to smell in the morning. I later went on to buy the Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express and I liked it much better.

Valeria Kiahsville, WV

it’s good.

i really like this mascara! but compared to the regular falsies mascara, it’s not as great. i prefer a wetter formula and longer brush the regular falsies mascara has but this mascara isn’t bad at all! and the price makes it even this arrived at my house after a few days of ordering. 😀

Dorthy Iron Station, NC

Not bad but not great

This mascara can get clumpy real quick I dont like the curved brushes myself but others may. It does its job for the price you pay and I tried it and now will try another!

Whitney Moclips, WA

Love this mascara!

I love purchasing makeup and I am often tempted by other brands and formulations. However, I keep coming back to Maybelline’s falsies flared time and time again. I would compare this to Lancome’s best selling mascara which is 4 – 6x the cost of this one.

Isabella Chappell Hill, TX


Title says it all.Put on three coats of this and you will be fluttering your big fluffy lashes all day long at everyone.Dark. Thick. It does clump after two coats so if you are not fond of the thick clumped lashes look you will want to stick to one or two thin coats.This has permanently made its way to my list of Top 5 mascaras.

Deann Lignum, VA

Just Okay

I had used the regular falsies mascara for my brother’s wedding and I loved it. I was excited to try this one since I usually prefer a curved brush. I was disappointed when I tried it because it did not seem to give me the same results as the original formula. It is okay. I have long lashes to begin with but this product did not seem to do much. It also seemed to clump after only a few uses.

Patrica Armour, SD

Very Good Drugstore Mascara

I have tried numerous mascaras from almost every drugstore brand over the years and I must say this is one of my HGs. My lashes are blonde (very light), thin, and have medium lenght. While I love that this mascara makes them incredibly dark, I was really impressed with how full it made them look. Not only are they very thin, but I have a very slight gap on one of my lashlines where, for some horrible reason, only one or two lashes grow, and when I apply mascara this gap seems emphasized. However, this mascara (probably due to the brush) grabs each lash, separates them, spreads them out, and volumizes them so I look like I have more lashes than I actually do. I also notice NO PROBLEMS with clumping, flaking, or smudging, in both the waterproof and washable versions. This doesn’t really flare my lashes the way it is advertised to do, but I’m so impressed with what I’ve just mentioned that it isn’t a big deal to me. Both versions leave my lashes feeling soft and looking natural. Also, both versions stay on all day–however, it also takes me a little longer to remove it at night, even with makeup remover. Even the washable version is a bit difficult to remove completely.Overall, I would recommend this. The price is very reasonable and product is great. It provides clump-free volume, full lashes, and all-day staying power. The color is very dark and very matte, and you get a false lash look that won’t leave you disappointed.

Roslyn Dixon Springs, TN

Favorite Mascara

This is definitely my favorite mascara. I used to wear it on its own, but now I wear it on top of my Covergirl’s Clumpcrusher. They make a great pair. I recommend that waterproof version. This one I felt started to clump about a month into using it, but the waterproof one never clumps on me. It might not be as clumpy if you pair it with the clumpcrusher underneath. I only started using the clumpcrusher underneath when I started using the waterproof one.

Nona Halifax, PA

Perfect price! Perfect formula!

Pros:Aweome priceDry formulaMakes my lashes more look long and fullCons:Nothing I can think of =]I dono why everyone here hates it so much, but it’s perfect for my thin asian lashes. With thin lashes, you have to find a dry formula, which is hard to find in drug store brands, but I finally found one! It’s amazing and cheap too! It really does make my lashes flared and look full! Of course it doesn’t work as well as the really expensive stuff, but this is perfect for meA lot of people like the waterproof version of it more, but I didn’t notice the difference other than it is REALLY waterproof.

Glenda Bevier, MO

If I was buying falsies, I’d sure hope they don’t look like this!

This stuff sucks, to be completely honest. The brush is a weird spiky thing and when you pull out the wand, it’s clumped with so much mascara that I cringed at the thought of even putting it near my eye without first wiping at least half of it off…but I thought I’d give it a try anyways. It’s VERY black, which is nice, but it flakes like you wouldn’t believe and is horribly clumpy and hard to brush out (I don’t usually have ot brush out my mascaras, but this called for it!). It really irritated my eyes as well. Maybelline has a few good mascaras, but this is NOT one of them! I’d recomend the one in the coral tube (One by one, I believe it’s called).

Leanna Gurley, AL

Poofs out my lashes! Glamorous!

It’s so comforting when you find an exceptional and cheap mascara. This is all I buy. This beefs up and poofs up my lashes beautifully! Once I tried a carbon black, but it smeared beneath my eyes. I use Very Black, the 2nd darkest black shade. That shade doesn’t smear nearly as much. It makes them look feathered back, if you remember that hairstyle from the 80’s. Gorgeous lashes-I might not be "born with them", but I can use Maybelline!

Augusta Olcott, NY

Great mascara

No clumping, comes off easy with soap and water, does not irritate eyes. Lasts all day long. Highly recommended mascara

Natalia Villa Park, IL

Looks like I have Falsies when I where it..

This is by far the best mascara I have used in a long time. ( and i have bought name brand mascara at Sephora for $15+, only to be disappointed). Since I started using it I have gotten several compliments and other girls asking me what mascara I use. Buy this, you will not be disappointed for the price!Tip: Make sure you wiggle the mascara at the base of your lashes and it will give you more volume and will almost give a subtle "eyeliner" effect. Never pump the mascara wand in the tube either, all it’s doing is getting air in there and causing it to dry out quicker. Hope this helps anyone reading this.

Susanne Healdsburg, CA

I didn’t have a problem with it flaking. Nor did it have a funky smell. It didn’t clump either, and the wand also wasn’t a problem.But my sister and I both discovered that when you try to wash this supposed-washable stuff off, our eyelashes actually started coming out! We love every other mascara from Maybelline but we will never buy this one again. And I was so excited too to find a mascara that was supposed to give that flared look, but it didn’t even do that.

Bettie Brownsboro, AL

Maybelline Falsies (Flared)

Great brand and mascara. Love this mascara to death! Will purchase more, definitely! 🙂 Absolutely recommend this one! I own the Maybelline Falsies (original) too and they are both!

Geraldine Sherman Mills, ME


I tried so many but this one I really love it does what it said I like I am buying more it worth my money thanks.

Maude Wisner, LA


I bought this because I love Great Lash and Lash Stiletto, however, this mascara didn’t add amymore volume or flare to my thinnish and shortish lashes than regular mascara. I found it to be flaky and irritating as well. Sadly disappointed and will stick with L’Oreal Voluminous for that purpose for now.

Marianne Halbur, IA