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Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara, Brownish Black 292, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

It’s not mascara, it’s false lash glam in a tube. Patented spoon brush and pro-keratin fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping. Unique flexible wand helps lift and separate, to provide the look of 3x more lashes. You will find lashes you didn’t even know you had.

Key features

  • Instant false lash glam!
  • 300% more visible lashes corner-to-corner, no gaps
  • Unique spoon shaped brush with flexible wand

Honest reviews


If you’re looking for long wearing mascara

then this is the mascara for you. I bought this one on accident, meaning to grab the regular. I’m not typically a huge fan of waterproof, but I decided to try it out while I was at the beach, and it did not budge at all! On the downside, it takes a long time to remove and required vigorous scrubbing even with makeup remover that is supposed to easily remove waterproof mascara. I probably won’t use this on a regular basis just because it was so hard to remove. I’ll just stick to the regular Volum’ Express waterproof when I need that lasting power.

Katy Comstock, NY

Great Mascara at a Great Price!

I have been a Lancome mascara user for years. So, when my last tube ran out, and I didn’t have time to trek over to the mall, I decided to check what was available at the local drug store. I have short lashes that are getting shorter with age. I’m a skeptic when it comes to most of the claims that cosmetic companies make since most of the models wear false eyelashes when they appear in the ads. But, since the Maybelline products were on sale, and the package said it would really pull out the eyelashes, I gave it a try.I wasn’t disappointed. This is great stuff, especially for the price. So, no more 35 dollar tubes of mascara for me because The Falsies Volum’ Espress simple works much better. If you are looking to buy mascara, or would like an alternative to expensive department store mascara, I would recommend you give this product a try; you may be pleasantly surprised like me.

Maria Hitterdal, MN

I was looking for a false lashes and got

Volume only on my short lashes. If you are looking for a mascara to make your short dull lashes appear this on is a great help. And if you have long lashes it wil definitely do well for you. as for me I will be putting on my falsies (strip lashes) for the look i want.

Phoebe Bremen, ME


Kind of clumpy and messy. I like the wand itself for application, but it has taken some trials to find a way to get it on without a mess, and serious clumps. And waterproof… not the best…..

Amparo Mershon, GA


Doesn’t really make you look like you have fake lashes, but I still love the mascara. The waterproof holds very well in water

Kay Newbern, TN

My favorite pick for a dramatic day

My niece and I love this mascara. It is thick, but I don’t have any problem with clumping like other reviewers have noted.I cannot speak to their eyelashes or how they are applying it, but I have long lashes, regular density. This really pumps up my eye power. I apply from root to end with one stroke, not short rapid application.I was actually surprised to see so many low ratings.On a normal day, I use Maybelline Great Lash. Have used for 26 years. I have tried more expensive department store brands and other drugstore brands, but this is the best for me.

Annmarie Kankakee, IL

they MEAN waterproof

Geez. This stuff STICKS. I bought it, yes, looking for waterproof mascara but this stuff is virtually impossible to get off. Even with eye-makeup remover I struggle to have clean eyelashes before bed.The look of this mascara is great though! Eyelashes look HUGE and full (kind of clumpy, but I tend to like that look.) If you use an eyelash curler first, this stuff is absolutely out of the park.I’ll buy again, but next time I won’t buy waterproof.

Simone Morton Grove, IL

Longer lashes

It made my lashes look longer and thicker. I do not appreciate the brush much but it does what it says..It dries fast, so if you want to go over with one more application, you need to move fast. Overall I am happy with the purchase. I wish the brush was better and it would make lashes shiny dense.

Marta Red House, VA

great product

Friend recommended this. Tried it, does a great job. Makeup artist for a wedding I was in was also impressed with this, especially since it’s a drug store item. You can "build it" and layer to get more effect.

Suzette Lewisville, ID

No clumps

This stuff is smooth, clump free and makes your lashes POP! It coats each lash and makes them look long and beautiful without over doing it. I only have to put one coat for maximum effect and I love it!

Cindy Boys Ranch, TX

Huge lashes

The name is not an exaggeration. It really does look like false eyelashes by the time you get the second coat applied.

Addie Union, MS

A great mascara

I love this mascara. I apply this after curling my lashes and it’s a dark black color that separates my lashes and really lengthens them. I especially like this mascara because it stays put and doesn’t smudge or flake throughout the day. The only negative thing is that I wish it provided a bit more volume.

Jessie Crookston, NE

The best Mascara

I think every woman is always on the hunt for the best Mascara. We will buy any new one or one we havent tried before if it goes on sale. But we always have that one product that we love and fall back on. For me it is Maybelline.I love the consistency of it. It doesnt go on too wet so that as soon as you blink it gets all over your face but it dries quick enough that you can add to it and build it the darkness/level you want it.I love the color. It is the blackest black and the the little fibers attach to the end of your lashes to make them look longer.I prefer waterproof because I wear contacts and if I rewet them or rub my eyes it doesnt come off.

Roseann Newark, NY

Not as Advertised

This product just clumped like crazy, it did NOT lengthen my lashes, even when I used a second coat. What it did was take the lashes I have and sort of glue them together. My eyes tear a lot so I am always in need of water proof make-up and while this is really *water* proof; what it did when subjected to my tears was flake and get in my eyes.I do not recommend this product as I found it did not live up to what it claims to do.

Elinor Moore, MT

Great mascara

This is great mascara. I don’t think it gives the appearance of falsies though, but I wouldn’t want my lashes looking fake. I used this one day, then used my Mabelline Great Lash the next day, this stuff goes on so much thicker! so now I don’t even want to use my Great Lash. The wand is weird, only having bristles on 2 sides and the other 2 sides not having any, I don’t understand the concept of that, but the bristles that are there really apply great. Some times a bit too much mascara goops on my lashes, but I just go over it a few times with the wand and that solves the problem. I don’t have any problems with clumping or flaking. I will definitely buy again! I have the Waterproof Black and Brownish Black.

Jimmie Lydia, LA

great coverage with minimal use

This one got five stars from me because I didnt have to use the whole bottle to get results. I take a very minimalist approach to make up and I only use mascara to enhance my natural lashes, simply because I dont enjoy the look or feel of lots of mascara. I found that after only a few applications with the brush, my lashes appeared longer and darker, and the best part was that it came off easily with soap and water at the end of the day.

Alison Markle, IN

Not falsies..just mascara

I’m beginning to believe false eyelash looks will only be achieved with false eyelashes, mascara will never get you there. I would say this is a good drugstore mascara, and if you aren’t willing to shell out upwards of 15+ dollars for mascara, this is a good one to buy. It’s about average in its abilities to create dramatic looking lashes. It doesn’t give you fuller lashes, which is what I was hoping for, it actually is very clumpy, giving the appearance of LESS lashes that are individually thicker. God forbid you swipe this across your lid because it is very difficult to remove. Most mascaras I can wipe away quickly, but this one needed actual makeup remover and some scrubbing. It’s a good thing if you are looking for something to wear at the beach though. I do think it holds a curl better than other mascaras because of this qualityOK product, and I will use it until it’s gone, but I will not repurchase.PS: if you are having trouble FULLY removing this, try nivea cream. Leave it just a moment and wipe it off with a cotton pad, works like a charm.

Winnie Hereford, AZ

Length and thickness

So far I really like this mascara. It has the perfect thickness, it curled my lashes when I put it on (surprised me), and it makes your lashes look thicker and longer. It does clump your lashes together a bit, but that is easily fixable with tweezers, or eyelash/eyebrow comb. Really good mascara! 🙂

Mae Hominy, OK



Mae Greenwood, FL

Falsies waterproof mascara

This is the the beat mascara I have ever used, I tried so many and this one is the best. It makes my lashes look SO long and they looks great all day.. Only downfall is it takes a lot of time to remove it, it is sooo waterproof.. I still absolutely love it and will continue to wear it..:) Highly recommend!!

Karin Glennville, GA

Just about perfect mascara, budget-priced

I get sticker shock when I see mascara going for twenty a pop. Really? For a product you really should discard after two or three months of use? I’ve been searching through “drugstore” brands of mascara to find one that will work as well as the high end brands, and there are quite a few that are more than acceptable. Maybelline has two that are usually in the five-buck range if on sale, and this is one of the two I really like,Maybelline Rocketis the other.Of the two, Falsies really lives up to the claim that it creates false eyelash-like effects. It is a lengthening mascara, and the curved brush seems to help put in some curl. One or two coats, and lashes are longer, darker and really stand out, somewhat separated.The Rocket mascara is more volumizing (leaving lashes thicker) but I like the effect of the Falsies behind eyeglasses. If you shop around, you generally can find this on sale from time to time, and stock up. I’m happier discarding mascara after two months as long as I’m not spending a bundle on it. And there is no need to fork out more, because this mascara is as good as any I’ve tried.I got Very Black, which is dark enough for me. If you want sooty black, there is a “blackest black” which is darker.

Susana Gurdon, AR

The best mascara to lengthen and make your lashes stands out, but it has its drawbacks.

I generally love most Maybelline’s mascaras, especially this one. I think this mascara lengthen lashes best and make them stands out more without false lashes. After I tried Covergirl’s new natural mascara, I really appreciate how easy this mascara lengthen the lashes! BUT, it also has some drawbacks, like it flakes off a bit, and it’s very hard to remove at the end of the day. I use an eye make-up remover but it still needs to be wiped off manually by grabbing the lashes with cotton pads, and that sometimes cause me to pull my lashes out!

Candy Drayton Plains, MI


I purchased Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Waterproof mascara locally for $5. I don’t like it. It has clumped each time I used it. It’s hard to get my lashes to look full because they’re too clumpy. The brush is gently curved & very flexible. The most flexible mascara wand I’ve ever used. All mascaras I’ve used in the past will clean the brush off as you pull the wand out of the tube. The opening is too big in the Volum’ Express tube so the excess mascara isn’t removed from the brush which might be the reason for the clumping. I won’t purchase this again.This mascara is waterproof as advertised. I use baby oil to remove waterproof mascara; petroleum jelly will work too.

Sybil Kwigillingok, AK

Just as good as Mac

I’ve had this before and I love it just as much as I love Mac plus I’m trying some falsies for the first time I can’t wait to look bling bling

Norma Goldonna, LA

Not impressed

My lashes clumped together after using this mascara, and little flakes of it got on my face after it dried. It seemed like this stuff had already worn off by the time I washed my face at night. Wouldn’t recommend it.

Aurora Bloomingdale, MI

If you want a full looking lashes, this tube has it.

I bought this mascara to see if it will really make lashes look like a set false lashes. The answer no. But I what I got was full natural looking lashes. The mascara is not heavy on my lashes. I like the wand. The wand really gets corner lashes. I am pleased with the purchase. I gave a four, because you don’t look like you have falsies on as adverstised.

Joanna Seaside Park, NJ

Very good!

Great product! Doesn’t usually ever smear! It comes just as seen in the pictures and Is very easy to take off.

Lora Bay Saint Louis, MS

My ultra Favorite Mascara Grade:A++

Absolutely love the mascara makes my eyelashes look long and fuller and totally gives the fake eyelash look but the great part is that there your real lashes I also recommend getting waterproof this will keep the curl on your lashes totally worth the money recommend to buy wont be dissapointed My Full Honest review no lies

Lillie Crossville, IL

The most better mascara ever

This is the most better mascara of the world. The results reached are amazing in only one applied, and it’s dry and do not mess anything

Katy Decker, MI

just tried it twice.

Don’t know if it’s the fact that is new but it does make a difference. I have longer, but not curled lashes, much of my time is spent curling them. Maybelline does not undo the curl like other brands do. that’s a plus. Also since I’m asian… many have the same problem. I think my daughters and myself where blessed with long lashes, but I know tipical asians, don’t have long/nice eyelashes. Imagine the frustration to see the curl dissapear after working hard to curl them!

Cara Stratton, OH