Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum’ Express Washable Mascara, Blackest Black, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

It’s not mascara, it’s false lash glam in a tube. Patented spoon brush and pro-keratin fiber formula instantly build 8x more volume without clumping. Unique flexible wand helps lift and separate, to provide the look of 3x more lashes. You will find lashes you didn’t even know you had.

Key features

  • Instant false lash glam!
  • 300% more visible lashes corner-to-corner, no gaps
  • Unique spoon shaped brush with flexible wand

Honest reviews


Sounded too good to be true

I purchased this at Rite-Aid, not amazon.I saw the commercials and thought: “FINALLY! I can have that sexy falsie look without the glue and fuss.” No such results for me. My lashes looked longer but they didn’t look any thicker. So much for the “volume express” promised on the package. I did apply it once, not twice, but that was to avoid any clumping and flaking. Maybe it needed to be applied more than once for maximum volume. However, after less than one hour of wearing this it started to flake off into my eyes which stung. Very disappointed.

Gloria Zeeland, ND

Good, but not for every day

I understand why some women are complaining that this mascara causes clumps – it depends on how you use the brush. After some trial and error, I have found that the best way to apply this mascara is to use the WIDE ends of the brush for application, avoiding the inner and outer curve of the brush (more mascara gets caught there and ends up unevenly applying to your lashes). Since learning this trick, I have fallen quite in love with this mascara. It lengthens more than any other mascara I have ever used. I feel downright sexy with this mascara on! I would not recommend it for everyday use, but when you need serious lashes, this is the stuff!

Sophia Braymer, MO

Really love this mascara!

Okay so I am really, really, REALLY picky about what kind of mascara that I use and I sometimes will go through and buy a couple and try them all out before deciding. Yeah, I am weird. Well I had used maybelline mascara before and had not been to impressed but on a friends suggestion I tried this and it is AWESOME! I hope they don’t stop making it for a very long time cause this stuff goes on without clumping curls my lashes perfect and everything!

Kim Central, AK

Converted Covergirl

I love this Mascara! I usually buy Covergirl Lash Blast but I noticed that the prices on Covergirl were so much higher than Maybelline so I purchased a maybelline product. I was skeptical when I first tried the product because you pull the wand out of the container and it looks overloaded with mascara. I put the mascara on my eyelashes and was pleasantly surprised with the results– length, separation, and no clumps. I love that the wand is curved because it makes the eyelashes extend more when applying the mascara. Watch out when you are applying to the lower lashes– I noticed that the mascara can be a little too much, so I try to not reapply any mascara to the wand before I do them. If you are looking for a quick, dramatic, long lash, I definitely recommend this product.

Josefa Randolph, ME

Its allright.

This mascara does exactly what it claims to do.It lifts lengthens and volumizes.This only downside to this is that the formula doesnt last very long.It becomes thick and gunky so you would have to buy another one soon.If youre looking for just a one week mascara this would be good but after that week it makes your lashes spidery and leaves particles of black gunk on your eyelashes.

Terri Beverly, OH


i hate this product. it clumps, it smells, it never comes off. It took me forever to get it off. plus, it looks soo fake!

Stacy Prudenville, MI

It’s ok

This was okay for me. I have a friend whose lashes look great with this, so maybe it’s just me! I’ve heard, however, that the waterproof version is better than this one.

Bessie Wellsville, KS

Does make them thicker

My lashes do look thicker and longer. I like this product and would recommend it. I will be buying this item again

Sondra Corona, SD

My favorite mascara

I’ve tried many kinds of mascara and I have to say this Falsies version is by far my favorite. I never have any issues with it flaking off or getting into my eyes. It washes off pretty easily for a mascara that stays so well. It does a nice job of making my eyelashes seem to fluff up and look denser. It defines them in a way that it makes my lashes look fuller and like there are more of them, rather than that look of just caking black makeup on the lashes. They don’t make my lashes look like I have makeup on them, but rather have much nicer looking eyes/lashes. One tube lasts forever. It never seems to dry out or get old, rather eventually you just start running out after a long time. After trying Maybelline Falsies, I don’t want to bother even spending the money to try any other brands, since this one works perfectly!

Tia Joppa, AL

Not Good At All

From all the mascaras I have tried so far, this one is the worst. It clumps like crazy and by the end of the day there are little pieces of the mascara all over your eyes and cheeks. I was not a fan of the brush design either. I would NOT recommend this product and will never buy again.

Consuelo Clay Center, KS


Awesome eyeshadow. I Adore the brush and the formula of the mascara. It gives you long and full lashes desired

Pearlie Breezewood, PA

not impressed

With a name like “falsies”, I was expecting crazy, dramatic results. NOPE! For a mascara, it was just average. No issues with smudging or flaking. But it wasn’t anything special. If you want a natural look with maybe a hint of volume, then this is a good choice. But if you are seeking high drama, I’d say keep looking.

Mindy South Haven, MI


I’ve used this mascara on and off for a few years, and really loved it, until I purchased the Sephora Lash Stash collection. I’ve found there are several other brands of mascara that plump up and lengthen my lashes WITHOUT the clumping I’d become used to over the years with The Falsies. I doubt I will order this again since I’ve found other mascaras that perform better.

Serena Lacota, MI

Great Mascara

I was so surprised when I read the negative reviews for this and the other shades of this mascara! I love this mascara. The brush is a unique “spoon” shape, so it does take some getting used to, but once I did, everything was fine. There are very few clumps, and I found that it made my average length lashes look longer and fuller, and it reached more of my lashes in general. Now, of course, it does not make me look like I’m wearing false lashes. The only thing that can make me look like I’m are wearing false lashes are, well, actual false lashes. I think it is unrealistic to think that any mascara will make you look like you’re wearing falsies. Perhaps Maybelline should rethink the name of this product, but at the same time, who would really expect their lashes to look truly false?

Sydney Grandview, TN

There’s a catch

This mascara would be the best mascara IF IT DIDN’T CLUMP! Every one I’ve gotten is so clumpy it’s worse than putting crap on your face. It volumizes so well and lengthens so good IF ONLY THERE WEREN’T ANY CLUMPS! Fix the clumps and I will love you forever Maybelline.

Cathy Bluewater, NM

going to stick to this one

I tried one or two mascaras before but didn’t continue using any of it. This one is really good. Adds volume and makes my eyebrows look good.

Elaine Neches, TX

Very appropriately named mascara

I heard this was a good mascara, but I did not buy into the whole "falsies" claim. However, I was proven wrong and I am very pleased with the quality and durability of this gem! It lasts all day, has a great dark color, and makes my lashes look long, thick and feathery without clumping or smudging.Definitely would recommend.

Gloria Hollister, FL

I like this mascara!

It makes my lashes look so long and beautiful, I have gorgeous eyes and this brings my big blue eyes out!

Maude Arock, OR

My Fav!

I use this mascara and consistently get great results. The brush may seem a little weird at first, but its really a great product. I recommend it.

Lorene East Freetown, MA

Alweays keep this product in my house

A girl can never have enough mascara and considering my daughters are constantly stealing it, I buy this regular, Its a great product its inexpensive, lasts a while and great coverage!

Kaye Hoschton, GA

Great mascara- will buy again!

This is the best mascara. It only takes a few swipes for full, dramatic coverage. I am blond and I use the blackest black color and I think it looks good! 🙂

Harriett Fulton, AL

Love this stuff

I love this stuff. I’m partial to curved wands for mascara, and this has one. It’s got a great dark color, applies easily without clumps, and I really do feel like it makes my lashes look thicker and longer. I would absolutely recommend this to someone.

Edna Middle River, MN

Once again I’m fooled by advertisements..

This mascara is by far one of THE WORST mascaras I’ve used, ever and I’ve used practically every one from cheap ones, like this one, to expensive high end ones. The only reason it’s getting two stars is because the shape of the wand is nice and make the product a little easier to work with, but the mascara itself it thick, clumpy and very very hard to work with.When you put the product on your lashes you have to comb out your lashes 50 times even after only one coat just to get all the clumps out and even that doesn’t work, there’s still thick ugly clumps on your lashes. Now by the time you get done with all that and go to put on a second coat, forget it, your lashes are all dried up, stiff and flakey.Don’t even bother attempting your lower lashes either with this junk.Sure it’ll lengthen your lashes, but they’ll just be a black, thick, flakey ugly clumpy mess.If you’re looking for a decent cheap mascara I’d recommend L’OReal Voluminous Million Lashes. SO much better and easier to work with.

Angel Graton, CA


Get it. Works great and u won’t have flakes all over your face. It does make your lashes thicker. Just don’t expect to look like you have false lashes on.

Judy Blackduck, MN

Love it

I cant understand the bad reviews because ive never had a problem with this product. It makes my lashes thick and lush, they dont clump and i always get compliments on my lashes. I looked at the pictures someone posted and to me it seems they dont know how to apply the mascara…In any case i am on my 4th tube of this mascara and it always comes out flawless for me.

Melva North Matewan, WV

Best drug store mascara

I not only love this product, but I am IN LOVE. After about ten years of experimenting with different drug store mascaras, this is the best one I’ve ever had. It lengthens and thickens the eyelashes to such amazing lengths and fullness. At such a low cost, it is equivalent to the effectiveness of many brand name mascaras. All time favorite, I hope they never stop making this product.

Christa Pickens, WV



Jacqueline Homer, MI

Great but don’t expect false lash look

If you’re just looking for a great mascara that gives you fuller, bigger lashes, this one is good. I wasn’t expecting to look like I had enormous false lashes on, and I didn’t, so it was good for me.

Abbie Pipestem, WV


I love this mascara! You should definitely make sure to buy the washable instead of the waterproof because that is really hard to get off! This is the best out of all the Volum’ Expresses because the shape of the wand and the formula. LOVE!

Yesenia Yoder, KS


It holds all day and is a great black but it is really clumpy on my lashes. Dont think I will rebuy

Judy Auburn, IN