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Maybelline New York Ultra-Liner Liquid Liner, Waterproof, Black 135L-01 , .25 fl oz

Waterproof liquid liner delivers all day wear. No skipping, no smearing. Precision brush for perfect application

Key features

  • Waterproof for all day wear
  • No skipping or smearing
  • Precision brush for perfect application

Honest reviews



This eyeliner was completely useless. It felt like the inside of the bottle was dried out or the liner was just so light and useless that you couldn’t even see it. Also, the brush sucks. Overall, terrible.

Patty Senath, MO

The Best deal!

This liquid liner is the best liner for a smokey eye. It will give your that sexy kitten eye look.

Sonja Myra, WV

Tiny brush, this liner tends to clump up

The brush for this eyeliner is horrible. I LOVE brushes, and prefer them over felt tips but this is the exception. The brush for this eyeliner is VERY small and too soft. It’s hard to make a straight line because the bristles are just all over the place. Additionally, when you go over to reapply liner in some places – when it dries, it tends to look very clumpy and unflattering. I had such high hopes for this liner because of the brush applicator and how beautifully matte the color was but this is a total fail.

Dayna Shady Point, OK

Feels like plastic

I heard that this eyeliner had super staying power, and it was super cheap, so I decided to give it a try.This stuff is awful. It smells bad, and the brush is kind of gloppy. I’ve been wearing eyeliner for years (gel is my preference), but this stuff was awful especially once it dried. It dried into this plastic strip on my eye, and it just felt awful.

Cheri Trenton, KY

A favorite for years

I get the brown and it always gives me the perfect soft, natural liner. Unlike powders, it gives the definition to make the eyelashes stand out. The liquid blends well with the eyelashes, but dries really fast. It never flakes unlike other liquids. The brush is exceptional; thin for a good line but large enough to control and leave a mark. You do not need another brush.

Frances Windsor, CA

It is okay. Nothing special

The brown is rather light. Maybe good for blondes, and in the day time.For the night time, it does not show much.I do not know about being waterproof… It seems to come off very easily, or maybe I have oily eye lids…

Zelma Derby, IA

my favorite

I use nothing but this eyeliner. It stays on all day. you can apply light or thick. I like a dramatic yet natural look, and this works perfectly.

Cristina Greensburg, KY

I snorkeled with this eye liner

This stays on during those humid summers and I actually snorkeled in the Caribbean, (with goggles) and it stayed on perfectly.Is there anything more to say?The price is amazing and the product does what it is suppose to. No more raccoon eyes, ever!

Regina Galena, IL


I tried this because honestly it wasn’t that expensive, but I found the brush applicator to be a DISASTER to apply, it went all over my eye except where I was aiming it to go, not good!!!! its like a long thin nail polish brush tip at the end, I had no control over the brush because of that! this is a disaster in a bottle for me

Rosario Baldwin, NY

It’s just so-so

This was the first waterproof liquid eyeliner that I used. When I first started using it, I loved it. However, I had nothing to compare it to. Since, I’ve used different drug store brands of liquid eyeliner and this one sort of fails in comparison. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t horrible, but there are others out there that are better. It is waterproof, but it isn’t air proof. It dries, cracks an then flakes off throughout the day. As it dries, it feels as if it tightens and shrinks (which causes the cracking). While it does this, IT ITCHES SOMETHING FIERCE! After a while, the brush starts to get weird and application gets messy. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Carmella Saltville, VA

Not As Bad As These Reviews Will Have You Believe

I’m not really sure what every ones problem of complaining about the brush unless you have no hands or parkinsons and can’t hold your hand steady its virtually impossible to get this all over your eye. The brush is far shorter than most liquid eyeliner brushes and only one coat is needed. I haven’t even used liquid liner in twelve years until the last week and first try made a very even and precise line. I bought this for the waterproof factor and since it is the first liquid eyeliner i ever owned 13 years ago. I also bought e.l.f. brand because it was incredibly cheap. For $8.99 at CVS you get 0.25 oz of product compared to almays 0.10 oz for $8.49 (not waterproof), CGs 0.08 oz at $8.99 (not waterproof), L’oreals 0.08 at $9.99 (not waterproof) and e.l.f.s 0.10 for $3.49-$7.99 (not waterproof). For a bargain shopper or even as a spare for those who don’t mind shelling out their life savings got one tenth of an ounce of eyeliner, i would highly recommend this product. For those who have no hand eye coordination or can’t draw a straight line to save their life I’d suggest not buying eye liner at all since you guys always blame the product instead of your own inability to properly apply the product. a picture comparing the two products.

Leanne Trenton, ND

Would not buy again

I would not buy this liquid liner again. I do like that it is waterproof, but I do not like that I have to apply, and reapply it several times before I can get it right. I am used to being able to use an eye liner brush to smudge, and blend, or correct the line on my upper lid, and you can not do this with this eye liner. If you do not like how you applied the line, it will flake off, yes, peel, and flake off, and you will need to start again. But, once you get it how you want, it does stay. I would not buy this liquid liner again though.

Keri Pelkie, MI

Inexpensive Perfection

As long as this eyeliner is applied correctly there should be no peeling, fading or flaking. The only time I get some flaking or peeling is if I apply it too thickly. I put this on early in the morning (7am or so) and don’t take it off until 11 or 12 pm. And in all that time it stayed where I put it and the color stayed true.I have horrible allergies and I also have tear producing issues…combine these problems and there is really nothing I could wear to line my eyes-until I found Maybelline Lineworks. My eyes can and will at times ooze tears all day.Sometimes it looks as if I’m having a crying jag. BUT even through all this, my liner never goes anywhere! I use Ponds to take it off at night. Easy peasy!The only thing I’m upset with is that Maybelline seems to be dis-continuing many of the colors and while I can understand it, I don’t LIKE it.

Charity Sonnette, MT


Many eyeliners boast that they stay on all day and are waterproof but they aren’t. Ultraliner is actually one of the few exceptions. Don’t spend a bunch of money on an eyeliner that promises to be good. Ultraliner is actually great. I’m not sure what the formula is, but it stays on kind of like a permanent glove. It was even snowing and blowing in my face making my eyes water really bad, but when I looked the eyeliner did not run and was still on. I tried it on my hand and noticed that it dries right away. It dries to a material that can actually kind of be peeled off as needed. If you try to rub it, it won’t come off. It did not really budge with water either. Amazingly you can still take it off when you are ready. It does not run in your eye and I noticed unlike some eyeliners that get all over your lower lashes causing marks under your eye, Ultra Liner does not do that. I’ve had this eyeliner a long time and it still works. You may just want to clean the wand off though to prevent a sticky buildup. I’ve had more expensive liners that were just terrible. You can find Ultra Liner mostly any department or pharmacy type store and online here. My only caution is do not confuse the Line Works liner with this – they are not the same and the Line Works is terrible.

Fay Midfield, TX

Surprisingly works very well.

I tried several brands already, all faking in the afternoon. I have used this for a week. It is “water/oil proof.” Great product in an expensive price. Great.

Fern Wright, AR

Nice, clean line

I have been using this eyeliner for years and was pleasantly surprised that it is still around. When I use it, I put eyeshadow on first, then line my lids. I haven’t had any trouble with it peeling/flaking off. My only complaint is that when I take it off, it doesn’t want to come off–even when I use makeup remover. You really have to scrub.

Alejandra Jackson, MS

The ONLY thing that works

On my oily eyelids (I know I know, they say I am blessed because oily eyelids = less wrinkles), but when one ends up with raccoon eyes over and over after trying gazillion eyeliners, one tends to forget the blessings.Glad to have found it on Amazon, because all the local drug stores (no matter whether in CA or OR, where I spend most of my time) seem to run out of this particular product first!Women must know and appreciate this wonderful eyeliner and snatch it right when it is delivered to the stores.It does require some practice to put on just right, but once I got it, I never want to go back to other eye liners.Also, as somebody else already mentioned – take care not to put it on too thick, it will then flake (well, any make up when piled up too thickly will flake.The only con that I can think of is that it thickens up before I can use all of it, but this seems to be the case with my mascaras too. Maybe I do not use it often enough?

Lora La Grange, TX

Really Good Drugstore Pick

I give this product between 3.75 and 4.0 stars. There are several good things about this product but a couple of negatives that bring my rating down a notch.Pros:
• Long lasting. It stays on all day, from morning until night
• No flaking, peeling, fading, or smudging. It stays exactly how you applied it and doesn’t give you racoon eyes.
• The color is so rich, black, and dark. The color really makes my eyes pop and gives them that extra oomph.
• It dries quickly and doesn’t feel wet on your eye lids.
• It’s affordable and you seem to get a lot of product for the price.Cons:
• It is somewhat difficult to remove at night. I use makeup remover and I have to rub at it a little more than I do with other eyeliners to remove it completely.
• It is a little difficult to apply in the sense that not a lot of product gets onto the brush to transfer to your lids. I have to screw the cap on, shake it, and then remove the brush about 3-4 times to get the look I’m going for. I don’t know if I just got an old produt or if the formula is drier because it’s waterproof (I think that’s the reason), but it’s not a huge deal unless you only have a little bit of time to apply this liner.Overall, this is a good liner that gives a dark, dramatic color and stays on all day without flaking or smudging. I found it to be a little difficult to apply and remove at night and had to spend a little bit more effort doing this than I’ve had to do with other liners. It’s affordable and I’d reccommend it to try, but I’m not sure if I would purchase again; I would probably try other liners before coming back to this one.

Lillian Port Deposit, MD

great product

I use this eyeliner after I use pencil eyeliner to give it more color and lasting power. I bought the brown liquid eyeliner. Its very good.

Evangelina Black River, NY

Definitely for travel

The wand is short, the entire product is short. I must have missed the size description. Does the job just a bit too small for my needs.

Nadia Dunbarton, NH

Great for the price

I refuse to spend $20+ for a small amount of high end product. This works just as well. I went swimming with this on and it did not flake or smear. You get a TON of product for the price. I’ve had this over a year…use it almost everyday and it’s still going strong. Some people said it was hard to get off….eye makeup remover or just baby oil seems to do the trick just fine. I would recommend this product to anyone.

Kasey Husum, WA

The best

Omg I love this came in two days the fastest ever, I decided to try this eyeliner I give it 5 stars, had it on for 8 hours…not a drop was gone. I have oily skin and my eyes will not hold eye liner that long..this works nice for oily skin….love love,love.

Julianne Sumner, NE

Looks Great..Then Flakes & Smudges

Goes are great! Unfortunately, the tip isn’t a felt tip, its more like a mini-paint brush, so it tends to get all over if you’re not careful.Pros:
• Great color (for a little while)
• Dries QuicklyCons:
• Smudges
• Rubs off easily
• Don’t recommend with OILY eyelids

Bette Endeavor, PA

By far the best eyeliner out there.

I think I’ve tried somewhere near 20 or 25 different liquid eyeliners. They all either flake, rub off, aren’t pigmented, or irritate the eyes. Except for this one. It goes on smoothly and precisely, and stays on until you decide to take it off, be it with makeup remover or cleanser. This stuff lasts through swimming, tears, and parties. And it’s only about $6!

Latonya Aurora, KS

My one and only black eyeliner

I have the oiliest skin and this is the only eyeliner that I have ever used that doesn’t smudge. Not even after a hard gym workout. I love the soft tip applicator and the long last formula.Then, it comes off easily when I wash my face with Cetaphil at the end of the day. This is the one makeup product that I own that I know will last all day long. Thinking about buying this? You should, its awesome.

Louise Mc Gregor, TX

Definitely grew on me

So it took me a while to decide how well I liked this eyeliner.To start off with, it has a really deep, strong color that doesn’t fade, so that was a plus. The consistency of the eyeliner itself isn’t too liquidy or goopy… it’s a great thickness. I’ve used this eyeliner for a couple years now, on and off, to line my top lid and do a bit of a wing.Here’s where things were iffy: after a couple of hours, the eyeliner would crack. It wouldn’t smudge or bleed. It would CRACK. By the end of the day, if I hadn’t reapplied it, there would be breaks in what was once a lovely smooth line. I didn’t need a makeup remover wipe to take it off, I could practically peel it off. Weird!! Was it my eye? Was it the liner? I determined eventually that 95% of it was caused by the fact that the bottle of liner I was using was OLD. Like, several years old. I knew it was old from the start, but it was an otherwise great liner, so I continued to use it. It wasn’t until I bought a new bottle recently that I figured this out. The new stuff will still crack occasionally in small amounts if I wear it for a long time and I guess scrunch my eyes up a lot, but nowhere near the amount it used to.The brush is advertised as tapered but it’s not as tapered as I would have expected. It still has bristles; it isn’t a triangular foam brush.It is indeed waterproof from personal experience.Overall, pretty good eyeliner, at least compared to some other liquid eyeliners I’ve tried as of late. This is definitely my go-to product and has become my daily liner.

Sandra Gardiner, OR

Its not you- its me

I feel bad giving this two stars- because it really is my fault that I do not like this. I have a hard time doing the quick swipe across the eyelid and typically do short strokes from corner of the eye out, but you need to be fast with this one. It dries too quickly for me and going over, even slightly, removes it or makes it clump up.

Carmen Oxford, PA

Only one that stays on

This is the only liquid eyeliner that can withstand my oily eyelids all day without degenerating into a pool of guck. Cat eyes are my every day look and this liquid eyeliner does a competent job. But, it’s not perfect either. I’m not sure if I should keep buying new bottles every so many weeks without using up the old ones because I think being exposed to too much air breaks down its effectiveness. Rather than getting smudgy on my lids, it starts flaking, so I look like I have chipped paint. Not good. But out of all the liners I’ve worn, this is the longest wearing one by far.

Justina Thor, IA

i like

Some of the cons people write about this I kind of find as a pro. Yes it does crack a little though. But it applies nice. I really like how it lasts awhile but can be easily removed. Basically peels off. So if your looking for something that inks to you instead of being peel it off after it dries then this isn’t for you.

Ramona Hume, NY

Even I can use it!

I love this liquid liner. I’ve only owned one before, and it was so runny and hard to apply that I never used it. I forget what brand that was. This one is perfect. The brush is the perfect width, and it holds the exact amount of liner needed. This stuff is not runny, and it dries almost instantly once applied. There is just enough time for me to wipe off my mistakes. Once it’s on, it’s ON though. The first time I wore it, I forgot to take it off before bed. I woke up the next morning planning to wash it off and reapply, but it was so perfect even after a night’s sleep that I kept it on and wore it the whole day without issue. I use Cold’s Cream to take it off, and it works just fine. I have such an unsteady hand, and I can usually not apply any kind of eyeliner for the life of me, but somehow even I can apply this evenly! I recommend this to anyone who has struggled with eyeliner or liquid liners before.

Essie Clyde Park, MT